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Super Junior to comeback as 10 members with 4th album on 13th May!

Super Junior will comeback with their 4th album.

Super Junior will be releasing their 4th full length album coming 13th May. For this album, there will also be 10 members involved as member KangIn is going to enlist in the army while KiBum is doing his actor activities.

Known to have been working on doing their individual activities and promoting in Asia all this while, Super Junior will be back with a new and powerful music and performances.

Super Junior said, “Even though we felt a little pressure from receiving so much love from our 3rd album ‘Sorry Sorry’, as the date of reveal for our new album draws near, we grow more confident. We hope everyone will look forward to a more upgraded music and performances by Super Junior .”

The member also added, “Member KangIn who is the member to enter the army the earliest, we hope that he will do well in the army. We also believe that KiBum will show better features through his actor activities. As for HanKyung, he is currently not in contact with the members and we felt sad about it. We hope that he will return and we can be together soon.”

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  1. I believe this group is amazing…but in reality lets be real here, if they wanted each of these guys could go solo and still be amazing.

    Hangeng is out because he knows that how sm treats them is wrong, he is chinese of course he knows lol look at jackie chang! hangen is probably thinking he can do better somewhere else isntead of with sm, hes gotten sick so many times and sm has made him work through it. In truth sm gives a flying flip about their artists and that sucks.

    Kanging has no money, he had to pay for the lawsuit. So he will come back to whatever is left of suju after two years. In truth he has alot of charisma and good acting and siging skills so he can do whatever he likes on his own also lol.

    And as for kibum, well…no comment. He has everything. Looks, personality, so he knows that sm is too good for him and thats good, he should think that way, because standing up for what you believe in is a good thing. Hes a good kid, so hes just doing what he feels comfortable doing!

    I hope this group last a little while more…like X japan….ahh hopefully but well see.

  2. […] As for Super Junior, they will be back with a full-length 4th album on 13th May. But this time, members KiBum, HanKyung and KangIn will not join the promotions and the group will promote as 10 members. […]

  3. It was pretty obvious that such thing was going to happen.

    Kangin <- SM Ent put his career in a hiatus after Kangin's problems and it would continue like that for at least 6 more months. So the best thing for KangIn is go to the army and spent his hiatus time there.

    Hankyung <- SM ent doesn't want to give what Hankyung is asking too and now they're putting the blame on Hankyung trying to make it seem like it is his fault. But it's SM ent's fault for giving Hankyung a slave contract and not letting the boy rest.

    Kibum <- SM Ent says he isn't going to participate on the album because of his acting career. Well, all Super Junior members had side projects (variety shows, sub-units, dramas, etc) and they still worked on Super Junior's activities. And it's not like Kibum has a REAL acting career or anything… How many dramas and movies has he been on these last 2 years? Just 2 if I'm not mistaken, that's not a big number for someone that was working full time as an actor.
    But I don't think people should blame Kibum or be angry at him. I don't think it's Kibum's choice. Even if he didn't liked being part of Super junior, SM ent would probably force him to work on SJ's activities. The fact that SM ent is not forcing him to work on SJ's activities kinda shows the type of plan they are having for Kibum. Let's be real, Kibum is not a talented dancer, singer or rapper and his acting skills is not the most amazing in the world. The only reason he was on Super Junior and got casted on dramas was because of his cute looks. But nowadays, Kibum got older and lost his cute charms, he is even a little bit chubby now. So without the cute looks, Kibum is not useful for SM ent anymore. So SM ent is trying to get rid of Kibum just like they tried to get rid of Andy from Shinhwa.
    I think it's sad how ELFs are blaming Kibum and calling him names. That's exactly what SM ent wants ELF to do because if ELF start hating Kibum it'll be easier to SM ent withdraw him and kick him out of their company. :/

  4. […] As for Super Junior, they will be back with a full-length 4th album on 13th May. But this time, members KiBum, HanKyung and KangIn will not join the promotions and the group will promote as 10 members. […]

  5. wth who is the person next to kyu/wookie on the top picture? and the one sitting down on the far right in the bottom one?

  6. […] Meanwhile, SM Entertainment announced on 4th May that Super Junior will be releasing their 4th album without members KangIn, KiB…. […]

  7. […] Meanwhile, SM Entertainment announced on 4th May that Super Junior will be releasing their 4th album without members KangIn, KiB…. […]

  8. Whhattt? I am confused like how comes Elfs are not going ape shit over this and why all of a sudden pound on us with this news?

    • Well, most ELFs pretty much predicted this. We just waited for the outcome. We’re not going crazy over this, because the majority of us has already accepted it, and we would’ve accepted it too, if the outcome was different from what it is now.

