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Rain and Jackie Chan to collaborate for production of ‘Hip Song’ MV

Singer actor Rain will work together with actor Jackie Chan for his ‘Hip Song’ MV.

Known to be close friends, the 2 will produce the MV for ‘Hip Song’ and also making use of the upcoming project movie ‘Karate Kid’ between Will Smith and Jackie Chan. The MV will go in line with the upcoming worldwide screening of ‘Karate Kid’ on 10th June. According to a JTunes Entertainment representative, Jackie Chan had proposed the idea and Rain had accepted and agreed to work together. The MV will be released on 20th May online.

It was known that Jackie Chan had attended Rain’s concert in Hong Kong and presented him with a bouquet of flowers last November. An official revealed, “This is a project with great meaning as it also meant the cross-border friendship between Jackie Chan and Rain.”

Meanwhile, Rain is currently promoting the song ‘Hip Song’ after ‘Love Song’.


12 Responses

  1. This seems interesting I can’t wait to see it and by the way it starts Jaden Smith(Will’s son) and Jackie Chan not Will Smith.

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  3. will smith? isn’t it his son, jaden?

    anyway, i’m a HUGE fan of jackie chan!!! i love him!! while kids were watching barney and sesame street, i was literally watching jackie chan movies. keke! can’t wait for the collab! although it is kinda random.. =P

  4. A serious “WTF” collab ;p Are they saying that Hip Song will be used for the Karate Kid? The new Karate Kid movie is direct at kiddies… not sure how Hip Song is correlated

    • It may not but the beat of Hip Song is soo sick and i can imagin it playing in the background of a fight scene. I’m not a huge rain fan but Hip Song is a really cool song.

  5. OMR
    RAIN ya…..finally…u can work with ur idol…

    • Actually Rain and Jackie Chan performed together during the olympics when it was held in China. Awesome Rain has more chances to expose himself to America. Good luck Rain!

  6. LOL what a surprise! haha
    omg i miss RushHour days..

    can’t wait to see the MV 😀

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