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With Kim C leaving, no new member to be added to 2D1N – Eun JiWon to move to OB team

With member Kim C leaving the KBS 2Days 1Night has announced on the 12th, it has been announced hat the 2D1N team will remain as 6 members.

With reasons that he would be focusing on music and movie production, Kim C had his last filming with 2D1N last weekend. And many viewers are concerned if the show will add a new member with the leaving of Kim C.

The production team of 2D1N revealed their stand that no new member will be added but there will be reorganization of the teams with Eun JiWon, who recently got married, to join the OB time. So, the YB team will now consist of Lee SeungGi, MC Mong and Kim Jong Min; and the OB team will consist of Kang HoDong, Lee SooGeun and Eun JiWon.

The last episode featuring Kim C will be aired on 23rd and 30th May.

S: MyDaily

9 Responses

  1. huhuuuuww T___T i’ll miss him a lot…he’s funny and smart…one of my favs in 2d1n….
    I hope he’ll achieve his dreams…!!! love u Kim C…

  2. seob seob brothers, i will love you always ❤

  3. is this the making of a new alliance????

    Wat happens to soep soep brothers mong and eunchoding?

    Is this the end of that alliance????

    But i love them~!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m lad to hear no one gonna be add. ^^

    Gonna miss KimC. He is awesome. Quiet but Awesome ^^

  5. I will miss Kim C too. SInce he himself made the decision, as fan, we should still support him right? 😀

    Since JiWon now become the maknae of OB, then MC Mong would be the leader of YB.

    Hahaha… This would be interesting. 😀

  6. […] MyDaily Article’s source: K Bites  May 13, 2010  eluel07 Categories: KPOP Entertainment Tags: Eun JiWon, K […]

  7. We will Kim C a lot.
    But new teams format will be fun as the same or even more.

    Best wish for Kim C and 1N2D

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