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Tablo and Kang HyeJung welcomes their first child!

Epik High Tablo and actress Kang HyeJung’s first child has arrived 7 months after their marriage.

Kang HyeJung conceived the couple’s first daugther at 11.05am on 2nd May in a hospital in Seoul. Tablo conveyed, “It’s a mystical and miraculous day.. Today at 11.o5am my pretty daugther is borned. HyeJungie and the child are both healthy.”

He added, “Ahh I’m in tears. Because I’m really happy. My lady who has gone through much all this time is the best!” Epik High Mithra also wrote on his twitter, “I had a niece!!!! My endless congratulations to BloHyeJung.”

Also DJ Doc Kim ChangRyul said, “Finally you’ve become a father. Be a cool father and husband. Congratulations our blo.”

The couple met at a gathering in 2008 and became lovers. They got married on 26th October last year. Ahead of their wedding Tablo revealed the news of Jung HyeJung’s prenancy on 5th September.


18 Responses

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  2. CONGRATS! this is great news.

  3. Such a cute couple. Surely they would get a cute daugther.


    Congratulations guys!

  4. so many babies! may is always baby month.. i’m sure their kid is absolutely adorable

  5. wow congratz! now tablo’s baby and yoo je suk’s baby could go out because their the same age!!!!!

  6. aw!

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  8. Chukae Tablo oppa & Hye Jung onnie… The baby must be talented as her appa,& must be pretty as her omma

  9. Congratulations Tablo oppa..hope you and your family will always be happy together..be a good father and husband in your family..we here as fans will always support you, your wife and your baby girl..=)

    • i was just thinking that.. cus i remember reading an article where they said if they were a boy and a girl they would put them together..
      && who would have thought..
      jaesuk and his wife had their son yesterday
      && today tablo & hyejung unnie had their daughter..
      only a day apart!!

      Congrats to both set of parents..
      these kids are gonna be pampered by all their A List aunts and uncles ❤

      • opps.. wrong reply.. its was meant for “xx” .. >.<
        oh wells.. lolx

  10. congratuation to tablo and hyejung

    anyway now tablo and jaesuk can become in law now

  11. TTToTTT i’m…….you know……….

  12. Rather than ‘conceived’ I would say give birth, lol.

  13. awwww congrats to them both!!

    if the kid ever gets into showbiz then she’s gonna be 1 fierce kid!

    hopefully she gets tablo mad rapping skills and her mom acting skills! she’ll be unstoppable!! lol

  14. Congrats to the two! Wishing them happiness & health to the whole fam!

    btw sookyeong shouldn’t it be “i HAVE a niece” instead of “i had a niece”…had is past tense, sorry it just sounds weird & isn’t really grammatically correct…hehe.

  15. Congratulations Tablo and Hye Jung. 😀
    wishing their family good health and happiness.

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