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Invincible Youth production team, “We confirmed with the recordings from 3 cameras, EunJung did not swear”

The production team has finally come out to clarify on the criticisms earlier about how T-ara EunJung has sworn on the show to HyoMin.

The production posted their official stand on the case on the show’s homepage on 4th May. They wrote, “During the show aired on 30th April, the conversation between HyoMin and guest appearance EunJung shown has attracted much criticisms from netizens.”

They added, “We checked with the recording on the 3 cameras used for the filming then, and confirmed that she did not swear. The part where it seems that she was mouthing something, she was actually referring to HyoMin as ‘지지배’*”

The production team also attached a video with the announcement and voiced that they hope the criticisms will stop.


*지지배 (ji-ji-bae) – often used to refer to another female who is junior

14 Responses

  1. Oh thank goodness, I’m glad they finally proved it. Honestly, do they think Eunjung is stupid ? She knows she has to have manners.. jeez

  2. yes, of course she is not stupid, swear in front of cameras? Only pathetic netizens think like that
    And i’m so proud that so many ppl protect eun jung ❤ thank you and keep supporting T-ara !

  3. she’s a good girl.she would not cuss in front of her dongsaeng!

  4. like i said netizens with a pea-sized brain ought to be shot in the head for their stupidity.
    ’nuff said!

  5. Hmm, this is just plain stupid.
    They should just ignore those netizens.
    If not those netizens would come up with even more ridiculous things to do after this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I just find it ridiculous that they had to confirm and prove it with 3 camera’s… Just ask her what she said =.= Eunjung has been in this business since forever, it’s not that she’s stupid enough to actually swear on national tv and ruin her career.

    Glad it’s cleared up though. Netizens have no lives whatsoever.

  7. there’s no need to prove anything. they’re just netizens with no lives. even if she did swear, who cares. they know each other very well anyway.

  8. why do people give netizens so much power????? i will never understand that.

    • because netizens ARE people

      …we’re all netizens here
      its just that netizens feel less restricted with what they say, and over time became more and more blatant and obnoxious and just… demanding and controlling really. 😦

  9. That’s good news 😀
    But even if she did, I dont think the production team would admit it anyways. The announcement is just to please stupid neitizens, the results would have been the same either way.

  10. I’m glad the production team has finally taken a stand on this.
    I felt horrible for Eunjung, having to go through that misunderstanding.
    Stupid netizens, please please do us ALL a favor and finally get a life.

    • yeah it seemed really similar but she wouldn’t use the word bitch on camera. she would know better.

    • thoze stupid netizen who stir up shit
      they dont have better things to do
      just get a life
      things like that hurt people’s feeling
      which might cause depression and suicide
      whoever posted that should just roll over and die
      i mean that literally
      no one should be accussed of anything if they did not do it
      i hope those netizen should apologize for their stupid actions

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