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Yang HyunSeok to become a father in August, wedding with Lee EunJoo after child is born

It has been revealed that YG Entertainment representative Yang HyunSeok’s lover singer Lee EunJoo is 5 months pregnant.

A YG rep revealed, “Lee EunJoo has been tending to the prenatal care.” And it was also revealed that Lee EunJoo is 5 months pregnant and not 4 months as reported earlier. And wedding will be held after the child is born.

Meanwhile, Yang HyunSeok previously revealed his 9-year love relationship with Lee EunJoo via a YG announcement on YG homepage.

23 Responses

  1. YG is really the man!!!!! haha.
    no wonder i’m a YG ent biased. pwahahaha!

  2. Congrats to the couple.

    I am kinda glad they are doing it their way, instead of being pressured to be like the masses.
    It’s surprising how far we have advanced in certain aspects, yet when it comes to ‘marriage’ or ‘sex’ or ‘unwed mothers’ it hasn’t changed much-

    I remember even back in 2008 he spoke about that he was thinking of marriage maybe in 3-4years time, so the seed was planted already and it seems the plant has finally grown… -no puns intended- :p

    Ok now who is next on the list of to be daddies?

  3. HOW GOD! HOW I WISH I WAS THE BABY! uncle bb, aunty 2ne1.. that’s cool!

  4. Well, you can call it a shotgun wedding or whatever, but bear in mind that they had nine years of being together prior to that. There’s some solid togetherness in there, not just ‘oh we slept together and i got her preggers’ shizz.

  5. ^ speaking of bombs…… TELL ME GOODBYE MV IS OUTTT NOOOOWWW~~!!!!

    BIGBANG SARANG~!!!!!<3
    GD's hairrr~!! normal sexy man hair. makes me go UNFFF~!!!

    • WAH! YG def know how to surprise people!
      Gawd how I love YG fam!

    • omg <3333
      this is really impressive^^
      I love the concept of the video ❤
      and also love this mature image =D

      I cannot stop rewatching the first 15 seconds of GD in the rain and stuff.

      LOVE LOVE LOVE ~~!!!

  6. Even in his personal life, YG sure knows how to drop a bomb. Haha. Anyway, congrats. 🙂

  7. mr. yg has coincidentally and timingly aligned with the universe…..http://www.gmanews.tv/webpics/infotech/buwan.jpg…superstitious belief say that occurrence say that a pregnant woman is said to be getting mariied…(FILIPINO OLD FOLKTALE)

    coincidence much…..congrats Mr. yg

  8. wow, this baby is going to have an AMAZING childhood. Uncle Big Bang, SE7EN, 1TYM and Aunt 2NE1 and Gummy.

    is it okay to be jealous of a fetus? 😛

    • the baby’s celebrity uncles and aunts are going to have to treat him/her like royalty

  9. I’m happy for them and wish them nothing but the best! ^_^

  10. At least he didn’t marry her when he found out she was pregnant, like most do trying to hide that fact!

    But baby after wedding? Yeah, we’ll see how soon after.

    Congrats to Papa YG, that baby will be so spoiled by the YG fam!

  11. God damn…he likes ’em young don’t he

  12. Aww, congrats to them! ^^

  13. ^ i wouldnt say this is a shotgun wedding
    they went out for 9 years
    and after 9 years they just took it to the next level

    • it’s still a shotgun if they had a baby before getting married…

      hence the definition… 😛

  14. Korea has a new trend: shotgun wedding 😉

    • OL, are u kidding me? they went out for 9 years. this isn’t a shot gun wedding, they love each other!

    • Haha no kidding! Practically all the celeb weddings these days always similtaneously have a baby on the way as well.

    • wouldnt call this a new trend.

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