  9. Arghhhhh ! i’m soo happy to hear suju will release 4th album. but now, its broke me. there only 10 Members?!! WTF?! kangIn join army?? kibum , hankyung … where are you guys?! this is a DISASTER ! huhh.. damn , i waited for them to perform as 13 again. just ONCE ! but , now *tears.. huhh, i should be mature, ok now , the only things i can do is be there for the other member, support them..! kangin, kibum, hankyung good lucks. miss suju13..still waiting, hoping they perform as 13 again. fighting ! *tears x'(

  10. im speechless . totally . wat the hell is goin on with em .
    one in army , nother is busy and lost contact ???
    rite now i can just imagine suju will turn out like dbsk .
    when the members leave one by one . thats it rite .
    we can feel the end of super junior .
    but i still hoping that it will not happen . even there will be no 13 super junior after this . lookin forward for their 4th album . suju fighting !

  11. […] Meanwhile, SM Entertainment announced on 4th May that Super Junior will be releasing their 4th album without members KangIn, KiB…. […]

  12. KangIn Oppa we’re gonna wait for you 🙂 get back when you’re ready hankyung my baby !!! Hope the lawsuit will end soon and get back to your place Kibum Plzzzz stop doing daram for now and work with your other members but anyway I’ll always support you 🙂
    Super Junior Fighting !! ELFs Fighting !!!!!!! Can’t wait for their comeback

  13. I’m really confused about the Hangeng comment…by not in contact with the members, does that really mean not in contact with SM? Does anyone know anything else about this????

  14. Im not really that shocked with SME statment SME proved so many times that they dont care about the fans anyway I can understand why both of kangin and Hankyung will not take part in the 4th album but what I dont understand is why kibum will not comeback with other members and saying that he will not comeback b/c of his acting career to me that is lame excuse if the guy no longer want to stay in group then let him go i hate seeing what is happening to the groups that i like first is dbsk and now its super junior

  15. Seriously, most of the people here are ruining the moment. They’ll releasing their new album, shouldn’t we celebrate it, Instead of whining & cursing SM?
    I know it sucks for not having full members on this album, but what can we do about it? Nothing, so just rejoice the moment will ya.
    Whether SuJu will end soon or not, only God knows. Why worrying about the future? Who knows they can last longer than we’ve thought.

  16. from 2PM (Love & Respect) to DBSK (Always Keep The Faith) and now SUJU? i really hate subtraction! these whole situation is making me sad!
    reality check: “people come and go” 😦
    antidote: “move on” <—seriously? would that help?
    i feel like crying right now.. T_T

    BIGBANG is my last hope though..

    • please. please. dont mention BB.
      cuz I sware if ANYTHING…I will go CRAZY!

  17. I like the pictures ! But WTF ??? 10 MEMBERS ?

    I have a feeling, Super Junior will end soon ….. you know there are rumors about SS501 too. I think groups which debuted 5 years ago are gonna disband soon

    T___T WTF

    • SS501 ending??? Why? They are very popular not only in Korea but also in other asian countries. SS501 & KARA are the ones bringing the money to DSP ent. I don’t think DSP ent would allow SS501 to disband.

  18. Minus Kibum… Well, I already too used to it.

    But minus Hangeng and Kangin…. That’s totally dissapointing!
    Feel so bad for those two.

  19. […] Credit : K Bites + Starjunior Shared by : KH Categories: artikel, news Comments (0) Trackbacks (0) Leave […]

  20. I’m a fan of SuperJunior but I can never figure out who is the one on the far left in the first pic above.
    And next to him is.. Sungmin..? Yes..? No? Why does he look like combination of JoKwon and JayPark.?

    • 1st pic from left to right:
      sungmin, eunhyuk, kyuhyun, yesung, shindong

      2nd pic from left to right:
      heechul, donghae, siwon, eeteuk, ryeowook (sitting in the chair in front)

      hope that clears it up?

  21. just admit, kibum just doesn’t want to be in SJ anymore.

  22. […] Newsen Article’s source: K Bites  May 4, 2010  eluel Categories: kpopblog&web Tags: comeback album, […]

  23. SM is like,

    “hey, ELFs!! we got the new album coming out! …….oh, and btw, kangin’s gettin in the army, hangeng’s not talkin to us and kibum, well, y’know the kid. he’s never around. anyways, we hope you buy and support the album lots!! peace out.”

    like WTF???????? srsly. =__=”

  24. only 10… as expected… T_____T
    will support suju.. as always..

    elf pls don’t sway…


  26. bittersweett

  27. Too much sh** happening in SME. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?

  28. HANKYUNG is no contact? that’s so SAD. and KIBUM and KANG-IN. fighting! i wanna cry now. !

  29. hah~ here’s our new tagline >>

    ELF Prom15e to 13elieve and 10ve (^_^)

  30. wow i can’t believe kangin went to the army! so he’s gone for like 2 years huh…well i guess it ‘s better to go early when your young and i guess it’s a good way for him to clear his mind so i’ll just wait for him in 2 years….even though it’s a long way~ well the one thing i don’t get is does that mean f (x) and super junior are gonna come back around the same time and wouldn’t that effect f(x) bc obviously super junior is gonna win all the trophies,,,,so i kinda feel bad for f(x)~

  31. this might be the last time all 13 is together. in 2 yrs when kangin is done with his service heechul and leeteuk will have to go to army too

  32. omg!i really hope to see kangin in this upcoming album.no kibum no hangeng no kangin!sm i hate u.=.=

  33. I’m more surprise ELF didn’t know about it. They always know everything.

  34. wow… what a big smack in the face! D:

    first, no one knew kangin joined the army. hankyung not having contact with suju? oh, but no surprise about kibum.

    this sucks :\



    NO KIBUM!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! ;________________;

  36. New pics from the album!!!!! YES!! Thanks for the pictures.

    I’m not surprised about the rest of the news but I’m sad still about Kangin. We just wish him the best and hope to see his return soon. We love you Kangin!

