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MBLAQ G.O, “I thought Kim HeeChul is a gay so I avoided him on purpose”

MBLAQ G.O reveals why he had avoided Super Junior Kim HeeChul.

They were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 11th May when G.O said, “I thought Kim HeeChul likes guys so I avoided him.” this comment had those at the filming shocked.

Kim HeeChul also revealed that he has a thing for guys with moustache, “When the rumours that I like guys went out, I had to meet Mithra Jin in secrecy. Since I don’t have moustache, I have a longing for it. With that meaning, I like G.O.”

He added, “I got phone number of G.O, and I tried to contact him before. But his responses would always be ‘I’m having meal with Rain’ and he refused to meet up with me. In the end, we only got to meet each other for the first time today.”

G.O then said, “Honestly, instead of saying that I’m having meal with Rain, I thought Kim HeeChul likes guys.” confessing about the misunderstanding.

Kim HeeChul also spoke up clearly about rumours of him being a gay, “I’m an idol, this kind of rumours will not do. I really like girls!.”

Lee Teuk also commented, “As the team leader, I can guarantee that.” causing laughter during the filming.


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  1. لاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا kim hee chul ليس مثلي جنس……………….. انما هو ولد رقيق …………. ألا تلاحضون كم انه cute؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ في الواقع فرقة mblaq يغارون من kim hee chul لانه محبوب الجماهير……

    please,don’t hate hee chul

  2. do any of you actually know what homophobia is?
    G.O never said he hated heechul for being gay, hence he’s not a homophobe. And quite frankly if anyone who was gay asked you out would that not make you slightly uncomfortable, with what the situation could turn into, if you happened to be straight??? that doesn’t mean you hate gay people it means you don’t want to be put into an uncomfortable situation.

    And as for the comments about G.O being gay or a fag… do we not notice how hipocritical that is? honestly is there anyone in here above like 14 years old? Or is it that the actually rational, and non crazed ELFs haven’t made comments because they realize it was a scripted show????

  3. People has to remember that in Korea, if you’re gay, you’re dead (well, at least you’ll lead your life in misery).

    I don’t care if Heechul is gay or not. He’s funny.

    If he is indeed gay, he has to deny it. Or else.

    And guys naturally tend to avoid gay people. It’s not being discriminative of sexes but it’s a natural thing.

    But what straight guys have to remember is that, normally gay people don’t like straight guys. They tend to avoid heartbreak.

  4. I would definitely be different towards the situation GO had. I’m a straight guy and am comfortble with my sexuality. But you guys don’t respect other ppls opinion. GO is ignorant because of that statement? It was his opinion. It wasn’t like he said, “I fking hate gays!” He just felt awkward and uncomfortable.

  5. Ah~ I knew it there was going to be an argument about discrimination~

    Let me just say this: Humans were not born as maleXmale; femaleXfemale.

    Not accepting homosexuality is a natural feeling many people are born with. It’s NATURAL. Unless you deal with gays in a degrading way, that’s wrong. But it’s not wrong or sinful to not feel that “open” to gays.

    Homosexuality is more accepted today because… people accept it more. But you can’t blame people for feeling “homophobic” when it’s a natural born feeling that most people have. Because humans were born to be femaleXmale, it’s not exactly “wrong” to feel uncomfortable around homosexuals because…. since that’s purely a natural-born feeling.

    And people fail to take into account that this man, G.O, happens to be from a conservative country that likes to live by the natural laws of man and woman. So he had no wrongful intentions when he said this, when it’s perfectly OK in his country to say it. So while people may go, “I can’t believe he said that” – please take into account of where he is saying it ^^;;;

    I’m not really trying to support or going against any group.

    But if G.O feels uncomfortable with someone, you can’t really force him to hang around people that makes you uncomfortable. And it would also be unfair for G.O to be hated for being… normal.

    • this.

    • Actually you’re quite wrong.

      It isn’t ‘natural’ to degrade someone because of their sexual preference.
      It’s a state of mind where you believe you are better than someone and look down upon them because you believe what you yourself believe is correct and can have no fault and accept no one elses’ opinion to be equal to yours.

