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Super Junior DongHae, “HanKyung, KangIn, KiBum ah, we will be daebak!”

Super Junior DongHae expressed his affection for fellow members KangIn, HanKyung and KiBum who will be excluded for the group’s upcoming 4th album promotions.

DongHae wrote on his minihompy on 7th May, “HanKyungie hyung, KangInnie hyung, KiBum ah, we will be daebak.^^ We are Super Junior.”

Fans’ comments to the post were “It’s a shame they cannot promote together”, “I am waiting for the 13 members to come together again” etc.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will comeback with their 4th album on 13th May as 10 members.

S: TVDaily

14 Responses

  1. aww. that’s so cute

  2. […] TVDaily Article’s source: K Bites  May 11, 2010  eluel07 Categories: KPOPing, News Tags: DongHae, HanKyung, […]

  3. Its really sad; hopefully the future will look much brighter for Suju~ i.e. all 13th members will be reunited.

  4. even though the song sounds like sorry2x and ring ding dong it’s so catchy and addictive… too bad that hankyung, kangin and ki bum oppa’s gonna miss promotions… may 13 hwaiting!!… >♥<

  5. im waiting for the 15 member comback. But i love the new song!! Can’t wait for the new cd release

  6. Awww Donghae! So glad he even included Kangin!

  7. Donghae is such a sweetheart ❤
    can't wait for the mv 😀

  8. omo, is he amber’s twin brother? lol.

  9. I’m missing them so much..
    4jib must be daebak..
    Love u suju..

  10. T_T DongHae oppa must be really missing his hyungs and kibum god why all the bad things always have happen to the groups that I like first DBSK then Super joiner I wonder who will be next but reading these type of comments really gives me hope his message kind of reminded me of what Jaejoong said DongHae oppa I will also be waitng for 13 members to come together again
    ajaja fighting

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