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SNSD Yuri and Sunny together with 4Minute HyunA to leave Invincible Youth

So Nyeo Shi Dae members Yuri and Sunny together with 4Minute HyunA will be leaving KBS 2TV Invincible Youth.

There has been speculations that Yuri and Sunny will be leaving the show due to busy schedule from their Japanese advance preparations as well as preparing for their upcoming concert. With that Kim HoSang PD of the show confirmed on 14th May, “SNSD Yuri, Sunny and 4Minute HyunA will have their last filming for the show on 19th May. We are currently doing auditions to recruit new members on the show and we will reveal them in early June.”

The PD also added, “Even though some of the girlgroup members will leave the show, the male appearances like Noh JooHyun and Kim TaeWoo will not change.” As for Secret member Han SeonHwa leaving the show, TS Entertainment clarified, “We have not heard of this news.”

S: Kuki news

20 Responses

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  2. Oh man… See most rumours have some truth beneath… It don’t always come out of nowhere it’s just sometimes it’s exageratted and moving on a wrong direction.

    I watch IY because of Snsd 🙂 It brings me to love Hara, Hyuna and Narsha. I don’t find Hyuna likeable initially but after IY I found her sooo cute that i want a sister like her. It won’t be the same w/o those three girls.

    Why would they held an audition? Weird way to put the words… I think f(x) would be in probably because not to burden the relation btwn SM n KBS, no? They need 3 more.. so After School… and who else…. can’t we put Davinci in the list hehhe :p

  3. oh noooo… 😦
    i hope some cool girls will replace them really

  4. if they went for japan i think that s a good news cause now they can take all over asia like tvxq hope all the best for our girls hwaiting

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  7. What I’m worrying about most is… how will I watch IY now that no SNSD member is on it???? I depend on soshi subs 😐

  8. no more SunMin couple T__T wat will happen to Hyomin now without her Sunny xP

  9. man it will never be the same the main 2 are leaving now Hyuna I loved watching that show I was up to episode 24 on soshisubs now they won’t sub if Sunny and Yuri not there no more

  10. I don’t watch the show, but I would watch it just because of Narsha and Kim Tae Woo, but PDs have nobody to cast because the 2 popular girl groups left are: 2NE1 and Wonder Girls and we all know that YG ent won’t let the 2NE1 join the show and we all know that Wonder Girls are the only female idol group that are hallyu stars and as hallyu stars they won’t have time to be permanent member of a variety show.

  11. Whiny Hyuna,yuri and sunny with her cuteness for punch are going to leave the show so what is more to watch and enioy it? i just hope the new members can cover these three places

  12. WTF, HYUNA!?!?!? god, im not gonna watch anymore ):):):

  13. It hought that Hara would leave. but that was unexpected. Tae Woo must be really sad. Sunny is funny with her cuteness calling for a punch and the love triangle between Yuri, Tae Woo & Sunhwa

    and I guess after this SSF will not sub it anymore. what a bummer.

  14. owh.. i thought Hara & Hyuna will leave the show.. didn’t expect that yuri & sunny will leave.. and Hyuna is as expected.. gonna miss them..

  15. Honestly, nobody in G7 should leave. They ALL bring something to the show. So this is sad news… Hopefully, the new idols will be as funny as Yuri/Sunny/Hyunah…

    But I will miss the Yuri/Taewoo, Sunny/Hyomin and Hyunah/Hara relationships…

  16. sunny~don’t leave!!#___#

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