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WonderGirls in criticisms for SunMi-Hyelim composite photo

A composite photo of the WonderGirls is being criticised by netizens.

WonderGirls have recently been chosen as the singer of the month by American portal site AOL. But in introducing the girls, AOL has decided to put up a photo of the girls during their ‘Nobody’ days but had superimposed new member HyeLim’s face over SunMi’s face.

The truth is that the girls do not have the spare time to retake the photos for ‘Nobody’ promotions. With SunMi leaving the group in February, they had returned to Korea, new member HyeLim joined the group, they headed back to the States to prepare for their American debut album, and then did promotions in countries like China and Singapore etc.

But fans who saw the photo commented, “Even if it is a foreign site, but still”, “Even if you do not have a new photo, that is not the way to do it”, “didn’t they just reveal a new photo for their upcoming album, why of all?” etc.

With that, a JYP Ent rep worded carefully their stand, “This happened as there is no spare time for the girls to retake photos for their ‘Nobody’ promotions. Even in the States, the girls will be taking photos together soon for their new promotions.”

Meanwhile, WonderGirls will release their American debut album ‘2 Different Tears’ worldwide on 16th May.

S: SportsChosun

16 Responses

  1. Dude, they barely noticed that now?
    They’ve been doing that for awhile.
    I love SunMi too (Wonderful), but dude, she’s not an active member of WG now, Lim is . Don’t hate .

  2. I have to agree that this definitely wasn’t the way to do it. I mean, some fans are still really hurt over the whole replacement of SunMi, so doing something like photoshopping over her is obviously going to hurt them.

  3. obviously, some fans still can’t accept the reality that sunmi is no longer a wonder girl

  4. wow.

  5. is it really okay? i think they shouldn’t do this

  6. they are not WG anymore..
    Sunmi~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT___TT

  7. um. it’s exposure that’s important

    real fans would be thankful

  8. even the most stupid thing they will get mad:P

  9. i dont get.why they have to blame the WG for it?they are soo busy trying to promote the group and representing Korea, the least thing the netizens should do is to support them.i heard rumours of k-netizens(not k-wonderfuls) not really diggin their new look. i cant wait for WG to come back so that the haters can all shut up.

  10. JYPE have no choice, they must do that
    WTF wt netizen always criticise for everything, and after they left or commit suicide, netizen will say poor them or RIP? It’s netizen fault

  11. They’ve been doing this for a while, i don’t understand why netizens are upset. JYP doesn’t want to waste money re shooting every past WG photoshoot. This is just a simple to way to add the new member lim. No big deal.

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  14. netizens should have complained when the photo was created more than a month ago… @.@

    obviously they are not going to use the photo with sunmi for this… sunmi is not in the group right now, hyerim is, so they have to promote hyerim to the US…

    plus they can’t use the new photo cuz they are artist of the month with Nobody.

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