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KangIn confesses, “I needed more self-discipline time and decided to be enlisted in the army”

Super Junior KangIn reveals his thoughts on being enlisted for army, “I will get some self-discipline time.”

KangIn left a message on Super Junior OnseMiro fancafe on 4th May, “I have been taking the time for self-discipline all this while, and looking back at myself. And the plans are that I will be enlisting for army soon.”

He added, “I finally posted this post after repeatedly writing and erasing. I want to say that I’m sorry to those who had always showed me love and supported me. Recently I spent my days thinking and reflecting on why the precious people around me just pass me by.”

And about the reason for enlisting in the army, KangIn wrote, “This is a duty that every Korean man have to serve… My thoughts are that I have to enlist for army duties sooner or later, and think of now as my time. Even though the date for enlistment has yet been confirmed, but it should be soon enough.”

KangIn also talked about Super Junior’s upcoming 4th album activities, “I have much worries after many fans have asked if I will be promoting with the rest for Super Junior’s 4th album, so I wrote this message. I would not be able to take part in the activities for this album because the promotion period is a little early as I still need to have more self-discipline time.”

He added, “I ask for love and concern even though it will be a Super Junior without KangIn. I wish to comeback and show better features with the other members soon. I hope that everyone will support Super Junior which will be my beginning and my end.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment announced on 4th May that Super Junior will be releasing their 4th album without members KangIn, KiBum and HanKyung, as 10 members.


28 Responses

  1. “I hope that everyone will support Super Junior which will be my beginning and my end.”

    – oppa, I don’t want to say anything but GOOD LUCK! you’re always be my favorite SUJU member and always be. saranghaeyo and take care in yourself please comeback for the 5th or 6th album. oppa. fighting! be strong as always!

  2. Well its hard for me to forgive drinking and driving I know he’s trying to be a better person and I think a lot of american stars should do that instead of useless rehab. Kangin fighting!

  3. kangin ah..come back as a better person..we will wait for u patiently..

  4. I find the double standards of the Korean ppl so funny.

    this grown ass guy actually DOES something illegal and DANGEROUS and STUPID!and partically gets of scott free..

    YET…poor Jaybeom does something stupid and immature when he was a TEENAGER and the whole nation goes ape shit and makes the boy’s life a living hell and partically kick the guy out the country.

    i guess the korean ppl don’t care abt DUI’s,assault and hit and run much, but if u diss the beloved country then cue the witch hunt! amazing how that works…nice to see peolpe have their priorites in order!


    • If you look at it the damage in Jaebom’s case is 1231242134 netizens and Kangin is like 2 or 4 persons.

    • Since Jaebum was american I don’t think he could’ve served the army. So the netizens drove him out -___-

      If you don’t remember Kangin was bashed a lot too. When photos for SuJu’s SPAO endorsement which were taken before Kangin’s issues, netizens were angry in seeing Kangin on it. Plus, he’s pretty much been in hiding ever since his DUI. So that shows, the public is still angry with him, making Kangin decide that it wouldn’t be the right time to promote for the 4th album, therefore deciding to enlist in the army. Taking some time away will do him some good. Just like how Jaebum is now starring in a movie and will release a solo song^^

      Kangin oppa, I’m waiting for you<3333333

      • there’s a major difference between a few pissed of ppl and millions of ppl telling you to go f**k off and kill urself.

        those netizens had not right in treating jay the way they did, just because he wasn’t born and raised in korea.

        i have nothing against kangin, i’m just saying that he didn’t get a quarter of the reaction jay got for what he did… and kangin actually did some illegal

      • Well Jay made a comment that pissed off the majority of koreans (even though it wasn’t intentional), but since one culture didn’t understand the other, it was taken as a major offense. Yes, Kangin did something illegal, but people tend to get more angry at personal offenses than illegal issues.
        So, I agree that k-netizens have double standards.
        On the bright side, who’s got the last laugh? Jaebum. He’s doing really well for himself and is ready to face the korean public again. ^^
        I’m pretty sure when kangin returns after 2 years, the issue will die down.

    • Will people let this stupid Jay thing die.

      The difference is what Kangin did affected a few people while Jay insulted A WHOLE COUNTRY with his caddy remarks. If another member of another group – of Korean decent but NOT Korean-born, said the same thing IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME. Worse probably if they were a Korean national.

