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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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MBLAQ comeback single ‘Y’ unleashed!

Idol group MBLAQ is set for comeback with their 2nd single ‘Y’ released on 17th May.

The single includes 6 songs in total with ‘Y’ as the title song. The MV to the song will also be released on 17th May. Go under the cut to preview the album!

‘Y’ Single

1. 4 Ya’ Stereo – Intro (feat Taewan aka C.Luv)
2. Y – [title track]
3. One Better Day
4. What U Want
5. Last Luv
6. Y (instrumental)
6. One Better Day (instrumental)

Meanwhile, member Thunder’s recent Tropicana Sparkling Cf also gave us a sneak peek into the MV

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    MBLAQ exceeds my expectations 🙂

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  3. “Y” really gets me pumpin
    i have to get this album in my ipod right about….NOW

  4. wow..their 2nd mini-album is great!!
    although i haven’t heard the full songs of their 1st..
    i think this is better.

    and last luv and what u want is awesomeness extreme!!!

    if rain produced these songs, man..he definitely improved his “producer” skills!!!

    love the album!
    now i can’t wait for mblaq’s comeback!

  5. loooove the whole album
    🙂 and so glad that they’re finally back
    i’ve been waiting agess ❤
    my favorite is one better day x]
    hehehe time to preorder the album ^^

  6. amazing album

    they have a diffrent music stayl in this album

    i love it a lot 🙂

  7. Great album! One Better Day is my least favorite, but the whole album is still on repeat.

  8. sounds good!

    well, i only listened to Y… but i have one thing to say.

    the song would’ve sound SO MUCH, x100 better if that wasnt autotuned. its has an rnb feel and the producer or composer or whoever just need to let these boys “sing”. these computerized tuning distorts their voices for the worst. the beat, song is good you know. the auto tuning isnt even that bad itself but im just saying,
    it would’ve sound x100 better if the producers would just let go of that funky editing of their voices

  9. wow…..amazing album ….love every song ….

  10. I like it a lot! To me, it is wayy better than their first few songs.

  11. LAST LUV is pure LOVE!! its in repeat mode! i’m totally in love with it! GO and Seungho..their voices are jjang!!

  12. I love thunder oh man I think I am going to faint. But he is 2 years younger 😦

  13. This album is great..”absolute A+ quality”

  14. LOL “Boys, be real”

  15. Ooooh i loooove their album!
    But i guess you forgot 4 ya stereo, cause you have last luv twice up there n__n

  16. it’s been a long time since i liked an entire album that’s nonyg produced…and this one’s a winner..i love one better day, y and the intro! whoever produced and composed the songs in this album deserves some praise! mblaq definitely exceeded my expectations.

  17. LOL at Tropicana vers 2

    the album is great ^^

  18. i like it (:<
    at first i was like ehhh
    but the more i listen to it
    i like it 😀

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