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CUBE Producer Shinsadong Tiger draws 4minute

4Minute’s producer, Tiger Shinsadong recently has posted a funny sketch of the girls on his Cyworld on 28th April, drawing a lot of attention.

He also left a caption which reads “I drew it myself while recording… hehehehe.” Label mate and leader of B2ST, DooJoon, also took note of the caricature, quoting it and reposting it on his own Cyworld.


8 Responses

  1. JiYoon and Gayoon’s sketch are the funniest..
    GaYoon mouth 0_0

  2. LOL.

  3. that actually looks like hyun ah…lol

  4. cute<3

  5. he made gayoon look angry LMAO

  6. lol thats too funny XD

  7. He also wrote; ” They like this when recording lol”

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