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f(x) reveals their childhood photos on me2day!

Ahead of their comeback with minialbum ‘NU ABO’, the f(x) girls posted up new photos on me2day as well as posted up messages regarding their new song ‘NU ABO’.

The photos they posted were actually their own childhood photos! Go under the cut for more!

The messages:

  • Sulli’s me2day: Hello!! I am Su-Su-Sulli! Has everyone seen what I’ve earnestly prepared for `NU ABO`?? Please give me lots of love!! It’s the 5th of May which is Children’s Day soon, so unnies and I will be revealing our photos. Kk let’s play toys together, forget all our worries and fears, and return to the time when we were 3 years old! Who will be the next kids?~
  • Krystal’s me2day: Hi~~ I am Krystal coming in with `NU ABO`. You’ve been listening to our songs, right? ^^ I’m revealing a photo of when I was with my mom at the department store~. Soojung’s charisma began then kkk~ XOXO
  • Victoria’s me2day: I am Victoria~ Hello! I’m showing you a photo from when I was in 1st grade of elementary school, wearing a pretty dress for my grandma’s birthday ^^ Please follow `NU ABO` closely, and give lots of love to f(x), ok? We will work hard ^_=
  • Luna’s me2day: It feels so good to be able to start afresh with everyone with `NU ABO`. Haha this is a photo from when I was small… Because I was really shy when I took this photo… My face was really red~
  • Amber’s me2day: [Written in English] Wassup Everyone, amber here. ~!! The Camera is trying to eat me. Hope u like our new song ‘NU ABO’ ^^ kkk

S: โ™ฅissaBEAR@iheartfx

25 Responses

  1. oh my god.!!!! Krystal unnie u look so cute. Love u so much NU ABO Figthing!!!! Krystal unnie so cute n pretty n Sulli unnie have a very beautiful face.. F(X) Figthing!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ommo !!

    they’re really cute .
    amber onni still same like her chilhood face .

    I like NU ABO so MUCH !!
    I’mstill witing forthe MV .
    When the MV will out ???

  3. I love their photos. They were so cute. Thanks for the translation. I loved Nu Abo. ๐Ÿ™‚ Go f(x)!

  4. I’m officially a fan of baby Krystal.

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  6. WOW! I want to glomp baby Krystal! So cute!

  7. Krystal and Victoria lokk the cutes. and I LOL at amber. haha

  8. omg! They’re so cute… esp Krystal!

  9. i find sulli the prettiest now,
    but krystal looks utterly adorable~

  10. omggggggggggg baby jung…krystal is so adorable with the palm tree hairdo kyaaa so is sulli :p

  11. luna and amber’s are my favorites because i still see the resemblance of how they actually look now clearly haha!

  12. OMONA Krystal is soooo cute~

  13. WTF?! Amber was REALLY tomboy then too! lOL…I was expecting her to be girlly cuz as kids, parents dress them up…LOL

  14. sulli is a cutie pie! =)

  15. hahaha
    all the comments about how cute Sulli/Krystal/etc are but no love Amber….

    she wasn’t photogenic back then either~

  16. i want to kidnap baby Krystal and cuddle Luna, lol at Amber, i bet she purposely chose that pic to give off her cool vibe haha

  17. krystal is so cute! as for amber, oh my…

  18. They’re zoo cute!!

  19. cuteeeeeee.
    ps: sookyeong did you know that t-ara relased their mv too?

  20. krystal looks the cutest. looks do carry on.

  21. Sulli/Krystal/Victoria… Geez. They were so cute and adorable. No wonder why they’re beautiful now.

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