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MBLAQ leader SeungHo’s grandfather passed away

Ahead of their comeback, MBLAQ leader Yang SeungHo’s Cyworld updates catches the attention of many fans.

His grand father had just passed away, and he wrote about his grandfather on his Cyworld Minihompy.

Go under the cut for the translations.

His Cyworld update :

Side bar update -.
I will get first place and send it to you up in the sky… Follow the angels and go up to Heaven..^^
I love you..

Diary update ..
2010.04.30 Fri 23:53

My grandfather who hated dyeing of hair…

My grandfather who hated earrings..

My grandfather who would switch channels if he saw dancing or singing programs..

My grandfather who hated pizza and hamburgers..

My grandfather who hated writing with left hand..

My grandfather who would always take me along mountain climbing at dawn even though I was tired to death..

My grandfather who was like that, when I became a singer and when we appeared on TV

my grandfather who would look for me and watched on TV

Finally even when he was in the ICU he couldn’t talk

Because I came my grandfather who talked and smiled. My grandmother changed his IV drip and my aunt who gathered all the allowances from a notebook carefully, my grandfather smiled shyly.. My grandfather who was tall and had a big built.. Thank you for smiling to me and told me for the last time to be strong when I went to see him.. If he was around a while longer I would have been able to show him, me getting the first place, and I’m working hard.. My family and grandmother, I will succeed so, don’t worry! I will get first place and I will send it up to the sky to you^^

I love you grandfather I believe you’ll follow the angels and go up to Heaven..

From the eldest son of the Yang family, Seungho

….. be strong, Seungho!

  • Please credit if taking out!
  • Source – Seungho’s cyworld
  • Translations – whatthecheryl @ absolute mblaq

My condolence to his family. Hwaiting SeungHo oppa!

20 Responses

  1. it make me remember my grandfather too….

  2. ohmy. so sad. seungho be strong! mblaq will get 1st!!!! mblaq fighting!
    seungho fighting! ❤

  3. Seungho! >.< Be strong and keep on fighting fighting! I know you'll get first place one day! 🙂 Add oil!! ❤

  4. condelences to Seungho.

    Ps. This reminds me of Wonder Girls’ Sunye. I remember her grandfather died just before Tell Me was released, which we all know, was their breakthrough that skyrocketed them to fan. I hope this happens to MBLAQ too 🙂

  5. omy. RIP.

  6. condolence Seung Ho

  7. OMG~ so saaaddd~
    be strong, oppa~! FIGHTING!

  8. MBLAQ members are all warm-hearted. I still keep the entry of Mir wrote about his father, so warm and sweet.
    Be strong and keep your promise with him, Seung Ho oppa 🙂

    …Yeah, i know that feeling, too

  9. Aw, this is sad 😦
    My condolences to his family.

  10. I know how that feels…everybody needs to understand and be strong

  11. Omg. Seungho’s msg is so heartfelt. T_T

    My condolences to his family.

  12. Ouw, seung ho very love his grandfather. . .

  13. awww im so sorry.
    My condolences to his family and loved ones!

  14. awwww
    Be strong Seungho! Fighting!

  15. Tearjerker…

    Love you, Seungho, you dear, sweet boy!! ❤

  16. Omg that is so sad, his message was so heart touching also ;(
    I know MBLAQ will get #1 real soon. ❤

  17. RIP
    Be strong leadho, A+ will always absolutely support you forever..& i believe mblaq will get #1

  18. It’s the 2nd time i read it and yet i cried again! Omg.. sookyeong, you must be very sad too since He’s your ideal guy. (sry for the randomness) HWAITING SEUNGHO HWAITING MBLAQ!

  19. Seungho .. his words about his grandfather .. T_T
    please RIP ..
    Seungho be strong Fighting ^^

  20. oh my… so sad.
    my condolence to his family.

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