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SNSD HyoYeon, “I’m having a crush on one of the male idol group members”

So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon makes a surprising confession.

HyoYeon was on SBS Strong Heart recently when she revealed, “I’m having a crush on a male idol group member.”

She added, “I will also check if my schedule and that person’s schedule will overlap. And on the day we will go to the same filming, I will put in more effort in preparations.”

After that, HyoYeon went on to reveal why she had liked that male idol member, and reveals the way she will express her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Yuri also revealed that she had a crush on a male entertainment after her singer debut.

Find out more on the show aired at 11.05pm on 18th May.


34 Responses

  1. I hope as Eunhyuk from Super Junior …
    both are nice and would make a cute couple ♥

  2. yes it’s eunhyuk
    he like hyoyeon and jalous for her!!

  3. no Ithink it’s eunhyuk from super junior………………………………………………………………………………………….

  4. Maybe she like eunhyuk coz she can checked his schedule. If not from same agency how can she checked schedule

  5. It’s Wooyoung for sure!!!! Wooyoung even said on some diff. programme that a famous, beautiful and much loved female idol likes him but he doesn’t like girls who dances well because he wants to teach his girl how to dance instead of dancing with her. This a very direct and obvious answer. Hyoyeon likes WooYoung and Wooyoung doesn’t like her.

  6. who is hyo yeon’s crush ?!

  7. lejoon or dojoon!

  8. im geussing its doojoon from beast, she’d probably won’t say any names though…

  9. im guessing lee joon xD

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  11. I’m happy for her. 😀
    just do me a favor, Hyo.

  12. Once she mentioned SS501’s Kim KyuJong ….. maybe ?

  13. I don’t know but i start hating Strong Heart. I’m scared every time idols release their secrets. If one day my Fav male idol says the same thing. I’m dead

    • wahahahahahah…dats funny. maybe i would be too..hmm..i’m hoping that it’s mblaq lee joon..after his SGB confession, i find the two of them cute..they’re both hilarious…but if it’s not him….follow you’re heart girl!!


      ……………………oh, i’m really hoping it’s LEE JOON!…hahahahahahaa xD

  14. 2pm ?

  15. It’s either one of these 3 groups…BEAST, MBLAQ or 2PM

  16. I feel sorry for the idol she has a crush on..

    • lol I feel jealous for that guy. Hyo is like the mother of SNSD. She wakes the girls up, she cooks, she cleans the house no matter how tired she is, she loves doing laundry, she loves kids, she has good sense of humor (she’s the funniest in SNSD as the members claimed), she’s the dancing goddess and she’s hot if she wanted to. Such a perfect wife! Too bad I’m a girl, and I can’t even cook, hate laundry – lol I feel sorry for my future husband 😛

  17. Eunhuk
    how she checked that person schedule if his not in her agency ??
    that why ??

  18. uhmm why didnt anyone say, “LEE JOON?” The dude admitted before that he feels something when he sees her dance or something like that. She probably felt somethign after he said that. So cute ^__^

  19. the majority of people are guessing either junho, or doojoon, no one from Big Bang because there no matching schedules and SM why would she need to check schedules when she sees them at the building.

    • Wait wait!?

      What’s the connection with BEAST’s Yoon Doo-joon? I don’t remember seeing them ever interacting.

      And with Jun-ho, I know I saw them around a few times but I didn’t really sense anything.

      I always thought Hyoyeon liked older guys that are masculine like Rain or something. None of the idol boys seem compatible but who knows?

      I’m so sad she won’t reveal it on the show! I’m all curious now hahah

      Wait….now I’m starting to think about the Ideal World Cup challenge that SNSD did awhile back….which idol boy did they choose on they?

      • DooJoon admitted that his favorite soshi girl is Hyoyeon.

      • Aside from Doojoon choosing Hyo as his fav SNSD member. Hyo was a guest in Chinchin radio together with Doojoon.
        The day after was Taeyeon’s last day when SNSD all came there. There they talked about Hyo guesting with Doojoon n the other SNSD girls started cheering n teasing Hyo. N Tiffany teased something like “DJ put it back on”. I think DJ referring to DooJoon. ^^

        Beast n SNSD are friends…Their promotion schedule seemed to overlap n they go to the same hair salon.

        It’s cool if it’s really doojoon coz that means it’s mutual. lol

      • ^ I’m happy then if it’s DooJoon. Among other people that likes Hyo, I love DooJoon’s reason the most. It’s something about Hyo’s heart/personality if I’m not mistaken. He doesn’t judge by the beauty face, by hot body.. that kind of guy is rare.

    • I meant *there not *they on the last word ^^;;

      • She said she likes Rain..and there’s no way she can get Rain so she went for 2nd best…Junho!..he looks like Rain! haha

  20. Taeyang??? maybe???

  21. maybe from super junior? or 2PM? gaahhh~~

  22. Ooh wonder who
    she’s such a talented person so I’m glad she’s getting more screen time
    I keep thinking someone from 2pm (hee hee junho from idol army days)

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