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MBC Music Core 15.05.2010 – BEAST goodbye stage with ‘Special’

6-member male idol group BEAST had their comeback stage on MBC Music Core on 15th May with the performance of ‘Special’.

Meanwhile, BEAST won their first #1 on music shows for the first time since their debut with this minialbum ‘Shock’.

Also go under the cut for more performance cuts of the show today.

21 Responses

  1. Beast win number #1? where? i love the boys though… they have great stage presence.

    ppl say MBC and Inki have better sound system. but Mubank always sounds the most live…cos MBC and Inki music b/g is louder u hardly hear singers voice :p

  2. im gonna miss BEAST. please rest well, and make a comeback asap..but not too soon. we want you to rest.
    i love how yoseob pointed to the cam to focus on kikwang.. πŸ˜€

    SUJU’s scorching hot. i can’t take my eyes off donghae’s. LOL.
    8eight’s song is really beautiful.
    nice comeback for davichi too! πŸ™‚

    i love gummy’s outfit today!! i hope she wins tomorrow!

    secret didn’t perform today?

  3. i hope f(x) will perform Mr. Boogie too…..singing the same song every week is boring..

  4. MBC stage is next to SBS InkiGayo in terms of stages and sound system, nice, SUJU is jjang! so as 2Pm and Gummy,Davichi! yey!

  5. I’m going to miss BEAST. ❀
    Lee Jung Hyun's song is really catchy!
    Gummy's song is good too, but I like "There is No love" better.

  6. wow love Jonghyun’s style(esp. the glasees) with this style he looks like GD…1:50

  7. horraayyy !! my BEAST win ! ^^ so happy . .

    go BEAST ! next time, working hard again ! ^^

    BEAST jjang !

    • No, they didn’t win. Music Core doesn’t give awards.
      The article was just saying that while Beast were in promotions they won an award (won for their song Shock on Mcountdown)

  8. music core nowadays has better quality. It’s really fun to watch. They improved a lot in sound system, stages and even camera shoots.. truly it’s so fine right now.. keep it up!

  9. Super Junior<3333333333

  10. Super junior performance was good and they look so hot.. today I was checking the online charts and I was so shocked that till this day super junior did not top any online chart they are not even # 1 in bugs so I really dont get why they are not doing well in the online charts
    super junior fighting

    • where do you check the online charts? i’m just curious. but i’m sure if it’s not today it will be tomorrow haha suju fighting

      • Iol well b/c I have the links to the online charts like bugs, melon, monkey3,daum, Mnet etc etc

      • you go directly to the online chart sites….suju has been number 1 in real time but not in standings, which usually happens right away with idol artists. maybe their fans aren’t supporting as much with hyori and bi promoting?

      • @akon yeah I go directly to the online chart sites … I think u are right idol groups usually top the charts from the first or the second day from the album release for example I remember when snsd released their new album oh they topped the online charts for the second day and both of lee hyori and 2pm topped online charts from the first day so when I checked super junior ranking in the online charts I couldnt believe it b/c we all know super junior is group with a big fanbase so I dont get why the fans are not supporting them when it comes to online charts

    • Super Junior does better with album sales than single sales. They are #1 on Realtime charts and Hanteo charts.

      • I know that they do very well when it comes to album sales but I was kind of shocked b/c they are not even in top 3 in most of the online charts they are like #6,10 etc anyone who see their ranking will not believe that they are one of korea top male group I dont get why their ranking is so low T_T with music bank new system Im really scared that they will not be able to win many awards
        Super Junior fighting

      • Well most SM artists usually rank low in single sales, but it’s their album sales that helps them win.
        Suju is still one of the top boybands in south korea anyways.
        and yes Suju fighting<33333333

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