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Lee Hyori, “To be like me, you need honesty, sense and money”

Singer Lee Hyori reveals the 3 things required to become like herself.

She was featured for an interview on KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 15th May when she was asked what are the things required to “become like Lee Hyori”.

Her answer was, “The first thing, you need to be truthful and confident. People say that when I smile, I show too much gum. But that’s how I was born, what can I do about it.”

“The 2nd thing you need is sense. To be someone fashionable, you will be to have some fashion sense.”

And the last one, she said, hesitating a little, “It seems you will need money too. This came to be instantly if you ask me the secrets to become like me.” smiling.

S: Starnews

22 Responses

  1. well she’s telling the truth. SHE’S JUST BEING HYORI.
    what can you do about it..

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  3. people asked. and she answered it. i don’t think theres anything wrong with that….. shes been in the industry for more than so many idols. and more than the time you guys have ever been in the kpop scene. whatever.

    but i think shes just saying what that is.
    if people asked her about her success, she would gladly be humble enough to explain her success.
    but now people asked HOW TO BE HER.

    if thats the way she thinks how to be her, then no one else can actually judge shit.

  4. u don’t always have to be humble when your as famous as hyori

    everyone knows she likes to joke but to me i always find that theres a line to cross. she always jokes about stuff like this and seriously i think she truly means it even though she acts like shes just kidding around.

    like someone else mentioned.. she’s too proud. but korea doesn’t see her in that light. they think shes gorgeous and has a good personality so who gives a shi.t.

  5. she’s the best! Queen Hyori!

  6. She should probably add “lack of humility” to that list. I know she’s an idol and everything but she should probably be more humble.

    • atleast somebody was thinkin what i was thinking…

    • same here. she’s too proud.

    • I find humility to be overrated.

      I’m not Hyori’s biggest fan, either. I just like that she’s not lying to herself and others and just says what she believes in.

    • if she’s not naturally humble then that wud be fake rite? so wouldn’t u want her to be herself. u can’t fake being humble, u either are or ur not.

      and i truly believe that no artist who has that much fame and money wud actually be humble i think most of the time it’s an act. how can it be possible for them not to have a massive ego?!? u no they think to themselves ”I’m the shit!” all the time ..lol

      • Oh please, you’re telling me there’s no down to earth celebrities that don’t act like divas?

      • u can have an ego and not be a diva look at Beyonce..if u say that she doesn’t have an ego then ur just BSin.

        and i didn”t even say that she’s a diva or not humble…

    • couldn’t agree with you more.

      she thinks so highly of herself when actually there are more bigger artists out there who are honest and yet humble…yes,she’s famous and hot but girl, success should come with humility too. i’m not saying this coz of only this but she’s always been like this to almost all of her ints.what an arrogance!

      you’re not the be-all and end-all of kpop…get a grip on your self-conceit..you’re just big on korea and yet you’re acting like world’s diva?tsk…success is nothing without modesty…and please don’t give me the honesty crap, i know a lot of people who are way way way bigger than you and yet meek about it..


  7. hyori gets prettier and prettier.

  8. Lee Hyori jjang <3333

  9. i would like to have that cool personality of her and her beauty, wowow hyori is perfect, what i like the most from her is her honestly,
    hyori is pretty, down to earth, funny, kindhearted, rich= she has the whole backage.
    i dream that she could married Rain= the kpop royal couple, both are perfect for each other, not to mention how gorgeous their kids will be.

  10. LOL

    Rich ass….hehe jk. I wish I had all that money….I would afford all the hair salon visits and make up consultants and cordis….

  11. lol….Hyori shud write a book…

    How To Become Like Lee Hyori…it wud fly of the shelves!

    i wud buy a copy! hahaha

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