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Lee Joon and Han SeonHwa are the ‘white paper couple’ on Invincible Youth

MBLAQ Lee Joon and Secret Han SeonHwa has become the ‘white paper couple’ on KBS Invincible Youth.

On the show aired on 7th may, Lee Joon had appeared as guest appearance on the show, and with his outstanding appearance and build, he has attracted much interests for the G7 members.

Kim TaeWoo then request for him to choose which G7 member he likes the most and he was down with choosing between Narsha and Han SeonHwa but his final answer was, “I like Narsha.” He even pointed out Narsha’s signature hairstyle.

But when it came to the multiplication table questions, Lee Joon’s answers had made him another member of the ‘white paper world’. And was even called the ‘white paper couple’ together with Han SeonHwa who is the ‘white paper girl’ on the show.

S: Newsen

Haha, we all know how ‘versed’ Lee Joon is at multiplication table

31 Responses

    glad it was Narsha or even SeonHwa is better…but HyoMin??? SERIOUSLY NO!! I JUST DON’T LIKE HER AT ALL…he can even choose Hara/Yuri too, but not HyoMin please…NEVER!! watching Idol Army makes me sick!!

    I LOVE Joon’s humor…=) miss MBLAQ though…

  2. I think the reason why he didnt pick hyomin is that it might turn into a scandal and would look pretty bad, but at the same time cute 🙂

    i dont think he has real feelings for hyomin. cause on idol army, it was just a show and he PROBABLY was nice to her because he did not want to be picked as the silly guy..i dont know, anyways, Narsha is older than him like 7 years, so hopefully there won’t be any scandal.

  3. i don’t know anything happen between joon and hyomin, but after read all the comments yah i guess joon and hyomin can make a perfect couple ^^

  4. awww if he chose hyomin i would have been happy but i guess he didn’t want scandals to start. lol he ripped again

  5. if he chos Hyomin I’ll be happy xD
    Joon & his multiplication table is fail & one ep of Idol Army which include multiplication table is hilarious xD

  6. Lol, Narsha…=]

    JoOonie ripped again! Hahaha…what will his member say now?

    G.O.: Oh here we go again.
    Mir: What the heck?
    Seungho: He’s gonna rip again…
    Chundong: …

  7. Aww but Joon/Hyomin is adorable!!

  8. […] Newsen Article’s source: K Bites Video’s source: CodeMonmonMixes  May 8, 2010  eluel […]

  9. i don’t see what all the fuss is about lee joons body. He is not that muscular neither is he very toned, but he always seems to be showing it off

    • same here. I like Lee Joon a lot but sometimes he comes off to me as a show off >___< I notice it a lot, but I just love him so I dont say much about it XD

      • yeh, couldn’t agree more. but i guess that’s part of what makes him lovable too yeh? ^^ (:

    • Youre right but joon can dance, sing and act. And I like his humor.

      • yup yu cant deny that he’s talented at dancing, singing and acting. Thats why I still love him 🙂

  10. LOLOL..narsha-unni is all over lee joon!
    and kim tae woo’s face when joon is dancing..hehe!
    G7 members are livin’ la vida loca over joon!
    soo funny! and cute..hehe

  11. for me ,, I want joon-hara ^^
    cause this two is so cute *_^

  12. noo..i want joon-hyomin..T_T

  13. awww…joon is so cute!
    he copied her hairstyle. kekeke.

  14. no Joon I know you are doing this to piss Hyomin

  15. Nooo… i want Joon and Hyomin!!! >.<

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