  37. Can’t wait for their comeback… Even if it’s only 10 members for now, I’ll still show them my suppport…

    I’m not surprise that Kangin is going into the army, because of what had happened to him… I’ll wait 2 years for you along with the SJ members…
    Kibum is acting, so all I can say is good luck…
    Han Kyung hasn’t contacted the members yet maybe because of the lawsuit that is going on and such, but good luck to him too…

    Hope all the members are well and hyped for their comeback… SJ fighting!

  38. WTF?!!! ARMY? damn…

  39. what ? only 10 ? ?
    i can’t believe that~
    Kangin ? Kibum ? Hangeng ?
    are they quit from sj ?

  40. I know, right! lol Kang In is in the army.. like… since when? SM sure is in big trouble… haha

  41. OMg! WTF wen will they all be together 😦

  42. Awww…. well I figured KiBum might be doing other stuff… didn’t think any other members would leave…. sadness…. and Geng not being in contact…. why? Seems mean…

    That’s so weird…SM is seriously looking like a slave company more by the day…

    I can’t wait for their comeback anyhow…!


      SM Entertainment revealed, “Excluding Kangin who is planning to get enlisted in the army, Kibum who is currently focusing on his acting career, and Hankyung who is in middle of a lawsuit, ten members of Super Junior have participated in this production. Only those ten members will be joining the activities for the album as well.”

      Not enlisted yet??

      That must mean Kangin is out…. NOOOOOOO!!

  44. I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!! I so called it…

    I knew they would force Kangin into the Army to discipline him. They did it quickly and quietly and probably right after his court case last fall. He should be discharged in about 18 months or less.

    The question now remains – will he remain in SuJu? I am going to guess YES since he will not be able to pay to break the contract AND his name is mentioned in this article at all.

  45. Even though there’s only 10 members now, I will still support anyways.
    Kangin I hope you are well, and I’ll see you in about 2 years<3333333333333
    Kibum, good luck with your acting career and I hope you'll perform with Suju again<33333333333333333
    Hangeng, I believe you were advised by your lawyers to not contact the others. Wherever you are, I hope you are well<3333333333333333
    Super Junior fighting!!!!!!!!!!!


    Han NOT in contact.
    Kangin ARMY?


  47. Good luck Super Junior, although you’re not complete but you have ELFs to support you. I hope the other members who’s not with you right now will support you also…

    Good luck Kang-In for your Army session.. see you in another 2 years :).

    And good luck Kibum for your acting career, but please please please you have to come back with Super Junior

    As for Hankyung, can u at least give your brothers a phonecall or something? They misses you as well as we misses you

  48. WHOA. Kangin’s in the army?! Since WHEN?

    And I really wish Hangeng was there :/ why isn’t he contacting the others… hmm.
    Goodluck to Kibummie ❤

  49. WTF?!?! When did Kangin enter the army? Way to go informing us, SM.
    Hankyung … :(((

  50. Kibum is never involved, so I could care less he’s not involved this time. He shouldn’t even be considered a SJ member…imo.

    I’m sad there’s no Hangeng or Kangin (army?? O_O). Still looking forward to this album! Sorry Sorry was really good~~

    • Actually I agree with you. Kinda sick that he is always thinking about his own acting. It’s good to perdue what you like, but I am sure he doesn’t hve THAT busy acting schedule? At least appear for one performance..

      • IKR? i mean, i totally support kibum and all that, but back then he could act and still participate in group activities, so why can’t he now? y’know? if he’s gonna come up with that excuse then what do we say abt heechul and siwon who’s had drama parts lately and still made time for the performances. *sigh*

  51. WHAT?! KANGIN is currently in the ARMY?! omg sm -_-‘
    im really sad bcos hankyung doesnt keep in touch with them 😦

  52. DAMN!I’m disappointed :-/

  53. sdsd

  54. 10 Members? How many are they in total?

  55. WOW~! Who would’ve thought that their SORRY SORRY album would be the last time we’re ever gonna see these boys as a whole.

  56. Kangin is in the army ?!?!?!

    wtf! I didn’t know that!
    omg how did I missed that?

    and Hangeng… >.<

    but anywayz.. I hope the best for them…

  57. it’s a badnews!

  58. WTH. Kangin is in the army?!

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