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SNSD girls pulling out from variety shows one after another, ‘all-stop’ by later half of this year?

Girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae will slowly pull out of their variety show appearances.

Recently, news came that members Yuri and Sunny will leave KBS 2TV Invincible Youth, and Jessica who was decided as fixed appearance on KBS 2TV Happy Birthday is known to have left the show. For Jessica’s case, even thought she was initially decided as fixed appearance on the show, with the girls’ upcoming overseas promotions in the 2nd half of this year, she will leave the show after only 4 episodes.

With that, there is much interests as to whether the other members will also leave their current fixed appearances on various variety shows. Currently member YoonA is doing fixed appearance on SBS Family Outing 2, TaeYeon on KBS WinWin and SeoHyun on MBC We Got Married

And with that an official from Family Outing 2 voiced, “YoonA will definitely not leave the show. Currently the situation of the show will not allow her to leave.”

On WinWin and We Got Married’s side, it has also been revealed that there are no discussions about the girls leaving the show and the girls will continue to appear on the shows for the time being.

Looking at the schedules of YoonA, TaeYeon and SeoHyun on these variety shows, we will be able to see them continue on the show all the way till July.

But what will happen after that?

There are plans for the girls to carry out overseas promotions in Japan as well as other Asian cities. And for their overseas promotions this time, they will carry out as the full 9-member team, hence it is almost impossible for YoonA, TaeYeon and SeoHyun to continue their variety show appearances by then.

S: StarNews

29 Responses

  1. i hope yoona dont go soz i love her watching on f02 ahem thats why leeteuk said that his little dongsaeng is been really busy

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  3. I am actually happy with the news.
    It’s not because I hate them, but it gets boring to see them in every show. Keke.
    Would be great if the girls only appear in certain show only, like being exclusive. So the fans will beg for more.

    It’s no doubt that they gonna rock Asia. SM is good at marketing. Instead of going to US, they focus on Asia where this type of music can actually sell.

  4. i don’t mind if other members quit variety shows except for seohyun.. i want to see her in WGM.. i hope she can make time to film WGM.. pls don’t quit..

  5. i hope their asian domination plan succeeds!! good luck.

  6. i’m just curious why they *censored* the bottom half of the picture.

  7. Oh no! What about WGM?!

  8. ;___; sweet potato couple won’t last long…

  9. It’s better than them handling all that schedule /:

  10. OR is it because the WG are back? LOL. jk. peace!

    • haha XD this reminds me of what the guy on SGB said once about SNSD promotions..

    • LMAO. I thought that was totally funny even though i’m a WonderFul & Sone.. A lot people are saying saying the same thing too though. lol

      Anyways, I’ll miss seeing them in variety shows T_T

      • Wouldn’t it be the same the other way too though? lol. SNSD are done with their promotions because they already had the tour lined up, and then WG comes back. It’s like they’re both avoiding each other xD Though I would love to see another special stage between the two groups! Like when SNSD sang Tell Me and WG did Kissing You. How cool would it be if SNSD did 2 Different Tears and WG did Run Devil Run. Oh yeah~

    • they just really happen to promote at different times. Like above, it would be really cool to have a special stage where they switch songs

      watch, once wg go back to america, snsd comes back

    • LOL… but all i can say… SM is genius at picking out the right timing for promo :p

      or you could also say artist avoids promoting same time as snsd :p

      peace too kekekeke

      wonsoka <333 it will be epic when all 2 wonsoka promote at the same time

    • I bet both groups want to promote together. It’s the company deciding the comeback and all that.
      SNSD r dying to befriend WG n back in the day when Sunmi was still around, can u imagine how much she wants to promote together with her fav group, snsd on top of that her ultimate crush Kimtaeyeon that made her put BB cream to a radio show for the 1st time. lol
      I like WOnSoKA!!!! 2007 line is the best!

      • woooh true ! 2007 line is the best compaired to the new groups, then they’re TOO MANY omg, but actually i like 2ne1 and f(x). ayy ay.

    • have you thought of it this way? they pushed WG’s return because SNSD’s obviously owning the hearts of korean fans. what if JYPE announced Sunmi’s departure so late, that during there stay somewhere else around the globe they actually begun to train Hye-rim to be a part of WG and at the same time finished the album with the new member in it. because they couldn’t come back to korea due to SNSD’s reign. not to mention the return of Bi and Hyori. Well, there where a lot of announcements about WG’s comeback at the start of the year but SNSD pursued their promotions without really knowing if WG would be promoting with them of not.

      • I thought of dat too. And I hate it when people seems to make it look like the groups are the ones who are actually deciding when to return or when to end promotions. It’s their freaking companies people!

        I’m really a fan of the wondergirls (just them) during So Hot period to Nobody. But their return to Korea with fresh songs (not translated to or remixed to whatever) was kinda taking so long (as they were announcing then pulling them back) that I begun to appreciate their rival groups like KARA and SNSD. Hell, I even started to like boy groups. it’s just disappointing for the most. i still have the biggest crush for Sunye though. =D

    • Right!? I bet even if SNSD would promote a remix of Oh or Genie , or even a ballad in that case, same time as WGs 2DT, SNSD could still reign the charts . I believe WGs concept is alright though but with a weak song (even though Sohee improved a lot, Yoobin hot as ever and the controversial addition to the group. ehem hyerim ) even F(X) being a newcomer can beat that peice (song wise). well i’m not really basing on the fanbase because I know WG got plenty compared to any rookie band. I’m just being honest. even my friends in Korea said they are disappointed. AND WHO THE FREAKING HELL WOULD WANT TO WATCH THAT WALNUT LOOKING ORANGUTAN JYP AT ANY FRIGGIN WG MV!!!!

      • Why are you people like that???…why do you keep bad mouthing wg or snsd??..I mean they’re FRIENDS!!…It’s sad to see people bashing and comparing them…Theres no rivalry going on..They are totally two different groups!..they have their own charms…People shouldnt be comparing the because they are both the top girl groups…And what the hell, why do you care so much about jyp’s appearance???..Yea, he’s not the most handsome guy on earth but geez, he has real talent!..If it wasnt for him, wg wouldn’t even exist!..

  11. SM is trying to make more money for the loss of DBSK with SNSD, so this is the only way the can do since Korean fans are getting tire of them…they need to make more money abroad like Japan…

    Anywyas, good luck with them. I like Taeyeon and Seohyun show though, so hopefully they’ll stay longer but that’s kinda impossible….

    • Korea getting tired of them?
      U’re misinformed. People in international kpop blog yes but Koreans no.
      They r the one discussing about SNSD’s possible long leave from kpop scene n they don’t want it.
      In fact korean fans don’t want them girls to be gone in a long time like WG. They’re in demand now.

  12. If I had to choose I don’t want Taeyeon and Yoona to leave.

    I’m ok with Yuri/Sunny and Seohyun though although it’s more fun with them on the shows.

  13. I think they’ll rock Asia.

  14. I miss seeing them on music shows but they need to rest! They have to prepare for their asia tour and japan promotions too. They’ll be really busy. Hopefully they’ll have a plan figured out because balancing between a variety show and constant flights over sea is going to wear them out.

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