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Rain ‘Hip Song’ performance concept criticised?

Singer Rain’s followup hit ‘Hip Song’ stage gathers interests from netizens with many who commented on how similar it is as compared to the late singer Kim SeongJae’s ‘As I told You’ performances.

Rain had performed the song ‘Hip Song’ as his followup hit on Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core this week. And for his performance on M!Countdown and Music Core, there were many who pointed out the close similiarities of the outfit concepts as compared to Kim SeongJae ‘So To Speak’ performances.

The hockey costume fashion and the sunglasses, as pointed out by many netizens, is similar to that of the concept of ‘As I Told You’ by Kim SeongJae in 1995.

Some netizens defended, “It’s just fashion, there is bound to be similariries” etc. And the truth is Rain has revealed that Kim SeongJae is his idol, and many have also voiced if this was a remake concept by Rain.

Meanwhile, Kim SeongJae died the next day after his first solo stage with ‘As I Told You’ in November 1995. And cause of his death has since been an unsolved mystery to fans till this day.



15 Responses

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  2. It seems like g-dragons outfit to me the sunglasses are the same brand and the jacket thing looks just like the heartbreaker jackets……but whatever everyone copies everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. heehe lol in the picture he looks like the head of the yakuza or something ๐Ÿ˜‰ still so sexy

  4. i’m getting more goosebumps at the fact that the late (former deux) singer died the day after his first debut stage. isn’t that really something? i wish i can find out what happened…

    oh and the first capture of kim sungjae is really creeping me out.

    • and concerning rain copying his concept… and like the article says, it’s his idol so what’s wrong with that? this is just his followup song… so…

  5. so he copied the outfit? If that is his idol that makes sense that he would copy his style.The song and dance are different . What’s thebig deal?

  6. maybe he was inspired by that guy? ever thought of that…. and maybe he had nothing to do with his styles, ever thought what a stylist’s job is?

  7. wtf did Rain borrow his clothes from JYP??? whats with the girly jacket

  8. Apart from the gloves, i see no other major similarity. Anyways, is this even a big deal. Fashion is always recycled.

    • LMAO You do realize that their both wearing hockey gear for a performance….. you don’t find that a coincident. Both the pants and the gloves are hockey gear.

  9. uhm… the concept is similar, but i don’t really minded that…
    isn’t anybodyelse bothered by the fact the Rain did a better performance o Hip Song when he was promoting Love Song?
    i mean, i still think he is doing a good job but now he is no even singing at the performances, he just stands there dancing … i wish he woul sing too

    • i agree.. as a “sing”er..i think he should do more “singing”…his dances are just too hard to dance to while singing without losing his breathe..

  10. hahaha , that is just crazy
    i do not know where is the big deal ?????

    Rain is HOT in any stayl ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    there is something I do not understand ( the boxing gloves )

    it seems strang to me ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. so what, that’s just fashion…everyone in the world always wearing a same fashion, even big star..netizen don’t have a live, they only ruin peoples life..don;t worry Rain Clouds always support you..

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