      The man is NOT A MARTYR so please stop making him out to be. He screwed up – and yes, people overreacted but what country – what citizens, wouldn’t? He insulted them, the country and their pride while he lived an IDOL life.

      There are cases of this happening in the US where, the people in question, left and only visit occasionally – do your research!! He is not the first to be under such scrutiny, nor will he be the last. GET OVER IT – the rest of us did!!

      • calm down love….i’m not even a fan of jay. . .

        i was just simpley using what happened to him as an example of how twisted the k-netizens are and what they find truly important to go crazy over.

        ”He insulted them, the country and their pride while he lived an IDOL life”….he was a trainee bk then he wasn’t living anything near an ”idol lifestyle”. and like ppl have said b4, he got used to life in korea and totally forgot that he made those comments.

        Jay only used word and yeah they were offensive but they just that words. Kangin physically injured ppl and ran away from it and even if he didn’t injure them he wouldn’t have known cos he left.

        now tell me which is worse cos where i come from that shit doesn’t go down to well.

        and don’t get it twisted and think i’m condoning what jay did cos am not. and i don’t want to turn this into an argument i’m just saying how i feel, which is allowed.

      • korea really has double-standards.

        Ryu Siwon killed a guy (yeah!!!! that’s right! He KILLED someone because he was driving above the speed) but he still has a sucessful acting career (his latest drama ‘style’ had good ratings). But that other guy that tried to skip military was kicked out of the country and till today he is seen as a betrayer. :/

        I love KangIn, but I have to agree with people here that commented that the way korean people treated him was way less evil than the way they treated Jay. And Kangin’s mistake was bigger than Jay’s because Kangin did his mistake when he was a celebrity and his mistake is something that goes against the law.

        But I’m still sad that Kangin will be going to the military, he was always such a fun guy (i loved watching him on variety shows, specially WGM). Unfortunelly, that’s the best option for him because SME would probably make him hide for some more months and put his career on hiatus. So it’s better that KangIn use his hiatus time to finish his military than to just sit around on his house doing nothing.

        Good luck to KangIn! I’ll be looking foward for your return!

  5. i meant i wish the best for him…lol..guess thats what happens when im trying to play a video game and type…advice to all people do not type with feet

  6. i am so proud of happy and i wish the best of me.

  7. I’m a fan of Suju becoz of Kangin. He made a mistakes that can cost his career in entertainment. He knows it’ll be hard for him to face the public. that’s why i miss him and scared for him because i know his mistakes are big and felt sorry for him since he’s a public figure everything he did right or wrong will be criticised. I’m thankful that Kangin is strong enough to get through this and decided to serve the country to redeem himself. Will support him nonetheless and hopefully he’ll be a better man now and in the future. Fighting Kangin Oppa!!

  8. Kangin D=
    T_T I miss seeing you..ANYWHERE!!
    In performances, variety shows
    Come back soon.

    We must stop hatin’ and accept it for what is it.
    Time cannot be reversed. It’s time to accept that what he has done is wrong. He has done wrong but is forgiven

  9. I figured he wasn’t ready to face the public yet.
    So it was the right decision to go into the army. I’ll miss you oppa<333333
    Good luck!

  10. I wish him all the best; only Kangin knows whats best for himself.

  11. isn’t the leader * don’t no his name* enlisting in the army to?…. i read that some were

    • The leader is Leeteuk. He isn’t enlisting yet, since he’ll be promoting in the 4th album. But he will soon.

  12. T.T

  13. So proud of Kangin and even though he’ll leave in October, we hope to see him soon in any picture at least. Kangin Hwaiting! Love you.

  14. will miss you oppa!!
    Come back safely^^
    And Hwaiting

  15. Im a huge fan of super junior and im not kind of person or fan who makes lame excues when my fav idol do or did a mistake and what kangin did is wrong and it is not something that people can forgive and forget he was lucky and he must thank god that he did not kill anyone on that night but Im glad and happy to knows that he knows that he needs more self discipline and I think going to the army will change him alot and I will change how people look at him

    Kangin oppa fighting I will miss u alot T_T and I cant wait for your comeback

  16. good luck oppa.

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