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SNSD Tiffany’s hood teeshirt auctioned out at high price of 1.11million KRW

So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany’s hood teeshirt has been auctioned out at the finalised price of 1.11 million KRW (appr. 992 USD).

A charity auction ‘2010 Star Collection Items Love Sharing Campaign’ took place from 26th April till 3rd May on Lotte Home Shopping. And Tiffany’s hood shirt, which at one time fetched a price of as high as 20 million KRW, has been finally auctioned out at 1.11 million KRW.

Other than Tiffany’s hood tee, other items were also put out for auction by SS501, 4Minute, LeeSsang, Choi JungWon etc.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Children’s Foundation.


12 Responses

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  2. yey! nice! TIFFANY hood teeshirt?how i wish i got it!

  3. I dont get it, it fetched a price of 20mil KRW at one point, but they only sold it for 1.11 mmil KRW ? why did they just drop the price again ?

  4. It’s a normal price for a celeb item. It’s lower than T-ara hat and Kara headphone. But then no matter how high or low an item’s price is, what matter is that the celebs take the first step and donate their stuff for good cause.

  5. What kind of foolishness…..

    $994 for a teeshirt.. A TEESHIRT! and it’s not designer?!

    SMH.. foolish

  6. errrr ok.. it isn’t even nice looking but whatever

  7. I’m happy artists are taking time to donate to charities ^_^

  8. Kbites seems to be infiltrated with snsd and 2pm lately I’ll come back once real artists are being put in the posts.

    • Then i guess you wont come back before a really long time since none of these groups 2pm, snsd, kara, 2ne1, etc are ARTISTS.

      they are only idols.

    • i’m sorry i think you’re in a wrong place to comment.
      this is a blog and not a entertainment website. the owner had the right to choose what he/she wanted to post. so you better find some other sites to go. don’t come back is good enough.

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