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4-dimensional Kim HeeChul, “SNSD YoonA used to like me”

Super Junior Kim HeeChul fired So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA by saying that YoonA used to like him.

Kim HeeChul had said that during his guest appearance on SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 2nd May. He said, “At first I am not as close to YoonA. I was close to Jessica and Sunny. To say the truth, YoonA used to like me.”

He added, “A while back when she had this scandal with TaecYeon, I laughed at it. YoonA doesn’t like guys like TaecYeon..” showing his unique confidence. But YoonA’s reply was “I also don’t like guys like oppa.”

Kim HeeChul then started showing caring gestures like brushing off dust from YoonA’s head. Kim HeeChul also had a showdown of the variety sense with ‘kkap Kwon’ Jo Kwon.

Meanwhile, Kim HeeChul has recently been decided as the fixed appearance on Family Outing 2.


20 Responses

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  2. I love you Heechul<333333
    and you're sweet to come over for your dongsaeng<3333

    I have to go watch this with english subs

  3. family doesnt seem to have chemistry…they dont even listen when guest speaks lol… heechul and yoong so cute

  4. ‘i also don’t like guy like oppa’ lmao they are so adorable, and Taec looks dorkie

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  6. Of course, Heechul was brought in to prop up the awful boring yoona, using his popularity to bring up hers, will the leeching never end? yoona sucks!

  7. Heechul’s so funny! But I wish he had came to Family Outing during the 1st season – Daesung, Jaesuk, and Heechul would have been a hillarious trio!

  8. He added, “A while back when she had this scandal with TaecYeon, I laughed at it. YoonA doesn’t like guys like TaecYeon..”

    that’s kinda mean! looooooool….and if i base that photo above to what Heechul had said then i can say Taec looks offended!

    i love Heechul oppa even though i’m not a SUJU fan..

    now i have a reason why i must watch FO2.. xD

  9. omo, i’ll watch FO season 2 since rite now!!! Every variety shows with Heechul on it is are EPIC

  10. Heechul needs another trim. I want his Golden Bride look.

  11. Hee-nim 😀 haha..he brings more fun to the show indeed 😀

    • LOL

      i love how he’s trying to be hotter than taec and funnier than kwon. tough tasks but so funny

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