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MBC Music Core 08.05.2010 – Gummy’s comeback stage for ‘Loveless’

Today on MBC Music Core on 8th May 2010, singer Gummy had the comeback stage for her recent comeback album ‘Loveless’ performing the double title songs ‘Loveless’ and ‘As A Man’.

On the show today also features f(x)’s comeback stage with ‘NU ABO’ and performances by BEAST, Secret, Rain, Lee Hyori, 2PM and After School etc. Go under the cut for more performance cuts.

Comeback stage

  • Gummy『There is no Love + Because of you + As a Man』
  • f(x)『NU ABO』

Good-bye stage

  • SNSD『Run Devil Run』

New Song

  • Soya n Sun『Smiling Goodbye』
  • BEAST『Special』
  • BooHwal『Something that I love 』
  • Norazo『Save Me』

Hot stage

  • 2PM『Without U』
  • Secret『Magic』
  • Rain『Love Song』
  • After School『BANG!』
  • Hyori『Chitty Chitty Bang Bang』

Fall in MUZIK

  • ZE:A『All Day Long』
  • Yoo SeungChan『Chemistry』
  • Wink『Fantastic! 』

Love is…

  • Jerry w. T-ara HyoMin『Going to Love』
  • Paige『That type of Love』



102 Responses

  1. gummy reminds me of idina menzel! jjang 🙂
    she has amazing vocals!

  2. For ppl saying she has no emotion, go watch Uee (aka no emotion) and watch Gummy’s performance again.

    • what’s wrong with you ? why do you have to talk about Uee here ? try to be more mature if you want to defend Gummy.

  3. i dont know about emotion, but i seriously don’t know what everyone is talking about.
    Gummy has got seriously strong female vocals, i think its awesome
    way to come back !

  4. of course gummy is a top notch performer, she delivers the song with full of emotion.

  5. I love Gummy’s performance….Soya and Sun too…both sounds great!! f(x) is good too..but a little breathing problem..someone’s blowing thru the mike..ekkk…dance wise is addictive… Hyori is just ❤ 🙂 those who finds Gummy's performances boring must be teenagers who used to pop dance songs…. :p

  6. oh man look at the comments section…wow… peace people peace, it seems kbites becoming the next allkpop actually allkpop is getting better and kbites is getting worst. No need to fight over who is better and who isn’t, it really doesn’t matter, the people who like an artist you don’t like don’t really give a damn what you say. We all have different taste even though we don’t understand why that person like what they like, but it’s their choice. They chose to hate on an artist, let them be. I don’t know bout you but i don’t keep too much hate in me so i don’t comment on the things i don’t like actually i ignore it so some of you should start doing that.

  7. i really hope gummy wins her voice is amazing its my favorite song out of all the ones above

  8. I just finished looking at the performances =D

    the cameraman fail during B2ST performance was hilarous ! haha Yoseob helping him and the maknae/leader moment was adorable ^^

    I really loooove ZE:A song!
    And Gummy performance was amazing =D

    Yuri spider girl ! love forever this girl! haha ^^

  9. 2pm can’t sing if their life depended on it. They are merely entertainers. Most of Kpop are saturated with entertainers. Take Brittany Spears, she can’t sing worth a crap and people still adore her. So each to their own.

  10. i love Gummy perf! gosh,she set the bar high!

  11. I’m not even a big fan of Gummy (don’t be fooled by my username), but there’s no denying that she is incredibly talented. She’s not boring, if you just pay attention to her voice, you can hear how beautiful it is.

    Btw, where’s Seo In Kook?

    • I pretty sure that Seo In Kook was the winner of Superstar K (something like American Idol). I remember that only few weeks after this, he released two singles “Calling You” and “Rally” (a song of Jewelry).
      hope it helps. ^^

      • @Babya: I know^^

        Just that he came back with a new song “I Love U.”
        So I was wondering why he wasn’t performing here.

