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Upcoming group Infinite member L is a Kim Bum lookalike

Upcoming 7-member idol group Infinite member L has been garnering much interests lately for resembling actor Kim Bum.

Infinite has recently appeared on Mnet reality TV ‘You are my oppa’ before their debut, and member L’s appearance has caused much interests amongst netizens for his resemblance to Kim Bum. L, who was born in 1992, took part in a street audition when he was a highschooler 1 year back, and he was chosen to be part of group Infinite. L has also recently appeared in Epik High’s ‘Run’ MV which attracted over 100K views.

L has been praised not only for his looks, he is also known to have good dance and vocal skills, and is the team’s ‘Chic L’.

A Woollim Entertainment representative said, “Even though we were a little hesitant about putting L in the MV as the lead, his fresh image was a plus point. He had shown professionalism during the filming even though it was his first, and had earned the praises from staff.”


12 Responses

  1. are they related or anything??? 😐

    kim sang bum
    kim myung soo

    ok! just a thought πŸ˜€

  2. are they related or anything??? 😐

  3. i like him!
    glamorous XD

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  5. They don’t even look alike, Kim Bum is cuter. Did he get ”L” nickname from Death Note? I hope he’s not going to try to copy the character…

  6. They don’t look a like except their small head

  7. btw,when this group will debut??

  8. err. will KIM BUM is hotter and way handsome. hahahahahaha

  9. OMG I just watched the first ep of You are my Oppa and I fell in love with L. He is gorgeous and sooo quiet lol
    He kind of reminds me of JongHyun from CN Blue with the whole mysterious aura thing and killer good looks. LOL
    I love Tablo’s comment about him….Even though you don’t talk you’re good looking and that’s all you need coz you’re an idol
    I’m liking the show so far and all the boys. They’re quite an odd bunch of guys and then you have this crazy annoying but kind of cute girl in the middle of it all and fatherly Tablo and funny Mithra behind the scenes. Can’t wait for more eps πŸ˜€

  10. i watched their reality show, the oppa thingy where they got a girl dongsaeng living with them..
    she’s being annoying, but L ignore her & keeps eating but the caption shows, i’ll put her in my death note afterwards..LOL

  11. He’s cute~ :]

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