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Kim HeeChul, “I dressed up as a female to go on a date with my celebrity girlfriend”

Super Junior Kim HeeChul reveals an episode that he has to dress up as a female in order to go on a date with his celebrity girlfriend.

Kim HeeChul had revealed that during the recent filming of SBS Strong Heart saying, “In order to avoid the attention from those around, I dressed up as a girl before to go on a date with my celebrity girlfriend.”

He added that after debut, because of his celebrity identity, he was not able to go on date as he likes with his girlfriends, so he had gone for the dramatic solution of dressing up as a girl.

He said, “My wish is to be able to hold my girlfriend’s hand and not be scared of being found out or whatever. Dressed up as a female for once, I was stalked on the streets.”

Meanwhile, member ShinDong also revealed his own ways of going on a date on the show.

Catcht the show at 11.05pm on 4th May.


22 Responses

  1. I’m speculating that his celeb gf might be ahn sohee

  2. Will I be able to watch this episode of Strong Heart on Youtube or any other sites?

  3. awkward, but yet its Heechul. What do you expect lol

  4. wow…i’ve all ready though about that.but i think heechul must show his masculine side if he date with a girl.who is she anyway?

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  6. Nice! Smart guy XD

  7. I should be more shocked. But I’m not.

  8. REALLY? I actually find it sweet.haha. i wonder who’s the celebrity GF?haha

  9. forget the dressing up thing..that’s classic heenim…this reminds me, tvxq’s yunho once said that his ex girlfriend thought he was out on a date with another girl when she spotted him with heenim coz hee dressed up prettily.lmao..

    BUT what i’m REALLY intrigued of is who this celebrity girlfriend was..speculating so bad! maybe it was from SM or JYP coz idols frequently go out with each other.

  10. LOL
    only you Heechul<333333

  11. which is more surprising, that heechul dressed up as a girl (yawn)…or that he had an actual girlfriend (so he says)?

    and are we sure that was an actual girl and not another guy also dressed as a girl? hehe just playin’

  12. are all the idols asking for reporters to follow them closely lol…theyre all revealing that they are dating in secrecy tsk hahaha

  13. If I was his gf I don’t think I could appreciate looking at my bf ad a girl T^T

  14. lol. i’m not all that surprised… 😀

  15. true.

    chulie’s ways are clever and hilarious. i wonder who’s the celeb girlfriend.

  16. Does this mean that they still have gfs? Cause I really hope they do. The idol life just seems so tiring and lonely, and I’m sure it’s nice to have someone you can always rely on.

  17. this boy loves dressing as a girl

    😆 😆 😆

    and we love how he is dressing as a girl << bad idea 🙂

    😳 😳 😳

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