      • OH! LOL!
        oups sorry !
        my fault, I thought that you wrote “who’s Seo In Kook?” =_=

        but yeah true, i didn’t notice this =P
        and I can’t find his performance in YT =/

      • @Babya: naw, it’s ok. :]

  12. i miss seeing YG Family on tv.
    i haven’t been watching any music shows after YGFam ended their promotions last year.
    but now that they are back, i think i’ll watch those music shows again. 🙂

    I got goosebumps watching Gummy belt out those notes in There Is No Love. She really is awesome live! And I love the subtle sexy dance in Because You’re A Man. I love the oh-oh-oh-oh yeah-eh-eh of the song. I noticed that that’s Teddy’s trademark on his songs. I love it, it gives the song it’s recall effect.

    I can’t get “There is no love” and “Because you’re a man” out of my head. haha.. They are on repeat on my ipod. 🙂

  13. Junsu oppa fighting!!!
    I hope you get better soon!
    2PM forever~~

  14. I liked Gummy’s performance, like.. a lot.

  15. gummy!! her voice is lovely 🙂

    btw i love beast’s performance
    there’s so much craziness! LOL at dongwoon and doojoon’s part together and then the camera pointing at yoseob but it was hyunseung’s part to sing then yoseob pointed the camera in the right direction. XD

  16. Gummy is amazing and to top it off, she’s beautiful.

  17. Gummy gave me goosebumps. Her voice is so amazing. I’m glad YG is spoiling her because she deserves it. Gummy truly deserves an award for her vocal talent. It’s kind of sad that now awards are only based on popularity. (Disclaimer: This does not apply to all groups).

  18. Gummy was the best singer on the show….these 2PM fangirls need to shut the fuck up. Not her fault 2PM can’t sing

    • what??!! 2PM can sing…. esp Junsu.
      and Hyori is way better than Gummy.

      • LOL Hyori better than gummy??
        You deaf whore

      • But Gummy puts me to sleep.. zzzzz. I can’t help it.
        At least Hyori entertains me.

      • tats cuz Hyori is an entertainer and Gummy is a real singer…and your a preteen

      • Um….it’s just different music genre, so it just depend on who you prefer…even so, I love Hyori unnie too, but I have to say singer wise, Gummy’s voice is a killer. But if you talk about entertainment wise, Hyori is the entertainer…

      • Just because Junsu can sing doesn’t mean 2pm can sing.

        Hyori is better than Gummy if ur talking about entertainement. But if ur talking singing, must be deaf to say hyori is better than Gummy. Gummy is a real singer not an entertainer like Hyori.

      • HYORI in general is better than gummy 😀

      • ^ dude, stop it.

      • lol maybe in popularity but singing wise Gummy pwns Hyori 10 fold

  19. Gummy’s live performance was totally full of emotion and personality (always has been, just for the record).

    Boring??? seriously kids, she is not some pre-madonna idol flashy pop singer, ok? (you have all the Idol girl groups, hyori, ivy, and son dambi for that). Gummy is different. For those of you who don’t know, Gummy is ballad/RnB singer, she’s not a joke, she’s the real deal.

    Rather than being all flashy and showy and poppy-songs (no offense to anyone here, just the trends) Gummy just keeps it real, and her talents speaks louder than anything.

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but I really can’t stand how real, raw talent is so underrated. She put on a powerful stage and all she gets is: “boring” WTF!!! You guys need some soul in your life, all those poppy songs get tiring.

    Anyways, I love Gummy, she’s awesome, one of kind, i think she stole the show and should win an award.

  20. I was very agree with the word “kpop noobs”. LOLS!!!!!

    If u’re real kpop followers, appreciate each singer’s ability, u probably won’t be saying that. Anyway each individual have the type of genre songs that u like too. So i don’t really care of what others say. Just appreciate it.

  21. OMG!! did Gummy come back looking prettier or is it jus me?? lol She sounds so fucken amazing!!! XD

    • I knoooow! me too!
      I was looking at her, and damn.. she’s gorgeous ^^

  22. it’s weird seeing comments about how gummy has no emotion when she sings… because i remember one of her “i’m sorry” performances made me tear up at the end.
    Sure these songs don’t have as must emotion as before but maybe she’s still trying to get back into performing again? idk but she still has an amazing voice and i love seeing her again C:

  23. i love Gummy’s perf! i love her voice. so high!
    “everytime IM special”..that a lot better than “everytime I special” good thing MBC saw that. BEAST’s perf was awesome. good job.
    and i hear more secret fans screaming. yey for secret!!!!

