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SBS Inkigayo 16.05.2010 – 2PM wins Mutizen with ‘Without U’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, beasty idols 2PM wins Mutizen with their latest hit ‘Without U’!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts, including comeback stages from Super Junior, Lee Junghyun, Davichi and 8eight!

Comeback Specials

  • Super Junior “Bonamana +Bad Girl ”
  • Davichi “Time Please Stop”
  • 8Eight “The End Is Coming”
  • Lee JungHyun “Suspicious Guy”

Take 7

  • 2PM “Without U”
  • f(x) “Nu ABO”
  • Gummy “As A Man”

Hot Music

  • After School “Bang”
  • Hyori “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
  • Rain “Hip Song”


  • BEAST “Special”

Fresh Music

  • Rumble Fish “What To Do? ”
  • Lyn “Honey Baby Love”
  • NS YoonJi “Don’t Go Back”
  • December “Tears in Heaven”
  • Honey Dew “Like A Fool”


  • Super Junior interview
  • Green Sports Song – BEAST

12 Responses

  1. howcome I don’t see Magic? D=

  2. @miss unknown:
    i totally agree on what you said about KPOP. it needs something fresh and..just something. it’s getting so boring with the same tunes hearing ’em over again..

    so 2PM won……congrats to them. still don’t know what to think about them though.

    hopefully i want someone more deserving to grab #1 next week.
    davichi, gummy…..and the others.. 🙂

  3. Congrats to 2PM for winning!

    Aigoo…I don’t know about u guys, but Kpop is getting so boring these days…. There’s not anything that exciting anymore…I keep hearing the same tone over and over…GRRH…oh well…that’s KPOP I guess…

    • agree, it’s not even exciting to see who won cause of the lack of good songs nowadays,

      WAIT- scratch that.

      there are a lot of good songs now but these idols’ songs them.

      Gummy’s song is amazing, so is Davichi’s, and 8eight’s! Rumblefish’s too!

    • > … these idols’ songs aren’t them.

      • yeah, agree. i really hope either gummy or davichi win next time. Their song are alll AMAZING. i bet these idols only win because of the fans. We all know idols got a large fan base. i ain’t bashing but I kept hearing auto tuned songs.BTW, although i love SUJU, 2PM and all idols they should be more versatile.

  4. they should be happy cuz it is their last time my Boys r coming and will crush them Muahahah
    but if JYP will do the (thing with 2pm ) for wonder girls
    who knows what will going on??

    • I hope you know thatsuju is failing on all thr charts

      • prove it

      • Just check the charts yourself. Their digital rankings is pretty sad.

      • SM artists don’t do well on digital sales anyways. They do better on album sales. Album sales is what gonna pull Suju up.
        And seriously people, stop with the “my group will beat your group” crap. You’re just asking for a fight.

    • oh no need for bitter comments. congrats to 2PM this week.

      if this is their third win, then next week they can’t win anymore right? so it makes no difference.

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