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SS501’s contract with DSP Entertainment coming to an end, fans are concerned if group activities will continue

Ahead of group SS501’s contract with DSP Entertainment coming to an end next month on the 8th, there has been much interests as to whether the members will continue promoting as a group.

Currently it is known that leader Kim HyunJoong has received many proposals by other entertainment management company to sign up with them. And many see that there is high possibility that Kim HyunJoong and his best friend Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong will be moving to an entertainment agency together.

And there is also speculations that it is quite impossible for the whole group to move to the same company if they do not stay with DSP Entertainment.

With regard to that, an entertainment industry expert said, “Even if the members go to a different company and to promote as SS501, they will not be able to do it.” But the truth is we saw how G.O.D and Shinhwa members had continued with their group activities even after they changed their agency.

Meanwhile, the SS501 members are still not signed on to their new agency yet.


To fans: Nothing has been confirmed as yet, I see many speculation reports coming up in the press and media but there is just hype. We should all wait for the confirmation from the members themselves.

32 Responses

  1. i am the big fans of ‘501’,, i hope that never happened to them?!

    ’cause i really sad if HJL will out from ‘501’

    how come they wouldn’t be ‘501’

    3PLE S will be losted them LOVELY boyband

    GOOD LUCK 4U 😥

  2. Yeah I worried about this bad rumours
    but I try to believe that 501% they wouldn’t disband
    just see their decission on 8 june later

    ❤ Really love SS501 ❤
    SS501 + Triple S HWAITING

  3. Yep,everything and everywhere are speculations. The affected parties are quiet on the other hand . Let us trust KHJ and the SS501 will be and will go to the management companies representing their best interests . I think each member has their own wish list (like own practice room , own body guards ,variety show where they can all star in , solo activities,etc) which they can turn into negotiated demands . Wish them the best of luck .Whatever they decide now will definitely affect their future goals and directions.

  4. […] my fellow blogger Sookyeong has kindly translated the news spreaded in various k-portals […]

  5. what the hell .i think im going to kill myself if ss501 disband .i believe that hyunjoong will stay with ss501 n ss501 going to renew their contract with dsp .i dont care what company that they are in .5 of them will be together in one group forever .jus ignore all the stupid rumours .we should believe our ss501 oppa right triple s .

  6. nothing has been confirmed so let’s not speculating..

  7. SS501 are stars and they became stars under the management of DSP, it was a combination of management and hard work and effort from the group that got them where they are. Sure the albums are delayed and that’s not a good thing, but SS501 has plenty of endorsements and cf’s, its a good thing that they are not shoved into every variety show and worked like slaves. Its a good thing that they are not overpromoted to the point where folks get sick of looking at them and become antis. Everybody is hating on DSP, well DSP got them to where they are now and they are in a mighty good place, it would be ludicrous for them to leave DSP.

  8. actually i aslo want ss501 to go to another company cuz DSP lack in PROMOTIONS but do u know at least DSP treat their artist well not like other company as SM. and maybe DSP doesnt promote well their member cuz they want them to gain popularity with their strenght. also KARA has to work hard. but im pretty sure that they wont disband no matter what. leader is not going with jaejoong, even if he doesnt show his feeling for his members he loves them.

    • agree with you…
      DSP might be the worst company for promoting their artists..but they are the best company for SS501…

      • you’ll never know. cos they’ve only been with ONE company. habits are hard to kick, but they’re not impossible to change.
        if a management company relies solely on their artists to work hard to gain popularity and fame then artists won’t even need management companies, they just need to find themselves trainers and a manager. the whole point of signing on to a company is for them to help promote you further with their links in the industry and expertise in the field :/
        anyone can work hard, but not everyone can be a star. you need the right people to help you, that’s where the management company comes in.

  9. as long as they’re together..I don’t care what company they maybe…..I totally love this group…Hope they can make their comeback soon…

  10. I don’t care what agency they are in, as long as the five of them still together.. I really hope they don’t disband..I really love them.. SS501 FIVE FOREVER AS ONE

  11. They won’t go anywhere because they have comnections with the company. For example, isn’t baby hyung joon’s dad a friend of the CEO?also, hyundai joint has said time and time again that he would not leave dsp unless the company is the one who doesn’t want him. But we’ll see. Whatever happens I hope they keep their promise of staying together as one :-/

    • I meant “hyun joong has said time and time again…”

      Stupid phone….

