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T-Max releases new teaser photos featuring member Kim Joon

A teaser still cut featuring Kim Joon revealed.

Ahead of their 1st album release, T-Max releases a new album jacket photo featuring member Kim Joon on their official homepage. Kim Joon is seen with a blonde hairstyle and thick makeup in the photo revealed.

A Planet 905 rep revealed, “Forget the Kim Joon with the cute image. He will come back with a new transformed image. And please look forward to the new album which the members have put in a lot to achieve the high level of perfection.”

With new members Park HanBi and Joo ChanYang, T-Max will comeback as a flower boy 4-member group. They will release their new album in end-May.


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  1. Wooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

  2. <squeeeee

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  4. Kim Joon looks good. He’s rocking the blond!

  5. @above

    lol sorry.. the bane of bloggin at work

  6. Lee Joon!!!
    sookyeong, you are still effected by the Y MV I see!!??
    well I dont blame you hehehehe

  7. I think there’s a typo. lol

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