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Nich Khun in upcoming 8eight’s ‘Farewell is coming’ MV

2PM member Nich Khun will star for 8eight’s new song ‘Farewell is coming’ MV.

The song, which will be revealed on 11th May, has Nich Khun acting for a crying scene for its MV. And ahead of the group’s comeback, the teaser MV was released on GomTV.

Following Lee Hyori, Kim TaeHee and WonderGirls SoHee for MV appearances for their past hits, 8eight will come back this time with Nich Khun’s appearance in their new MV.


10 Responses

  1. for some reason I wasn’t feeling the MV…I could tell Nickkhun was acting, it felted fake?…iono…I’ll wait until the full mv is release…

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  3. Nichkhun is cuter and prettier than the woman in the MV. Sorry, just my opinion.

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  5. amazing vocals… I couldn’t even focus on the preview o.o

  6. i’m going to hope it’s not awkward in the full music video. =]

  7. Hyori was in one of their MV’s? Which one?

  8. I used to despise Nichkhun so much because he was always so popular… But now after watching him more and seeing his elegant mature side.. Sigh.. I’ve come to admit defeat and join the many hordes of girls who follow him… XD

    • He is like drug. The more you got, the more you want to get. keke

    • how could u despise some1 cos their popular?!? it’s not his fault that his cute and hella loved!

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