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4Minute reveals new concept photo ahead of comeback

A new jacket photo has been revealed ahead of their comeback.

The album is set to be released on 19th May. And after the overwhelming responses with the reveal of their title photoshoot yesterday, a new photo is revealed on the 14th.

A photo was released on 4Minute’s official homepage, and the members are seen showing off their chic charms donning a strong image. And what caught the attention of many fans is that youngest member SoHyun is seen with a short haircut, looking more matured. It was known that she had cut off about 30cm of her long hair seen since her debut in 4Minute.


29 Responses

  1. i like 4 new style huh…………………..

  2. they always make hyunah stand out..
    why not the other members..they’re like shadows of hyunah…

    imo, the leader MUST be the face of the group..but, yeah..everything’s twisted..
    but cool concept though..

    loving the heels!

  3. I don’t like the leader with that haircut >_< or maybe it's that angle
    Lol, black hair , black hair, black hair, FLAMING RED HAIR xD, black hair, black hair

  4. does jiyoon still have the sunglasses concept??
    Jihyun looks HOT with that hairstyle!

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  6. They look hot, especially the shoes are awesome!

  7. Love their new concept..!! But is it just me or you guys noticed it too jihyun’s head look like it was twisted hehehe..it looks like its not proportion but seriously i love her beauty and soyoung what the heck u r not a baby anymore hehehe sexay!!! This two has the biggest transformation among the three..

  8. i swear koreans have the most edgiest awesomest most gorgeous shoes ever to grace a woman’s feet!!! i would love to own all of the girls’ shoes in that pic!! especially seohyun’s one. those look so fun!

  9. Ji Yoon is back to rock them shades. 🙂

  10. likin their clothes and the shoes..much better than fx sorry cant help it.

  11. HyunA stand out . it is because of the hair. jiHyun look HOt though.

  12. jihyun and sohyun looks so different! They look fieeerce!

  13. when i first saw this, i thought of big bang’s picture for their new japanese single tell me goodbye. LOL it looks like the female version of it! xD

  14. I love the shoes~Sandals!! and the jeans and Hyuna Hair”””””””””” FIRE!””””””” Baby!!!!!

  15. I like it^^

    but wow 30cm, it’s a lot.

  16. apparently, it’s black concept yet again

    • well,not really
      they are not exactly black
      but i will wait for their music to come out to judge

    • because they wear black clothes? it looks more punk to me. and besides. this “black” concept has so many shades. dont generalize it.

    • black is not a concept.

      its a color.

      • black is not a color because it’s absence of color in science/physics…it’s better to called as shading in art…lol

        anyway, why many are saying fierce is black concept?

  17. wait… which one is JiHyun???

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