  24. People say Gummy is boring are clearly used to groups. She did a wonderful job. I’m glad her emotions are natural and not forced like some groups out there.

    • i totally agree, she did an amazing job.
      but think about it her songs isnt anything to be happy about, or for her to be prancing around with a smile on stage. she has to be serious to compliment with her song duhhh.

  25. gummy was great. i dont really care if she cries or laughs on stage, she sounded amazing.

  26. Thanks Lady G, you give me something to watch for in upcoming weeks.

    I love her There Is No Love performance. So cool!

  27. yehey! I guess YGE is in good terms with MBC now huh. GREAT! and FTW! GUMMY, SNSD and Hyori!

  28. i feel you lay. now, ill be checking music shows because there’s a yg artist.
    love gummy’s voice and performance.
    to those who find her boring, there’s always more polishing to come.
    Gummy fighting!!!

  29. Love 2PM Without U <33333

    btw, I find Gummy really boring -____-

    • eeek!!!! maybe ur not used to listen and watched ballad upbeat songs… she’s not a dancer like 2PM with an awkward crappy dance choreograpy…

      • wow grow up. you could’ve said the same thing without being offensive. was the really necessary to put in ‘awkward crappy dance chorograpy’?

    • wow you clearly pre-adolescent
      go read some books instead of looking at guy’s bodies perv

  30. f(x) did good this time.

  31. who won ??

    • Music core doesn’t give awards. there is no winner

      • they don’t give awards but music core gives you a hint on who the winner is. the last one to perform is the winner. you guys can find out who the winner is when the credits roll at the end of his/her/their performance.

      • so Hyori which is awesome cuz 2PM sucks balls deep

      • 2PM >>>>>>>>>hyori. 2PM are THE BEST!!!!!

      • ^ looser.

      • 2pm boys jjang <33!!!!!!. nadie puede negarlo.
        ellos han probado ser mejores que kpop king and queen.

  32. Gummy < 333

  33. If she don’t give any emotions or she’s boring, who should give it… I’m kinda sad how kpop turn recently to a place where groupies fight to defend each group and where emotions is to rip your shirt off and pitch an high note…
    Kpop used to be variety all kind of songs but nowadays it’s just who is the most popular about teenagers…
    Like hiney say (and don’t get me wrong) if you’are talented but not diverting by doing some waves or exposing skin that value nothing.

    • totally agree with you…those people are just kpop noobs!
      kpop world was a bit peaceful before at least less fanwars..

      • Huh ? lol don’t try to look like a K-Pop veteran. Fanwars existed between SES and FinKL fans back in the days LOL.

      • ^ yup, the fanwar aren’t from yesterday, but back then, it wasn’t THAT “popular”. lol
        probably because there’s a lot more bands. ^^

      • ya there used to be less trolling…with the numbers of idol groups that appear, the more segmentation there is, and the more fanwars there are…people get riled up so much more quickly nowadays too

      • @Hiney.. am not saying i’m a kpop veteran!
        read my comment again and try to comprehend.. ok? 🙂

    • amen. there a ton of teeny boppers out there creating all kinds of stupid fights and attacking people left and right. LOL that rhymed XD

    • completly agree with you, ninetyninetynine.

      some persons can’t grow up, and it’s pretty sad. The kpop world could be so “peaceful” without all this fights, but I guess that the fights are part of the Kpop world =P Kpop wouldn’t be the same without it lol…

  34. AWESTRUCK with Gummy’s perf.
    ‘there is no love’ is on repeat in my ipod 😀
    i love her voice. she’s classy.

    i also like soya n sun’s perf.
    and of course, who could resist rain? =)

  35. Gummy’s performance for Loveless was good but there is absolutely no feeling when she sang live =/

    • Yeah, try to be more efficient to star a fanwar… losser!
      Love gummy, absolously groovy, nice to see a different kind of music in kpop that is dominated by girlgroups and boygroups

      • Soulhead was just stated his/her opinion, since when is this labelled as “starting a fanwar” ? lol over defensive much ?