      It’s a form of hate, you can’t contradict it to be correct in any manner.

      • Believe me, I don’t support degrading or insulting other’s due to their sexuality.

        I’m not saying it’s natural to degrade someone due to their sexual preference. I’m saying it’s natural to not have a likeness to homosexuals, because that’s a natural feeling in most people so you can’t hate on a guy for having a natural-born feeling. Of-course, how you respond to that feeling differs.

        When you avoid people you’re not comfortable with, it isn’t because of personal hate or you think you are better. You just feel uncomfortable and have a personal right to choose who you want to associate with.

        one may argue that “avoiding” is degrading. But he’s a guy that doesn’t want to take chances of being hit on by another guy! He may have no personal things against Heechul, but can’t blame a guy for not be comfortable about it -_-

        Though I’m not getting where you’re getting about this “can’t accept other opinions because you believe only you are only correct” kinda stuff.

        Did I insist my thought to be only correct opinion?

    • this.

    • This.

  6. What’s wrong with a girl asking a guy out?!!!

    I just don’t get it!…

    Wait… it’s not a girl… it’s Heechul!!

    Run G.O. run!

    Heechul wants to kiss you after kissing half of SuJu members!
    (Sorry but even if it’s fanservice, that’s still gay)

  7. I like Heechul a lot. He’s hilarious!
    But nobody can blame G.O for thinking Heechul is gay because Heechul really has this girly vibe and he did seem to enjoy all the kissing boy things on Super Junior’s concerts.
    I don’t think Heechul is gay, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was later revealed that he is bisexual.

  8. lol he’s so funny! GO TEUKIE and CHULLY-RELLA! XD

  9. ughhhh GO is homophobic :S

    • And a douche/jerk cause he broke up with his ex-girlfriend cuz she “burped” on the phone and it “ruined his illusion” of her!

  10. even if heechullie is gay, i will support him
    i think it‘s his business, wether he likes guy or women
    and as fo GO, i can understand why he thought like that
    although i myself a bit enraged when i found this :p

  11. LOL at some ppl.

    You disliked GO’s actions and reasons and then adding comments like he’s a jerk/stupid/ignorant?

    really, some of you guys do the same thing. you judge and assume.

    not all of us grew up were exposed in the same environment. therefore, all of us obviously would have different opinions and preferences. i’m sorry if you’d defend heechul by labeling GO some words, you’re no different.

  12. GO? a homophobic huh?

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  14. That was a totally inappropriate thing for him to say about Heechul, I don’t think that Heechul is gay, but even if he was, this Mblaq dude was being disrespectful and homophobic. He should keep his comments of this nature in the closet, where he probably is. It sounds like he’s attracted to Heechul, so who’s the real gay guy, G.O.?

    • How the hell does it sound like GO is the homosexual one?

      • Easy, just look at him. Gah!

      • ^ Ganer, you’re doing the exact thing that G.O. did at Heechul.
        G.O. judged Heechul for being gay by the apparence/actions etc.

        It’s pretty “ignorant” (sorry) to say smtg like that, cause you’re judging someone by the apparence.
        And being gay is a sexual orientation.

        I know that you’re doing it to “hurt the ego” of G.O. but he will never read Kbites, so please… this will not help the situation.

      • Ok stalker

      • stalker ? why ? lol
        you’re also here.
        i received a mail that i get an answer from naninoona, that’s why i was back 😀 and now from you 🙂

  15. Well, it happens in real life. Okay so it’s wrong to actually pre-judge people you don’t know, but we must bear in mind that all of us have different preferences. While I don’t share the same opinions as GO’s, I somewhat understand where he’s coming from. I mean, if you’re feeling uncomfortable about something/someone, tendency is that you would avoid that thing/person for the most part.

    Anyway, all of them cleared the issue…it’s usless to argue and bicker about their pre-conceived notions about each other at this point.

