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SNSD SooYoung & HyoYeon, “We wish to have boyfriends”

Girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae members SooYoung and HyoYeon confessed that they wish to be in a love relationship.

The 2 members were on SBS Inkigayo aired on 1st May when they revealed it. HyoYeon talks about idol group members in relationship, “We want to have boyfriends too. It is not because of our manager of the looks of the people around us, we just get the feeling of ‘We can’t do it’.”

SooYoung added, “I never had that feeling.” following HyoYeon’s comment. She added, “I just did not have any guys.” causing laughter from those around her.

S: TVDaily

18 Responses

  1. lol with hair like that hyoyeon won’t find much

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  4. HYO admitted that she is a FASHION TERRORIST so STFU.haha.LOL at SOOYOUNG and I wish they get boyfriends~

  5. Since Hyoyeon looks like a dude, why don’t they date each other?

    • if you considered hyoyeon as a dude.. i think korean has many dude with girly face…..hahaha soo funny..better go and see opto…and get your eyes check….sumtin wrong with your vision…

    • I would love to see your face because i’m sure your “name” contradicts it all. Oh wait, nvm, I might go blind.

  6. I believe Hyoyeon would be as hot as Yuri if she had a better hairstyle. Hate their hairstylist. Always give Hyo the worst style

  7. Hell. SNSD hair stylist ought to be shot. Why do they always mess up Hyoyeon’s hair?! Eg, today’s performance for Oh!. Hyoyeon’s hair = total disaster.
    Stop messing up her hair!

  8. what the heck does hyoyeon look like?? she not 12 so why they pink tails? not nice at all!

  9. Oh my..
    I bet there are male idols that have interest in them except that they afraid to approach them because of the proctive fans..and i just love witty sooyoung..ahaha..the only time i saw her shy is during she come as surprise guest at Win Win..hehehe

  10. they can only do it in secret and even then the risk of being exposed is huge.

    idols dating for real is akin to career suicide and cause for fandom riot. ridiculous how kpop works.

  11. LOL at SooYoung’s statement. a lot of fanboys would be devastated if any of the SoShi members gets a boyfriend.
    I feel sorry for them though. i hope one day they can find a
    great guy ^^

    SNSD hwaiting! ❤

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