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2PM wins again on KBS Music Bank 14.05.2010

KBS Music Bank on May 14, 2010 started earlier than usual with a lot of anticipation for comeback stages this week. Today, 2PM won K-Chart for this week, leaving Hot Potato in the 2nd place. Super Junior performed for the 1st time after the release of their 4th Album ‘Bonamana’. Other artists who joined for the comeback stage this week also included Lee Jung Hyun, Da Vichi, Gummy, 8eight, Lyn, NS Yoon Ji, and Rumble Fish. The New girl group, Vanilla Lucy also made their debut today.

Go under the cut to see the excitement!

Comeback Stages

Super Junior on Hot Issue

Super Junior – Bad Woman (Boom Boom) & Beauty

Lee Jung Hyun – Suspicious Man

Davichi – Time, Please Stop

8eight – Farewell is Coming

NS Yoon Ji – Don’t Go Back

Gummy – Because of A Man

Lyn – Sweetie, Honey, Darling

Rumble Fish – What Should I do

Debut Stage

Vanilla Lucy – French Love

Complete Performances

2PM – Without You

After School – Bang!

Secret – Magic

Seo In Kook – Loving U

f(x) – Nu ABO

Rain – Hip Song

Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Soya N Sun – Laughing while Saying Goodbye

AB Avenue – Being Bad


38 Responses

  1. hmmm even though last years performances 2009…i dont see any group who perform well in live…WTH is going on…2008- past is more better than this day… IMO all of us know the song SORRY SORRY by the super junior.. i like that song but i dont like on how they perform it live…if you see guyz the stage is to0 messy.
    (SYNCRONIZATION of DANCE STEPS)IMO i would say it is better to watch their dance version at youtube than watching live performances..

    And also many technical problems occuring when someone is performing..example microphone… or maybe they eat there voices so it seems like we cant here what they are singing…

    Female groups like SNSD,KARA and others when they sing at the stage…why is it that i cant here their voice clearly…(yeah like i said before..)

    And well it seems that some Male groups are more to be train to build their bodies to be like macho..well for me they should enhance first their vocal voice before they act like that…Ow yeah we know all of them have a main vocalist and yeah thats fine but the others.. i mean the other members..should they do first train(like i said before)


    and yeah sorry for the double post… and yet for my bad english…

  2. i think if dbsk is here( DREAMING T.T)…all of them sucks…. IMO….
    and yeah i agree 2010 kpop music sucks….but yeah who knows maybe some changes would be happen…

    and btw I dont hate 2pm but there music SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
    and yeah some of them have nc physical appearance but guyz plz remember!!!not only physical appearance we should see to them…we should also see there vocal voice WTH!!!!

    sorry for my bad english….

  3. thank you for post good article

  4. your article very very good

  5. yea suppose F(X) would be the winner if the format doesn’t change. and the reason why they don’t step on top2 is they don’t appear in any KBS shows which is also count into broadcast airplays which is sucks big time!

    i guess Music Bank is trying to be fair with all musicians to get same winnings. but i don’t it’s fair at all. and how come album sales only 10% from the whole count? KBS make a big mistake! korean fans are pissed of this.
    and plus, i don’t find yesterday show was interesting though.
    they changed the broadcast time. i’m totally mad over this!

  6. wee.! Love the Music Bank yesterday. hehe. DaVichi and Gummy are amazing, gosh i love them. ELF are jjang so is Super Junior. f(x) amazed me, especially Luna. 2PM jjang!

  7. welcome new writerrrrrrrr (:

  8. I hope there are more catchy dances this year like last year lol

  9. I liked the performance of Gummy, Da Vinchi and 8Eight powerful voices. Hope Gummy win musik bank next week.

  10. SUJU’s comeback is DAEBAK!!!!! never fail to amaze and impress me. ^^

    pending comebacks to wait:
    CN Blue
    wonder girls

    SUJU’s ELFs are on a role!!! got the loudest screams!!! love eunhyuk’s solo dance..and he even sang! awesome!!! man, they’re HOTTER right now! leeteuk’s abs is no joke!!! he really worked out! sungmin and donghae is handsome too!

    i love 8eight’s and davichi’s vocals, as usual!!
    so many comebacks!!
    and i love lee hyori’s style today! 🙂

    i hope that someone deserving would win next week.. 😀 im not saying 2PM is not someone who doesn’t deserve to win though..

  11. I notice that shindong doesn’t sing 😦

  12. Was shocked to see lee jung hyun’s perf with total silence from the audience. Never ever seen her perf like this before during her early yrs. lol.