    PS. Gay or not, I still adore/love Heechul! 😀 He’s my favorite SuJu member, afterall! 😀

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  17. there is a difference between hating gays and avoiding them. being open about ur homosexuality is not very common in korea. not many people grow up with this kind of situation. so of course you’re gonna avoid what you don’t know.

  18. I don’t think GO is specifically hating on anyone. I have guy friends who would be pretty uncomfortable hanging around gays. It’s not outright discrimination, it’s just that they’re not used to it so it makes them feel awkward, and they’d just rather avoid that situation. Why are we jumping to conclusions here?

  19. Korea is gay.

  20. It doesn’t matter me whether he’s straight or gay. I will still love and support him. Kim Heechul Fighting!!!!!

  21. sorry I just dont see how two guys kissing is considered fanservice. its just weird

  22. lol at G.O trying to flatter himself, so much fail.
    he has some nerve

  23. Don’t you wonder if suddenly someone who you thought is gay calling you? and you are not even friend and you never even meet before? Of course, it will freak you out. You will wonder if he/she like you.

    I can see why G.O avoided Heechul. Not that he is homophobic or anything. Maybe he would not know what to do and say if Heechul *confess* to him. and mind you, Heechul is his Sunbae.

    I’m not homophobic but if a girl confess to me that she likes me and i never meet her before… I’ll freak out. >_< and do not know what to do and say.

  24. lol. if he was that afraid of heechul coming onto him or something, maybe he should look at all the other celeb heechul’s been around? i mean, hongki is damn well close to heechul and ya don’t see him bein seduced, do ya? and all the other juniors. the trax dudes are all fine.

    honestly he only acts girly cuz he knows he can pull it off and not look like an idiot…much. fanservice. i admit the kissing makes me uncomfortable but that’s just for show. and if i knew that it was fanservice, then i wouldn’t purposely avoid him just cuz of it.

    personally, i think GO is being a tad bit too ignorant for feeling that way. but i guess ya can’t help what you feel towards people you’re uncomfortable with right? hopefully after this, dudes go hang out and GO can see heechul aint as girly/gay as he thought he was.

  25. ok” i avoided him on purpose” doesn’t necessarily mean i hate gays! i think it’s more because he was afraid of being seduced or worse kissed by hee chul
    don’t jump to conclusions people

  26. NOOOOO…. I really liked GO until I found out just now that he’s a homophobe.

    Wow, he’s so full of himself to think that Heechul would actually like him though…

    • If Heechul did’nt like G.O. than why he asked him out?

      • He didn’t ask him out, he wanted to meet him because he was envious of his mustache. Any fan of Heechul will remember that very bad period when he tried to grow one himself and his fascination of mustaches on Kibum, Mithra, etc.

  27. I am not suprised that GO thought Heechul was gay with all of his antics and all and I am not going to condemn him for wanting to avoid him because we can’t help it if things make us uncomfortable. Frankly I have relatives and friends that are gay and I have no problem with it but to be honest after hearing and seeing videos of Heechuls antics I would be hesitant to meet with him if I was a guy.

    • Whether or not he was gay what makes it okay for GO to shun him even if he was gay? If he’s afraid that Heechul would be in love with him, I suppose he doesn’t hang out with girls then because girls also have a tendency to like guys too.

      • thing is, GO is comfortable and perfectly fine if girls fell for him. that’s normal. he’s straight, so even the thought of a guy who he assumed was gay (which is wrong btw. i totally disapprove of assuming and judging someone without even knowing them.), asking him out, even platonically, would make him uncomfortable. cuz he’s not open to that type of ppl. get what i mean?

        of course there are alot of ppl who are open minded and are able to interact comfortably around gay ppl, that is, assuming heechul was gay, so they wouldn’t mind accepting the invitation. but GO isn’t open to gays so he avoided it and declined. korea in general isn’t as exposed to gays as the rest of the world. so it’s an inborn thing. GO didn’t have to be worried abt heechul falling in love with him or anything. sometimes you’re just uncomfortable and you can’t help it. it’s not discrimination or hating, just uncomfortable.

