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f(x), “We are excited to promote together with WonderGirls who are our close friends”

Girlgroup f(x) talks about promoting in the same time period as ‘seonbaenim’ WonderGirls.

f(x) is back earlier this month with their 1st minialbum ‘NU ABO’ is currently up #1 on various album and music sites. And WonderGirls will also be back with a new album ‘2 Different Tears (2DT)’ after one and a half years.

Recently in an interview with Newsen, f(x) talks about promoting in the same time period as the WonderGirls, “They are seonbaes whom we really like. Personally they are also our close friends, so we feel excited promoting together.”

Especially for member Luna who comes from the same high school as WonderGirls new member HyeRim (LiRa Art High School). Recently, their high school even posted up photos of them as ‘proud faces of the school‘.

Luna said, “I was originally really close to HyeRim.” Already the 2 are known to be close friends even before their debut, even though WonderGirls are considered seonbae to f(x) in terms of promoting, Luna can be said to be more of a seonbae than HyeRim.

Sulli also revealed that she has known HyeRim before their singer debut, “I first met HyeRim unnie at church and we became close friends. After that she got more close to Luna after they went to the same school. After she joined WonderGirls, the 3 of us will be able to meet and play.”

f(x) added, “We will promote and show our charms unique to ourselves, different from the WonderGirls.”

Meanwhile, the 2 groups will meet again on the 22nd for Dream Concert where they are both performing artistes.


26 Responses

  1. wow..!!
    good plan i think..

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  3. amber’s hair??

  4. I wonder how their SM sunbae’s would feel ! LOL. All good though, its cool to see/read about BTS friendships. WG-f(x) Hwaiting 🙂

  5. it’s so nice from them to say that
    limmie (cute) i’m glad she has a lot of friends out there because she seems nice

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  8. there is something that i don’t get it, are the wonder girls comeback to Korea or the US ???

    • they will release the new album simultaneously in various ctries including the States and Korea ^^

    • they will have an album launching event in the US first then after that they will return to Korea to appear in many shows like music core,music bank, inkigayo and many more. Not to mention Family outing 2 which will air on june:)

  9. Are they close with WG, or just Hye Lim?

    This must be nice for Limmie though. She’s a rookie in the K-ent, and I’m sure it must have been a bit lonely since she joined WG (as in traveling, being away from home, etc). So it must be nice to promote with people your friends with.

    • They are probably more close to Hye Lim.
      But its always good to have some members know each other already. Better chance for two groups to get to know each other better when there are ppl already friends. Like a friend introduce you to another friend and then you become that person friend.

  10. Wg & Fx fighting!!! ^_^

    its not that surprising for Wonderfuls actually, Wg somehow has a lot of connections with other idols and stars but they tend to keep it private, it weren’t for publicity. Members from BB,SS501,SJ, SNSD, Epik High, Shinee, 2NE1, KARA, AS even DBSK and of course One Day too. I guess that’s why they had clean image(from scandals etc).

    If a Wonderful decided to do a Wg “friendship” tree, it will be one hell of a tree!! XD

    Hye Rim,Yoobin, Sullie hwaiting!!!
    ~I somehow had a soft spot for this 3 girls ^_^

  11. who aren’t f(x) friends with? LOL like honestly, they pimp around everyone xD

    thats cool how HyeRim has some friends already in the industry though.. poor girl has so many people against her, so its cool to see other people praise her.

  12. aww. thats sweet. hyelim needs more love. hehe ❤

  13. I really like HyeRim 🙂
    HyeRim unnie Hwaiting !!!

  14. Interesting. Cant wait to see their interactions.
    Sunye also mentioned that she likes Luna.
    I kind of want to see Amber and Sohee become friends because they are both 1992. Not many 1992 idols so it would be nice to see. It seems like most idols all know each other before their debut. I guess korea is a small place.

    • Amber + Sohee = one cool duo.

      Neither are have the outward girly, girly cute kinda image. They’re so laidback and cool, lol.

  15. Wonder Girls seem to be close with a lot of other idols 🙂

  16. Love f(x) and wg ^^
    Girl Power jjang!

  17. F(x) Fighting <3333!!!!!!

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