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After EunJung, T-ara SoYeon caught in criticisms for swearing on broadcast program

After criticisms against T-ara EunJung for allegedly swearing on broadcast show, member SoYeon is also become the target for such criticisms by netizens.

Netizens have been circulating and posting up video titled ‘T-ara SoYeon swearing video’ on various portal sites. The video was a snippet off ‘T-ara ghost play’. The members have dressed up as ghosts on the show while paying a visit to the filming set for MBC ‘Hon’ drama to prank on the staff.

The snippet features SoYeon walking down a slope and it seems that it was slippery and what sounded like a swear word came out from SoYeon’s mouth.

But T-ara fans defended, “This show was aired last August, andย  it is being brought up only after half a year because of recent incident involving EunJung”, “It seems like the anti-fans are out to use this sensitive time to cause more criticisms against the girls” etc.

S: TodayKorea

39 Responses

  1. jeez!netizens in that country is scary then!.is it wrong to curse when u r caught in dt kind of situaxn?if yes,how bout dos clothes all k pops are wearing now?dt issue s much deeper dan crtzing smbdy’s ‘ur-nt-evn-sure’ curse!

  2. whats the big deal about it do what if they say that every one say that like no one have said it before

  3. Stupid…I may not be a big t-ara fan, but I’ll say she did nothing wrong. When I slip or fall, believe me, lots of things will come out. It’s a natural slip of the mouth. And it’s a year ago, get over it.

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  5. huh wtf…the girl was falling, i will be cursing a mountain as well… netizend annoy me to no end. GET A LIFE!

    • what is more annoying is that what netizens said become headlines. Reporters do not have any other info to published?

      we’re netizens too btw luckily we don’t live in Korea.

  6. Everyone says bad words, what’s the problem with them saying it as well… :/

  7. wow are they looking for really old stuff of them supposedly swearing now? i’m sure other idols pribably did this too, why are they not after them huh? definitely antis around so sad

    who cares anyway, just stop being so obsessed and find better things to do in your time netizens.

  8. This is pathetic.
    It’s not like they don’t swear too! -.-

  9. Aishhh why can’t they just leave my girls alone !
    There’s no way that these people have never sworn in their lives either! Plus isn’t it funny how this vid was released while Eunjung’s controversy is up and about ?

  10. lol like srsly. so what if the girl cussed.

    why is there some kind of obsession among the t-ara girls’ swearing on cam and such lately? this is kinda freaky.

  11. aigoo, even T-ara have anti-fans even though they’re doing nothing harm to other girl groups T_T such a “beautiful” world out there.

  12. is it wrong for someone to swear?
    korean netizens are just too much sometimes.
    for some reason i’m glad i didn’t live there. geez~

  13. “what sounded like a swear word” are they even sure it’s a swear word? Goodness..I know Korea’s conservative and all, but that’s just pathetic.

  14. it’s not like as if people who slip down a slope or slip anywhere would say “oh my!” or “goodness gracious”
    of course people would say “bad word” “bad word”

  15. korean antis are really have pathetic life

  16. for real? i like them

  17. who cares, no one like t-ara anyway.

  18. Wow, I’d really like to welcome them to America.

  19. nice strategy mnet

  20. Guess what, Korea. Everybody cusses.

    • My mother doesn’t ๐Ÿ™‚ but I get your point. These netizens really need to lose their holier-than-thou attitudes. It’s getting old. -_-

  21. okay, really… I don’t know what to say…

    this is pathetic.

    who’s the next one in T-ara ? >.< ''

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