  12. Why should SS501 leave DSP? Where are they gonna go? A smaller agency can’t afford them and the big companies have their stars. Whatever anyone thinks of DSP’s promotion of them, they became stars under DSP, so the company must be doing something right. DSP is probably gonna give them the sun, the moon and the stars to keep them and they deserve all that. SS501 probably has mad loyalty to DSP, as they should, it would be retarded for DSP to let them go and, I think, just as retarded for them to go somewhere else. Where will they go to slave management, or JYP or YG who have their established top stars who SS501 will have to play second tier to. This is all madness!

  13. i think they will stay together. as for DSP, goodness promote your stars well! they have great artists but they need to be more active in promoting their talents.

    just because hyun joong is BFFs with Jaejoong, lets not assume too much. i guess this got more fueled when people saw Junsu with Hyun Joong playing soccer. Oh well…

  14. i think theyre gonna stay with dsp
    but i hope they hired a new choreography team
    because “love like this” was a good song but omg the dance steps made me cringe

    good luck to them on their comeback!

  15. if dsp loses SS501, then that company is most definitely in a rebuilding process, trying to set up their future. and with the trend of “younger idols” now blooming, it doesnt seem so far fetched. they might believe SS501 is now borderline “adult-ol” because of how young an idol can be.

    but for kpop’s sake, i hope DSP matches any offers and throw in some intangible benefits and added incentives – more time to see family, vacation time and such. i mean, which company would really offer that much money for 1/5 of SS501 when they have many younger trainees hoping to debut? if SS501 does REALLY well on their upcoming promotions, you can guarantee DSP will renew their contract. it all depends on us fans i presume

    i dislike this whole notion of “younger stars”. it really idk… stains the reputation and quality of what being an idol is for the korean music industry. … yeah unrelated to the article sorta.

  16. well, whatever happens, i hope they make a new contract with DSP since they are the ones who trained them, and they boys are good to them. if not, we’ll really see.

  17. to be honest I dont follow SS501 news so I dont know that much about them but I dont think they will disband I mean if their contract will be over by next month and they want to disband why would they release a new album under DSP ?!! lol I dont get how come Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong might be moving to an entertainment agency together with Kim HyunJoong when his contract is not over plus the court said he cant move to any other agency!!

    • Usually before a contract expires, an album will be released – most contracts have that clause. Similar to Hyori’s situation after not resigning with MNET.

      The timing of the contract expiration and the new album could be a coincidence but idk

  18. they shud all leave and sign with a company thats clued in and know’s how to promote them cos DSP is hella crap!

  19. I doubt that SS501 is going to leave DSP, DSP has been good to them and good FOR them. I think DSP has been promoting them well and will accomodate SS501 in a new contract because they are DSP’s moneymaker. They seem to be honorable, humble and grateful men, and would not desert DSP by going to another company or disappoint the fans by separating.
    Is there some kind of campaign being launched to destroy SS501, why all this negative speculation by the media?
    SS501 is Five Forever As One under DSP and I believe they will stay that way!

    • i hope they won’t leave, and given how loyal they are, it’s good for hope for the better, but i beg to differ about the stand on DSP. DSP has by far been the WORST management company i’ve seen to promote such an awesome group. the delay of every album (yes, i know it’s common to postpone comebacks) the shifting of entire concert dates and placing it on an even WORST date (persona in thailand) the promotions for the oppas have been terrible. they hardly take up any CFs neither do i see them on variety shows during their off-peak season unlike other artists. ( I seriously can’t tell if that’s good or bad.) yes, i know they do get their well-deserved rest unlike other management companies who work the guts out of their artists and managers. but really, the promotion for them has by far been disappointing.

      • totally agree with shoo.

        I, a hard -core triple s, want the five members to leave dsp together and join another company together and continue their activities.

    • i agree with u!!!!


  20. they are the best!

  21. For the group’s sake it would be better to leave DSP, as they don’t have a clue in how to promote them…but who knows. Whatever works for all the members. I just hope they don’t disband, they are my favorite boyband T__T

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