        now with that said, it was completely ignorant of GO to completely assume on his own, that heechul was gay. yea, heechul is offbeat most of the time and you can really never tell what the dude will say or do next but i’d hardly call that gay. the fact that he dresses up as a girl only shows that he aint afraid of his sexuality. he knows as a man that he’s pretty and he’s proud of it. doesn’t mean he’s any less of a man. yea, he’s pretty vain abt his looks, but heck he’s majorly humble on many other things. this dude has looked like that all his life. gotta make lemonade with the lemons you got, right?

        and the fanservice he does, with the kissing and the dress wearing, it’s all just playing on the fact that he looks feminine and can pull it off. if heechul is confident enough in his manliness to do that, then so be it. GO as a hoobae should have known who heechul was (he’s pretty famous, is he not?) and living in the same country, hanging around the same places with more or less the same circle of ppl, should know if heechul was gay or not regardless of the publicized man-lovin acts heechul always puts up.

        bottom line,

        “he THOUGHT heechul was gay and he was uncomfortable with that, so he avoided him.”

        while the act of avoiding someone cuz you’re uncomfortable with them is not wrong, assuming a person is something before you even know them is just unacceptable.

  28. Why would it matter if Heechul was gay or not? Not cool G.O….not cool…

  29. This makes me wonder if G.O is an AB type blood? anyone knows??
    Heechul is known to be friends with alot of celeb as he mingles around. It’s a shock to me that G.O still thinks he’s gay. It’s understandable for the public to think he’s gay at some point of a time but as fellow entertainer it’s odd. For me Heechul is rather ODD than GAY. Everything about him is different and unusual but that doesnt mean he’s gay.

    • Everyone in MBLAQ is type A~ That’s why their fans are A+. :]

      • Owwwwh.. thanks for the info..

      • I know it’s random, but do you know why they use all A ? is it a coincidence ?
        there’s an another japanese group that I listen, they are all A (except one, he’s AB).

        why are they using A blood type ? if it’s not a coincidence lol

  30. Any Suju fans knows Heechul’s personality isn’t that girly. But if he was gay, I’d be okay with it.

  31. LOL… He thinks Heechul’s got a feeling for him? Tsk, yeah right *sarcasm*

    • word, Heechul has better taste than that, just look at hangeng or siwon, stupid G.O, he wish Hee had a thing for him.

  32. OMG! Heechul is not gay lol he just likes to provide fan service for fans because of his love for the J-rock culture. I love Heechul, he’s so silly <3<3<3 does anyone know where i can watch this whole episode with or without subs? thank you

    • oh I just find it, you can download it at cashewmaniakpop.wordpress.com

      but with the eng sub, i don’t know if someone already subbed it =S it would be awesome^^

  33. Well…I saw the humor in it.

    As if this wasn’t expected. Seriously, for those hdu’ing all over GO…really? I’m not saying it’s okay, but if it’s talked about lightheartedly, I don’t think he’s trying to shit on homosexuality. No need to cry.

    even Sookyeong, who did the translation, laughed at that.
    are you realizing ? lol

    but we’re talking about Heechul so ELFs are gonna hate on GO so hard XD

    And to judge for real I’m waiting for the video of this, if anyone has it do please link.^^

    • as an ELF, i take offense to your little statement at the end. c’mon dear, you make it out as if we ELFs are a buncha hateful immature kids. believe it or not there are some of us who can think before jumping to conclusions all over the place.

      i, for one can accept that maybe GO is uncomfortable around people like heechul. but maybe most of us disapprove of GO right now, is cuz of the way GO worded it as gay instead of flamboyant or feminine.

      either way, i don’t think most ELFs would go as far as to flame GO so hard like you said. as you can see most of us are just a tad irritated that people are STILL questioning his sexuality.

      peace out.

      • naninoona, I think you took my sentence a little too serious ?

        I was kidding
        sorry if you were offensed. but i’m an ELF too.

        No need to say “us us us”, I’m part of the ELF lol.

        I should maybe have added some words to explain it, but I thought it was obvious.

