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SISTAR HyoRin to be ‘Jang GeunSeok’s girl’

Upcoming girlgroup SISTAR member HyoRin will become ‘Jang GeunSeok’s girl’.

HyoRin has recently been chosen to sing a duet song and film a MV together with Jang GeunSeok for Yepp. She was chosen by netizens’ votes during the open audition on Yepp’s official homepage.

Earlier, a video of HyoRin dancing posted online has caught the attention of many netizens where she has showed off her great dancing capabilities. A Yepp rep said, “With the participations of many top musicians earlier like Im JungHee, SG Wannabe, Epik High, Son DamBi, SISTAR will be the star of our music marketing season 6.”

Ahead of their debut coming mid-May, SISTAR has been gaining much attention for their unique styles and had received proposals for endorsement by various brands.

S:HanKook Daily

She reminds me of actress Jyuni

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  1. […] reported earlier, SISTAR HyoRin has recently been chosen to sing a duet song and film a MV together with Jang […]

  2. Yes, agree with you Mia…her smile is stiff…don’t look too femine..she looks more like a drag queen…never heard her sing and don’t want too but overall…not very excited about this one project…
    GOSH…seriously, they could’ve choosen another prettier well match girl for JGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. her smile seem stiff.. dun like it. i like the other girl who sing in that cf

  4. She is really beautiful/cute plus has a great voice. Anyways, can’t wait to see it.

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