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MBLAQ Lee Joon, “I will take my pants off if I score a goal!”

Idol groups MBLAQ, ZE:A, F.cuz and D-NA come together for upcoming MTV program ‘Idol United’ as a soccer team.

The press conference for the program was held at 2pm in Seoul Lotte Cinema on 11th May. When talking about the ceremonies they will put up if they score a goal, MBLAQ Lee Joon mentioned, “I hope to show the goal ceremony here, but because I chose to take off my pants for my goal ceremony I can’t. But if I ever score a goal, I’ll definitely do it.”

Also at the press conference, D-NA GaRam did tumbling for variety, and F.cuz Jinon also showcase a perfect voice imitation of Kwon SangWoo.

Meanwhile, the first episode of the show will air on 22nd May.


15 Responses

  1. SCORE A GOAL!!!!

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  4. Joon seems to be obssessed with showing his whole body.. it’s nice at some point but scary if u watch it too often.. :s

  5. i want him to score a goal….. im a pervert.. but then again.. its joon HAHAHA

  6. WTF! LOL he’s soooo cute

  7. isn’t u-kiss in the presscon too? they’re also part of mtv idol united… 😐

    • ukiss had a schedule so they couldn’t attend 🙂
      don’t worry~ hehe

  8. lol 😆

  9. what about mir o.o

  10. lol Joonie <33

  11. omg joon gets weirder and weirder xD

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