      • and also…to be honest, even after this show airs, even after what he said, I’m pretty sure that ppl will still think he’s gay.

        and ” i don’t think most ELFs would go as far as to flame GO so hard like you said.”
        I only said for JOKING “gonna hate GO so hard”, I didn’t say they will do atrocities or smtg like that >.>
        you really took my words too seriously…

      • yeah, maybe i didn’t get the joking tone from what you said. it wasn’t obvious to me, lol. so maybe you shoulda explained a little. sorry if i was overreacting or anything. i just hate it when ppl try to make ELFs seem so horrible when we really aren’t. since you’re an ELF you should know tho, right. anyway, sorry for being too serious or whatever. just saying what i felt at the time.

      • nah, it’s okay. my fault, i shouldn’t have said it.^^

      • Now hug, kiss and be BFF both of you!

      • lmao

  34. OH PLEASE! he actually likes JESSICA and SOHEE. and she dates! haha. silly G.O.

  35. I’m very disappointed by GO the fact that he was thinking that Heechul is gay (that is not) it did not have because to reject his invitation, it seemed to me to be very discriminatory of his part

  36. Non-Koreans wouldn’t understand it but really, Korean guys have this touchy-feely culture among them and that does not equate them to being gay.

    Fathers lovingly kiss their sons on the lips and even after their sons have become fathers, they still kiss their sons on the cheeks and some still even on the lips.

    It’s really their culture. And Heechul actually has had a few scandals with female celebrities i.e. Ivy, Chaeyeon etc.

    I believe he’s not gay. It’s just the way he likes to act and the way the Korean culture is.

  37. Sorry but some people just dont like a certain type of people.

    Be it gay people, fat people, selfish people, talkative people, whinny people….

    I see nothing wrong with avoiding people you dont like. Sorry but that’s the truth. He didnt go beat the hell out of them or harm them in any way, just avoid. That’s no discrimination. Dont like dont meet dont start, as simple as that.

    • It’s WRONG to dislike people for something they can’t help. Be it Gay or fat (yes some ppl can NOT help that and it’s not cuz they’re lazy), or male/female, etc.

      It’s discrimination. That stupid fag GO.

      Personalities can changes so hating a selfish or whinny person is understandable.

      • Agree! That was really rude of him to say that he avoids someone just cause of their sexual orientation! Plus who does he think he is to say that??

        Actually GO just admitted that homosexual ppl are attracted to him which basically means they mistake him for being homosexual!?

        He should watch what he says…esp to his seniors.

      • @Daner

        just one point about what you said

        “That stupid fag GO”

        I can believe that you’re using the word “fag” (it’s short version for faggot) ?
        Do you even know the meaning ?
        Do you know that it’s a term use to refer to homosexuals ?
        Do you know that it’s homophobic ?

        And you’re using it here ? keke
        I just giggled when I saw this word with the context =P

      • *I can’t believe

      • I know what it REALLY means, but I like to use it because it will hurt the mighty ego GO. It goes perfect w/ my post. 🙂

      • LOLL!!
        okay haha

      • @Daner… “fag” is a hate term towards homosexuals. What you said is contradicting.

      • Actually, it makes sense :p I do hate gays who hate other gays just they’re gay. GO’s such in denial.

      • Never did the boy say he disliked Heechul. He just didn’t want to meet with him. He has that right. He didn’t want to be put in a situation that might have been uncomfortable and I respect that. Don’t you think call G.O. a stupid fag is discriminatory?

  38. WTF G.O.!!!! u sucks!
    creo que heechul es bisexual. y no hay que discriminarlo.

  39. I use to like G.O…. but sometim being too blunt isnt a good thing, even though heechul laughed it off, you know hes offended

    • yeah, i agree.

    • I wouldn’t avoid a homosexual cause I LOVE ALL SEXUALITIES ! but I would be cautious around him/her cause I wouldn’t want to send mix signals or offend them in any way shape or form

      • Do you do the same if you are with someone of the opposite sex? Do you keep them at an arms distance away so as not to send ‘mixed signals’?

        I suggest you try treating gays as just another person you can either keep as a stranger on a street or a friend to call to hang out with.