    While too many singers in korea now la.
    Anyway love today’s MB =)

  13. Super Junior’s comeback was indeed awesome, their live performance made me like Beauty more, its a great song. All the performances were really good, even f(x), although their song is still terrible!
    Leave 2pm alone, SuJu is gonna knock them out of the box anyway, so let them have their moment. Their song and performance are awesome, too!

  14. SuJu < 33333
    Loved their comeback; explosive *squeals*; Donghae was lookin' super hot today XD

  15. rain performed too but I was like huh? with his new dance move. It looked weird once and verged on being loser-dance move-ish the rest of the time. He looked cool la anyways….
    But I am starting to get tired of gimmicks or songs that have no depth/genius. I love dance songs but I have had half a year of all that. What happened to the genius of lena park’s plastic flower or Coffee prince/ Dal Ja’s Spring’s Ost that made me love korean music. I admit i came to kpop cus I loved the perfection, dance moves and boy/girl bands, but when can I be blown away again. Whether it is in performing a dance-story with the songs or creating genius songs, please, please, change, kindustry!

  16. lmao no fan chants in their performance and no cheers when they won. SuJu taking over next week better enjoy their fake win cuz its the last

  17. OMG!
    Suju’s performance was Jjang!
    Their live singing improved a whole lot. I was impressed by Siwon’s and Eunhyuk’s voices the most. Siwon’s voice sounded strained during Sorry Sorry performances but now it just sounds natural. It must’ve been because of Oh! My Lady. He did sing in the drama a few times and probably practiced a lot for it too 😀
    But my gosh, Eunhyuk, I see you’ve been working out XD He sings pretty well too esp for someone who was always either dancing or rapping.

    Haha, Boom Boom performance was awesome.
    Now I’m so pumped for their future performances!

    Suju Saranghaeyo!~~

  18. *watches Suju’s comeback performances and spazzes*

  19. Davichi kill them alllllllll !!!!!! oh gosh the diva duo lol

  20. argghhh i missed the first 40 mins of the show!! =( didn’t know mu bank starts so early today! saaaaaad but yeah Super Junior’s performance was AWESOME! Davichi too! Maybe Davichi can perform this song together with Ft Island hehe 😉

  21. alamaaaaakkk~i missed gummy’s perf!

  22. Today’s show was incrediblee 😀
    Okay sorry more like Suju was incredible (i’m sorry huuuge bias here)
    Boom Boom was awesome Donghae looked really good with his sunnies 😀
    and the suju-2pm lovee when 2pm won was too cute ❤

  23. wow!!! this is fast!!! the show just ended!! congrats 2PM!!! and SUJU’s comeback was effin awesome!!!! hyukjae pulled up his shirt!!! haha. bet it does wonders for his confidence.

    ah~ the others who performed was amazing, too. today was an awesome show!!!

    my fave performances today was by 8eight, davichi, secret, gummy, hyori and of course SUJU!!!! they never fail to impress. i liked soya n sun and vanilla lucy A LOT tho. very impressive. not to mention more my kinda music.

    i loved today’s show!!!<3

  24. Oh wow they actually changed the K-chart system because of the controversy last week? f(x) definitely should have been at least top 2 if they didn’t decrease the album percentage. :[

    • what happen? What do you mean controversy about last week. Is it about 2pm winning?

      Plus, NO WAY should f(x) be in TOP 2. I know they should deserve to win but NOT with THIS SONG. I would NEVER accept it if they win. There are many better songs that NU ABO. So no, they should not win plus next week, suju will win. I think.

      • NEVER accept? Rofl someone is being a major drama queen.

      • I’m not a drama queen but i’m just stating the fact. The song is not even that good. It’s the truth that this song is crap.

      • 2PM’s song is not better than Nu abo. so they still deserve to win?

      • Sweetie that may be YOUR opinion, but it’s not a fact. I can say “Without U” by 2PM sucks and that’s MY opinion. Get it?

      • okies…I didn’t want to say this, but 2PM’s Without U is no better… This year’s Kpop suck! There has been no song that got me jump off my seat yet…

    • what happened? i was surprised to see only the top 2 and not the usual 3

      • they decreased percentage of record sales, and it’s monthly record sales, not weekly.

        KBSMusicBank is going to pay back on chart for artists who contributes to their programs like variety shows.

        their broadcast point only counts KBS, not MBC, SBS. so it’s like, come to KBS shows for winning at Mubank.

    • all i can say is that i am proud davichi is a part of kpop. goodness gracious.

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