        I feel the same way as Soulhead, Gummy is talented but boring.

      • Lol, you’re stupid

        Since when we can’t say that we don’t like something ? She’s really good in live but i’m sorry ,i don’t feel the same emotion that i feel when I listen to the cd’s version…In fact ,I can’t ever understand what i’ve done bad. China or north Korea should be a great place for your open mind ^^

      • as stated by other people, i agree, you dont have to be sensitive to their comments. they are just giving their opinion…
        if people mentions if shes boring/no feeling, then thats their problem. maybe they got used to the current trend in kpop…

      • modjo you’re so lame. i’ll ask power puff girls to get rid of your over-defensiveness. oh well, i’m sorry i thought you’re mojo jojo.

      • Wow modjo, Soulhead has a right to state an opinion. That’s not starting a fanwar; HOTTaeck2’s comment above is an attempt to start a fanwar.

        But Soulhead, once you brought in China and North Korea, that was just unnecessary. That’s now attacking other countries that has nothing to do with this.

      • @Soulhead, sadly you became the lame one by talking about China or North Korea. don’t do it again.

        and i’m not even from this countries, just saying…

    • wow such bullshit she was the best singer during the show you needa clean your ears out.
      Ripping off shits and acting mad aren’t feelings either.

  36. i love ‘there is no love’ perf. her expression is <3,her vocal so amazing(goosebumps),go go gummy go<33

  37. i hope she will also perform in Music Bank cos i can only watch KBS on my ASTRO channel. i haven’t watched it for quite some time cos the show is so boring without YG artists. now i have reason to watch it.

  38. loveeeeeeeeeee it so much<3
    like usual her vocal and voice are amazing!
    she's beyond amazing<3
    she gave a fierce expression in "There is no love"
    and when she danced,she look so beautiful and sexy
    she got the moves..
    love her outfits,hairstyles,voices<3
    she looks stunning
    I miss "crazy dancers" esp han ji hye..she looks pretty<3

  39. GUMMY FTW!!!

    • Sorry but Gummy SUCKS!!

      • bet u suck more. are are u still sucking on your thumb like a baby. T T

      • uhmmm… how old are you? so I can lower my intelligence to your level…

      • .. . . . . .. .
        . . .
        .. . .. . .. .
        that’s you suck in Braille cuz your clearly blind and deaf

    • Yeah~~~ Agreed.. Gummy FTW. She is awesome ^^

    • Totally Agree!!

      Gummy SUCKS !!!

      • how so? She’s got an amazing voice that not a lot of korean girl/woman singers can match up to. She sings with so much soul, her music is so moving. She’s in a million, and you must not know REAL music. Grow up, kid!

      • wtf lol. in what world do you live ?
        and why are trolls are using 2PM members names to bash ? LOL

      • I’m sure these 2PM trolls are jealous that 2PM isn’t getting attention. It’s funny b/c Gumym sings better than 2PM put together. If she sucks then 2PM shouldn’t even be in the music industry.

    • yep GUMMY FTW! ❤
      At least she can sing unlike most idols out there and she sounds even better live.

      HOTTaeck2 & wooyoung7 it's probably the same troll or just preteens with nothing better to do.

      • ‘she can sing’ LOL u r funny..
        I’m not a 2pm fan but they CAN sing(and dance).

      • LOL 2PM can’t sing worth shit

      • U must be out of ur mind lalala didn’t even say anything funny -__-

        Since when 2pm can sing? only Junsu can be considered a good singer while the others are average at best. u say ur not a 2pm fan, but I bet u are.

    • 2PM >>>>>>>>> rain + hyori + ………. + Gummy

      • 2pm what’s wrong with you 2PM trolls? Be honest with yourselves and realize that 2PM aren’t good singers. Get over it already.

      • someone’s obviously a new and very biased kpop ‘fan’ you honestly are so ignorant to what Rain, Hyori, Gummy have?

      • I bet lalala, 2PM trolls is the same person. I bet they are still sucking they thumb while watching 2PM perform.

        YG family all the way!

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