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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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4Minute reveals album images before comeback!

Ahead of their comeback, group 4Minute releases new album images.

The new album title photoshoot of the 5 members were released on their official homepage on 13th May. The concept of the photoshoot is to showcase the different charms of each of the 5 members.

Meanwhile, the girls will be back in the 3rd week of May and are currently practising for their comeback.


55 Responses

  1. jihyun looks like luna in lachataa…

  2. i think their good but the maknae seohyun is very similar in all the aspects to minzy the style is like when they were performing please don’t go O_O
    and plis both groups are good in their own aspects
    but i really think that 2ne1 is very talented overcoat because literally last year was 2ne1/snsd year!!
    and i think that minji is very pretty and she his very talented!!
    ok just my opinion xDD
    i don’t see comparison with f(x)

  3. I thought they just started promotions in Japan? They won’t be successful in Japan if they do things half assed. Pick a country and stick at it for a couple of months don’t just start something then leave it.


    i just don’t get it..
    please be more creative and create your own style!!
    i’m starting to like them but all this things make me disappointed in them!!!enough said~

  5. people already compare them to 2ne1 and f(x0?
    wow,i can only see a bit in so hyun because she dresses a bit like minzy,but others?
    how come someone said hyuna look like CL? i have never seen CL has such horse tail hairstyle,provide me a link to picture if i’m wrong

    and i see nothing in f(x) please

  6. so 2ne1…….. but i know they are still 4 minutes. who say idol cant dress with similar style. the consumer likes it, so they produce it this way. so respect and love it. peace.

  7. Sorry but they’re exactly like 2NE1’s style :-??

    • not exactly the same hun.

      i for one could see some similiraties but it’s no big deal. you could still identify them as 4minute. imho both groups have their own brand of swagger anywayz.

  8. they look amazing ! Im excited ! Stop dissing people and respect everyone

  9. SoHyun is 2NE1 Minzy and JiYoon f(x) Krytoria x).
    I can’t wait to see their MV ! Let’go go 4Minute !

  10. sorry but cant help but notice the crossover of 2NE1 and f(x) xD not trying to be mean!

    they look hot πŸ˜€ cant wait!

  11. It’s like a hybrid of 2ne1 and f(x). And no, I’m not saying it to imply something bad. lol.

    I thought they were advancing in Japan? And where’s Jiyoon’s supposed ‘solo’? I was waiting for that ever since they had releases about it.

    Anyhoo, I hope it would be as awesome (if not more) as Muzik! πŸ˜€

  12. gasp seohyun cut her hair?! omo i almost couldnt recognize her. anticipating their comeback! πŸ˜€

  13. it’s only JIHYUN i like her. and yes, a bit 2ne1-ish.haha

  14. its like a mix of all the concepts of other artist.
    sorry 4 minute fans.

  15. lol. the similarities are too glaringly obvious therefore it’s hard NOT to compare. don’t worry, i’m a 4minute fan. just thought to comment on it.

    anyway, i think i agree with @trang on that guess. i think the concept is individuality, too.

    hyuna is fierce and sexy, jiyoon is urban/street chic, jihyun is goddess-like, gayoon is mysterious/sleek sophisticated and seohyun is sporty and hip.

    it’s pretty cool. the individuality kinda reminds me of the spice girls. haha. i hope they find a way to seamlessly blend all the contrasting elements. otherwise it’d just be a mess.

    good luck girls! can’t wait for the comeback.

  16. […] Source: Newsen Article’s source: K Bites […]

  17. Looks like they’re wearing 5 different concepts?
    Dont know what their theme is? individuality I guess??
    Looks cool though.

  18. their teaser pictures are looking good…and the girls concept and outfits on those pics are pretty different.
    Looks like their teasers are more stronger than Fx…sorry.

    • that first picture with the motorcycle, she reminds me of Park Boom and the last one reminds me on Minzy. The whole concept reminds me of f(x) and 2NE1 put together concepts. or more girl groups.

  19. Wow, for a mintue there I thought I saw CL (Hyuna), Hyoyeon (Jiyoon) and Minzy (Sohyun).

    So what is their concept anyways?

    • SAME!! i had to do a double-take. lol. hyuna in that pic looks a lot like CL-slash-park bom-ish. and maknae is undoubtedly channeling minzy.

      maybe it’s a coincidence. but i have my doubts.

      • yeah right, everybody wants to copy the oh so awesome 2ne1…Come on! the concept is different.
        i never seen a concept yet focused on the individuals like 4minute

      • to me, 4Minute, 2NE1 & fx are all the same and in one group. It’s just their generation, I guess.

      • your name fits you nicely @babou. i did say LOOK similar. i’m not saying they’re trying to copy them 2ne1 girls or anything. i’m just saying it might be a coincidence that it’s similar. but i have my doubts cuz clearly at first take you’re seeing minzy not seohyun. everyone here admitted to that. did the company not see that glitch and try to correct it?? c’mon!

        i’m actually proud that 4MINUTE gets compared to 2ne1. cuz both groups have swagger and both groups are fierce!!! and YES, 2ne1 is oh-so-awesome. otherwise they wouldn’t have been labeled monster rookies or dominated the scene the whole of last year. don’t be in denial hun.

        i love both groups. including hyuna who i used to hate with a passion. but you dunno that do you? too busy hatin on 2ne1, i guess.

        peace out.

  20. Sohyun’s outfit looks like something minzy would wear but sohyun looks like hyuna in that pic!

  21. WOHHOOO!!! they look great…
    the concept of each one doesn’t match the other??
    this is making me wonder how it would be like hehe
    and… i thought i saw minzy too….
    sohyun got a HAIRCUT…???

  22. C’mon don’t begin comparing groups it’s tiresome already

    The girls look amazing πŸ˜‰

  23. um wow.. i can see the Minji but yall don’t think Jiyoon reminds you of Hyoyeon… or is that just me? I wouldn’t say the whole body but the face…

  24. DOnt even start with fx nor 2ne1 shit they look amazing cant wait

  25. Sorry but can someone tell me their names ?

    • No. It’s not like they’re important anyways.

    • @no: don’t be a rude prick. if you can’t answer the question then just don’t say anythin else.


      1st pic: hyuna (obviously)
      2nd pic: jiyoon (left), jihyun (right. she’s also the leader)
      3rd pic: gayoon
      4th pic: seohyun (maknae)

      hope that helps.

  26. 2ne1 & f (x) ???????

  27. last pic does look like Minzy and the bike looks lik the Try to Copy Me bike except less cool


    Finally! After 5456453487 years
    And they made all that wait worth it!
    The girls are scorchin’!

  29. minzy is such a trendsetteerr~~!! ^.< v

    they WISH they could be cool as her ^γ…‡^ *~

  30. For a minute I thought i saw minzy, which saw sohyun

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