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SBS Inkigayo 09.05.2010 – Lee Hyori wins 3rd mutizen with ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, diva Lee Hyori wins her 3rd Mutizen with her comeback song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts, including KARA’s ‘Green Sports Song’ video!

Comeback Specials

  • Gummy “There is no Love + As a Man”
  • f(x) “Nu ABO”

Take 7

  • 2PM “Without U”
  • Secret “Magic”
  • Rain “Love Song”
  • Hyori “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
  • After School “Bang”

Hot Music

  • Defcon w. After School Lizzy “How to leave the Rapper”
  • U-Kiss “What did you Say?”
  • JJ “More and More”
  • Wink “Fantastic!”

Fresh Music

  • Seo InGook “Loving U ”
  • BEAST “Special”
  • ZE:A “All Day Long”
  • H2 “Heart Attack ”
  • Norazo “Save Me”
  • J.Rich “Goodbye my Love”
  • Soya N Sun “Smiling Goodbye”
  • Paige “That type of Love ”
  • Sung Eun feat. Namolla Family Kim JaeWoo “Only You”


KARA Green Sports Song

f(x) interview

30 Responses

  1. i really like watching f(X) but damn i really can’t stand that song.

    gummy sounded amazing.

  2. I hope Gummy wins. That woman is amazing.

  3. congrats hyori and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO

  4. congrats lee hyori enjoy your happiness while it lasts. 😀

    • HATER back off

      it’s HYORI’s year so ofcourse the hyori’s effect is growing.

  5. Congrats Hyori!
    Yay! Seo In Kook!<33333 Just love his new song<3
    but his pink suit is funny XD

    I expect Gummy to win next week

  6. Congreats Hyori! ^^ I like her performances and I like the song but i gotta say i’ve hated every outfit she’s wore. She has a GORGEOUS body that i wish she would show off more with tight clothes rather than these extra big clothes. It makes the performance boring for me. she should dress more like she did in the photoshoot for the concept of this album.
    She didn’t look slutty but she still looked sexy! The woman is beautiful i just feel she would show it off more, and the hair……I’m not feeling it either.

    Anyways great performances from Gummy once again! I can’t wait to see her win! next week :DD

  7. LOL, I spot kevin and amber playing

  8. Lee hyori won the third mutizen! Love her! Happy birthday Hyori! Fighting!

  9. BEAST!!!

  10. ƒ(x) is actually singing live FYI. That’s ƒ(x), too good where you already can’t identify if they are singing live or not. Hope they can grab a #1 spot soon. ƒ(x) deserves to be rewarded more compare to other rookies.

  11. Hyori 3rd or 2nd win. Allkpop said triple crown. idk
    Congrats to her.
    Gummy is so pretty < 3

  12. ahhm, sookyeong, it’s her triple crown today! not 2nd. haha yehey! haha. GUMMY FTW next week. nu abo was great. and 2PM. jjang!

  13. Gummy. So gorgeous sweet amazing baby.
    I have the ultimate girl crush on her. She has so much attitude on stage. She’s definatelt the queen of YG 😀
    It would be awesome if she won a few awards because all her song are pure perfection.

  14. Lee hyori won the third mutizen…. >.<

    off course the Queen


  16. Congratulations to Secret! They’re on Take 7 amongst some VERY popular artist. Another great performance from them.

  17. sookyeong unni today lee hyori won her third award
    congrats lee hyori

  18. f(x) should stop lipsyncing.

  19. im really liking SeoInGook’s song ❤

  20. I can’t believe no one no one noticed that Lizzy from After School actually showed off her vocals in a collab of some sort.

    • that’s not amazing

    • well I noticed it.^^
      She impresssed me, she is pretty good at singing.

      But honestly, Lizzy is still kind of “new”, so it’s quite normal that she’s not that much known. We can’t really expect a lot of ppl to notice her. And Defcon, even though I know him, isn’t really “popular”. If you followed him since his debut as a rapper, you’ll understand. =/
      hopefully with time, this two will get more attention =)

  21. gummy is the best ^^
    she totally rocked it

  22. wow gummy looks so gorgeous today. she’s amazing. glad to see yg artists coming back slowly 🙂

  23. congrats Hyori^^
    love Gummy’s comeback performance<3
    love her oufits,hairstyle and vocal<3
    Gummy fighting!

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