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2PM WooYoung diagnosed with vocal code nodules, no live perf for the time being

Member WooYoung of idol group 2PM, currently receiving much love with their latest hit ‘Without U’, is said to be diagnosed with vocal code nodules.

A JYP Entertainment rep told Newsen on 14th May, “WooYoung’s health has not been at its best since the group had their comeback, they have all been busy practising. And recently at the hospital, WooYoung was diagosed with vocal code nodules, and the doctor also recommend that he don’t strain his vocals for the time being.”

And because of that, WooYoung had performed with the other 2PM members on KBS Music Bank on 14th May using the AR version of the song. But WooYoung will continue with his MC-ing on SBS Inkigayo and KBS Win Win.

Meanwhile, 2PM won their 2nd consecutive #1 on KBS Music Bank KChart on 14th May. And member JunSu who was down recently with a knee injury had performed in a cast, much to the worries of many fans.


20 Responses

  1. i don’t mean to be rude or anything sookyeong, but didn’t the illness called vocal cord nodules?? not vocal code…
    wooyoung should just rest a bit, and not performing until he’s better

  2. if you want him to recover fast, he shouldnt be talking at all. just do without wooyoung for a bit, for the good.

  3. He only sang live once on Music Bank, but otherwise he was lipsynching for awhile.

    The news came pretty late.

  4. correct!! dont be OA!! yonghwa has the same situation as well. get well soon wooyoung!! i know you will recover soon. love you ang-ang!! get well soon to junsu as well. fighting!!

  5. karmaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  6. rest dear. dont let it become worst. heo young saeng of SS501 was out for a long time because of the same sickness.

  7. […] Newsen Video’s source: iPoOKi3 Article’s source: K Bites  May 15, 2010  eluel07 Categories: KPOP News Tags: 2PM, JunSu, K Bites, […]

  8. Uhh. Is this article new? Because he hasn’t been performing live since their comeback.

    I guess JYP just gave an official announcement?

    I saw them at KMF and I was so hoping to hear him live but I guess his voice is still out of it.

  9. Im afraid JYPE will outcast wooyoung soon.. and they will make it as their reason to get off wooyoung.. I hope my prediction is wrong.. totally wrong.. please don’t get mad at me.. This only my opinion!!


  10. I read somewhere else it wasn’t a vocal cord nodule they just feared it was the case but it was not true…

  11. First Junsu’s knee, and now Wooyoung has vocal cord nodules…not cool…

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