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T-ara EunJung criticised for swearing at HyoMin on Invincible Youth?

Amidst the criticisms against T-ara EunJung, who allegedly swore, during her guest appearance of KBS 2TV Invincible Youth aired on 30th April, there has been many netizens who had gone up to her minihompy to post encouraging messages to her.

With G7 member KARA Goo Hara absent from filming and doing CF filming in Japan, EunJung has stood in for her as guest appearance on the show. When during the show, EunJung was seen advising fellow member HyoMin on strengthening her existence on G7, HyoMin has always been worried about not getting enough air time on the show.

And in the midst, many netizens have pointed out that EunJung was seen swearing on the show which led to negative controversy for the singer. She said, “You have to be sure and go for it. Tell them ‘When I come back from Japan, don’t take out too much of my parts. Just go and tell them so” and at the end of her sentence, it seems that she had pulled a swear word from the look of her mouth to emphasize her stand.

After the controversy went out, many fans have visited EunJung’s minihompy and wrote messages, “I believe that EunJung is not such a person”, “Don’t get worried about such ridiculous criticisms” etc.


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  1. I’m pretty sure she did swear
    But this isn’t a big issue gosh
    And it wasn’t at Hyomin either
    She must’ve hit something while she was shoveling

  2. […] The production team has finally come out to clarify on the criticisms earlier about how T-ara EunJung has sworn on the show to HyoMin. […]

  3. […] The production team has finally come out to clarify on the criticisms earlier about how T-ara EunJung has sworn on the show to HyoMin. […]

  4. LMAO.

    Do these people ever just enjoy the damn shows/music?
    What the heck is up with the accusations?

    From the look of her mouth? Give me a break.

    Those netizens make up freakin suicide petitions, effin bloody letters, witchhunts..and their getting bitchy cuz she “may” have said a curse? Their HUMAN, not ROBOTS!
    They will never realize they CAN’T control these idols mind and body, will they?

  5. LOL. STUPID netizens are over reacting. again!

  6. dont everyone swear? lol… so hard being idol in korea…actually so hard being famous in asia…you get criticised for ALMOST anythign and everything

  7. so what if there was swearing involved, it wasn’t emphasized in the whole episode anyway, they just “saw” her mouth movement. I doubt that she directly swore at Hyomin, too. If she did, well I doubt that she meant it or smth. Ppl swear sometimes when they get pretty adamant on emphasizing their points.

  8. que? no espanol kkkkk

  9. puta que parillll! deixa eles chigarem, qual eh o problema. n eh como essas pessoas n chigassemmm, q bando de toscosss. IDIOTASSS. vai tomar no cuu esses neteizen. E BEM LA NO FUNDOO DO SEU CUU FEDIDOOO.

    • OE!!! que mierdas estas escribiendo??
      bueno si esa estupida de eunjung insulto a la linda hyomin entonces esa perra se lo merece.

      • POORRAAA, puta q parilll! nem tava falandoo com vc sua escrotaaa, vc chegouu falando monte de merda aeeee! vai se fuderrrrr. e foi comprovadaa que ela nem chigouuu, intaummm que esses neteizenn se ferremmm. desgraçadoss filhos da maeee! TRAVECOSS!

  10. wow do u guys really think that the netizens are accusing her just by looking at her mouth? how stupid are yall?
    obviously, they watched that part on invincible youth and are now saying that she cussed

    after i watched that part, i do think the did cuss SILENTLY, not at hyomin..but really? is it that big of a deal?

    here is the part..@ 3:00

    • Maybe she said shzz. The thing is there is no sound, they cant just accuse her of swearing by lip-reading and THINKING that’s what she said.

  11. wtf. from the look of her mouth??
    are you kidding??

  12. wtf…from the look of her mouth…is korea full of lip readers?

  13. omg, netizens get a life. seriously…how can they base it on the shape of her mouth. my god. how ridiculous.

  14. hahaha… who the heck doesnt swear?
    i mean even 5 yr olds kno how to swear nowadays

  15. i think netizens have never swore in their life that’s why they are so surprised…. XD we know… they are all saints.

  16. i really hope these desperate netizens get a life soon.
    this is so ridiculous.
    accusing her by mouthreading? That’s the most retarded crap I’ve heard in a long time.
    Really you good for nothing netizens, please get a friggin’ life and leave us alone.

  17. this is sooooooo retarded -.- we’re all humans. Why can’t we make mistakes and swear!

  18. @???

    I doubt you’ll be able to find subs on YT, KBSi is always on the lookout. Soshified subs it and they’re currently up to episode 24 at the moment, episode 26 just aired last friday. I think you need to register to watch it through their video server, that’s where I’ve been watching the episodes, luckily you don’t need to post to watch from there unless you want to download it.

  19. lol at “from the look of her mouth”. now i don’t know whether she really cursed or not but honestly reading someone’s lips is not good enough evidence. plus couldn’t they have just reshot the scene? these shows are reality type programs but you know some parts are scripted.

    this kind of reminds me of the gd ygtv thing where they blurred his hand out and everyone thought he was flipping the camera off but he wasn’t.

    if she actually did curse then she’ll probably apologize very soon.

  20. is there a subbing team for this show on YT.

    and lol at the double standards, koreans citizens swear so much, yet if an Idol does it they get criticised?it’s not like the girl is effing and blinding.

    jeez, get a life netizens!

    • No subbing team for YT since KBS takes the show down almost immediately. You can catch up to episode 22 with English Subs on Soshified. You just need to register.

  21. really, they are group members and prob near sisters, she can be herself and tell her like it is.

    Korean net people really are scary to find fault in any and everything. They need to look into mirror before posting.

  22. Hm, so I went and rewatched the clip and it did seem like she swore. But I don’t think she swore AT Hyomin. It’s more like she said it to emphasize her statement.


    How can they judge her just by the look of her mouth?

    She is sincere and care for Hyomin. Leave em’ sisters alone, stupid internet trolls lol

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