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New album concept photos for SS501 revealed!

SS501’s new album concept photos revealed!

It seems that the countdown to the comeback of another Kpop idol group has begun! On 1st May, DSP Entertainment released new concept photos for SS501. Not much news have been heard from DSP Entertainment about the exact date of comeback, but definitely, the concept photos are something new!

More photos under the cut!

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45 Responses

  1. “ex-bf turns serial killer”


    “j-rock visual key”?

  2. its so scary…

  3. one of these days, one of the guy idol groups WILL go for the military concept. lol. snare drums and the likes. they have to. it’s an untouched concept for guys as far as i know. after school and soshi did it. i’m waiting for the guys now. hehe^^

    this looks weird, btw. the overall concept just doesn’t match and flow well. agree with someone above. they need to dramatize their suits. otherwise it’s just a badly mashed up concept. it’s a great idea. suits and gas masks. but those two are totally different from each other that you really need to know how to blend them well or it’d just look blah.

    right now, it’s blah. the boys look hot as usual, of course.

  4. ehhh. isn’t it a little bit like gdragon’s A boy music video concept???

  5. they won’t be able to sing with those on that’s for sure

  6. haha dont make me laugh!
    if they’re gonna perform with these masks, they’ll sound like darth vader.

  7. Lol, although i love them, this is a little scary. 🙂

  8. wild and hot

  9. wow. the boys are back!

  10. […] album concept photos for SS501 revealed! 1 05 2010 Article’s credit: K Bites Source: […]

  11. opps sorry.. hyun joong is really missing from here.. didnt saw it =x

  12. hyun joong is the first one!!!

  13. double kyu jong , where’s hyun joong ? they look great he he he

  14. errr… are they doing alien concept? It somehow reminds me of predator movie.
    The masks are irritating me. The boys have handsome faces but the masks kinda ruin it..>< why can't they choose a better, sexier masks instead?

  15. WWI trenches concept?

  16. kinda weird…sorry….but it look different from the ussual SS501

    still looking forward for their come back ^^

  17. nice!! totally something new and dark and creepy on the side, looking forward.

  18. wth this reminds me of hannibal lector movies lmao

  19. OMG. O_O These pics straight up surprised me, dang.

    Oh I noticed a lady’s hands are all over some of the guys.

    Hmmm…. The guys look hot and sexy in their suits, but the masks? Not so much. XD

    I really hope they’re not performing with those masks.

  20. wow..the jacket photo is unexpectedly wild..cant wait for the mv’s to come..luckily they didn’t delay the comeback..SS501 fighting~~

  21. wow, gas masks, handcuffs, and ropes >.>

    anyways, I’ll be anticipating.

  22. major LOLs *facepalm*

  23. can’t wait ❤

  24. ss501 FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I don’t understand the concept, but they look good in any concept. They are so hot and sexy! Can’t wait for the album and comeback.

  26. DSP songs tend to have this kinda sound…. like… you can instantly tell it’s a DSP song. A lot of songs are good, but it always seems they’re missing something that will make it way better. Or if the song is good, the mv seems to be lacking…

    I hope DSP will go all out on this comeback 😀

    Btw, whose hand does those hands belong to!? Like, seriously. They don’t even look like hands, but something sickening. It just looks so awkward.

    As much as I like the concept that they were going for…. suits and the accessories don’t match at all. The suits are too plain… Maybe add something to the plain suits…..?

  27. This must be called a “doomsday” theme, where you must wear gas mask to breath properly kekeke 😛

  28. Loving the suits, but I can’t say the same about the masks…. though I’m still looking forward to their next release

  29. I only laughed at the photos..that was quiet unexpected.

  30. please tell me these are only for promo pictures and they are not actually going to perform in these mask. haha. can’t wait for a video teaser.


  32. mm gas masks and dark make up. not new, but consistently a pretty damn sexy concept. AND IN SUITS! i like.

  33. OMG!!!!! I can’t wait for their came back 🙂 sooo excited

  34. love it!

    i really love SS501 and so looking forward to their next release!

  35. Am I the only one who think of Hannibal or Dark Vador?

    • or Jack Sparrow! LOLS

    • wow … yup … it even reminds me of one scene of Gdragon’s A Boy MV , he wears this kind of mask

      • nope nope scratch that…..huger …a huge mask covering all over his head .. LOL

    • definitely not, that flashed across my mind as well!
      i thought i was imagining it, but i guess not XD
      also reminded me of world war 2 gas masks XD

  36. oh my..I seriously can’t wait for their comeback!! I missed them!

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