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Yoon EunHye for summer collection with Joinus

The summer collection for Joinus by Yoon EunHye has been released on 4th May!

For the collection, Yoon EunHye is featured for a photoshoot on the sandy beach in summer floral fashion.

Go under the cut for the full catalog!


A shoutout to Michi_Bangs for the headsup! πŸ˜€

13 Responses

  1. very pretty….

  2. […] Source: Joinus Article’s source: K Bites […]

  3. She is beautiful.. However this style doesn’t suit the beach theme, shouldn’t it be swimwear or this? And wearing heels on the sand… is weird and nono.

  4. she is really beautiful and perfect with every clothing that she wear !!!

  5. Love her hair. She’s gorgeous!

  6. did she try to smile?

  7. her makeup sucks

    i don’t find her pretty but shes a good model.. its just the photos are kinda off… i know what dirextion they were going for but bleh.. what a waste of a model

  8. Yoon Euh Hye is just BEAUTIFUL. never get tired looking at her.

  9. Thx *_*, she can’t be More perfect!
    My K-girl Crush~~

  10. Beautiful always, how can she stood with high heels in the sand? She must be so tired for these poses. Especially the hair so pretty, and the body movements. OMG she totally a PRO.

  11. She’s beautiful and all, but her facial expression is the same in almost every photo x_x

    • agree .. and sum of the shoots she looks kinda weird .. dunno .. but she’s really pretty ;D

  12. not one of her best shoots.. but damn this girl looks beautiful in everything

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