        Just because they’re gay doesn’t mean they’ll automatically fall in love with you and have to have you at all means necessary.
        If they know you’re not interested in their sex, then it’s the same as if you tell someone of the opposite sex that you’re not interested.

        You can’t control the heart, you never should be able to.
        So it doesn’t matter if you keep them at arms length. If they fall for you it’s for you who truly are and in time their heart will let you go. But you keeping them away from you in any form will not do the job. It only shows ignorance of the mind. And in experience with the heart.

  40. I do believe Heechul likes girls. (since he’s in love with Son Ye Jin and Sohee).

    I’ve heard heechul told this story on a radio show last month with G.O.

    Guess they’re talking about it again. lol

  41. Okay, there’s no way Heechul is straight.

  42. If GO thought HeeChul was gay, has he looked in the mirror? Seriously. Gay written all over. That ugly shaped mustache of his adds to it more.

  43. well there you have it, heechul himself said he is not gay.. honestly, i believe heechul does not lie about these things.. he is one of the most honest and blunt person ever.. if he ever does change is preferences regarding who he likes (male or female), then its all right with me… I don’t care if heechul is gay or not.. I like him the way he is and it should not matter if he is gay or not…. Heechul fighting!

  44. Hmm there are so many things wrong with this article, idek…

    G.O comes off as a bit ignorant. I mean, just because a man may be gay doesn’t mean he’s going to come onto you just because you’re a guy. I feel bad for Heechul having to defend his sexuality all the time. Whether he prefers women or men is his business.

  45. LOL! G.O!! Be nice to gay people! (Not that I’m saying Heechul is gay; just G.O should be more open to people who are gay)

    It’s cute that Heechul tried to contact G.O. He’s so nice to his juniors~ =D

  46. At least he’s open and honest that he’s a hateful person. He’s obviously fine with openly admitting that he condemns people who believe different things than him.

    Prejudice will never have any limits.

  47. Just come out of the closet already, Heechul. We can understand.

  48. still, why you judging Jioh?
    not hatin’ that he thought heechul was gay.
    but that he avoided him because he thought he was gay.
    idk, whatever.

    i’m glad heechul laughed it off.

    /yes i know it’s scripted.

    • If that’s ‘scripted’ the network should be facing the biggest lawsuit mankind has ever seen.
      And G.O. just let us know that he’s fine with admitting what he did. They both are so deep in the wrong there’s no way out.

      • This is Korea, not America. It’s scripted in a way that people know what they’re going to say but it came from their mouths, ok. They all agree on what is going to be broadcasted, anyway – so no lawsuit.

        And it’s ok, because he admitted it?
        Maybe I’m not understanding the second part of your comment.

    • So GO is a homophobe then.

      This is funny. Don’t they realize that there are gay celebrities? All celebrities are not straight.

      • To spike*

        You’re handed a script you have a choice, an option, a decision if you choose to say what is on the script handed to you.
        They can walk away, they can say ‘I won’t say this’. He made a choice, he said I will say this with my own mouth. I agree with this enough to let it stand beside me as part of my image.
        If you can’t choose to say no, to stay true to who you are and let people like you for who you truly are. To not lie to your fans and have them not even know you; then you are too imature and weak to be in a spotlight.
        You choose how people treat you, every decision is your own. No one makes you talk, no one makes you walk, no one can MAKE you do a thing. It’s all your own decision.

        He made it clear that he will physically keep his distance from someone who is gay as if they’re a leper; won’t even have dinner with them.

        It’s a form of prejudice and no true fan can stand beside such hate and have a humane excuse that it’s okay.

  49. He can guarantee that Heechul is gay? LMAO

    • leeteuk means he can gaurantee that heechul like girls..he’s not gay..

    • I think Heechul is gay lol

      • Yeah me too but that doesn’t mean I hate him. That’s just what I believe hehe.

        G.O. is a total girl player so I guess it’s not out of the ordinary for him to feel that way lol.

  50. HAHAAH. OMG! I mean Heenim does have feminine features and if you dress him up, he’ll look better than any other girls out there haha. Nah. I doubt he’s gay.

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