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YG Entertainment to hold open audition in 6 years “Who will be the next Big Bang and 2NE1?”

YG Entertainment opens an online audition sit (www.yg-audition.com) on 18th May to scout for the next generation of pop culture.

YG Entertainment is known debuting some of the top artistes in Kpop including Jinusean, Se7en, Gummy, and also top idol groups Big Bang and 2NE1. However it is known that there has not been a singer who debut through the company’s open audition. The company previously held an open audition for the first time 6 years ago, and their stand was, “YG is a place where it is harder to become a trainee than a singer.”

Still, it is good news for aspiring singers with YG holding an open audition in 6 years. The audition will scout for talent in 3 fields – singing, acting and producing and will be held from 18th May till 22nd June in Korea and the States simultaneously.

The first window of online audition:

  • Korea – 18th Jul
  • LA – 3rd Jul
  • New York – 10th Jul

Those who pass the auditions, will undergo training as a trainee in the company and given the chance to fulfill their dream.

A YG Ent rep said, “We look forward to having new talents join the YG family. If one is able to show one’s charms to the fullest, one will be able to achieve good results.”

The official social media sites for the audition will be:


54 Responses

  1. the twitter url is missing an underscore after yg

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  4. so, does they mean like music producing or something, cause i would love to do that. : D
    but it sucks that theyre doing the audition this year because i have one year left at school. : /

  5. I went to the official audition page and it said you have to be able to act in Korean. Doesn’t that mean you have to be Korean?! That sucks! LOL…I guess I could still try out but the chance is impossible then cuz YG really have no foreign people…

    • You know there are a lot more foreigners in the Korean film and TV industry now, compared to five years ago.

  6. There will forever and only one BB and 2NE1

  7. In terms of singing and acting, YG will most likely look for asians but I think he would be opened to other races if it’s for producing. *shrugs* who knows.

  8. “who will be the next Big Bang and 2NE1”?

    no one, LOL. thats ez to answer.

    theyre doing it all wrong though “/ the question shouldnt be who will be the next big thing for yg.
    it should be “who has the passion to succeed in YG and for YG?”

    i dont know. that statement just seems to me “who wants to be famous like bb and 2ne1?” kind of thing. but then againnnn, this is IDOL we’re talking about. idols who include 15 year olds and stuff… ): it really shows the quality of adversity for artists who willed through the pain like gd and yb

    • I think YGE didn’t directly state the ‘who wants to become the next 2ne1 and BB?’. 🙂

      Basically, it’s the usual advertising ploy. Of course it’s safe to say ppl aren’t that ignorant to literally believe the tagline. Entertainment companies usually frontline their current artists when it comes to open auditions. I mean SME even had their artists do video messages for casting calls. It’s alright. 🙂

      • yeah. didnt pledis entertainment use that tagline as well?

        i know some companies do, while if i remember correctly, others just basically listed their resume (popular stars produced) on their ads meaning they have strong credentials to attract viewers.

        i know its an advertising ploy. it’d probably work wonders for yg too. but it would limit their demographic to that of young teens who really do look up to these idols

    • “who will be the next Big Bang and 2NE1″?
      well this is a title given by the media not YG
      this is a promotion video

      and it’s clearly said Who’s next? Singers,Actors and producers not who’s the next BigBang or 2NE1?

  9. well, it’d be weird if he accepted non-koreans since they’ll be promoting mainly in korea no doubt. but hey, who knows what he’s really looking for. sometimes he never even accepts anyone who auditioned.

    i think asians should be fine regardless if you’re korean or not. though. i’m not sure abt non-koreans. but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try eh?

  10. If I wanted to be an artist, undoubtedly it would be with the YG, it is a good company, they give a just treatment and total freedom creative to his artists, better example GDRAGON, the SM and JYP are deplorable anyhow

  11. it would be nice if they actually accepted non-koreans…
    but judging from all their previous ones… they really aim for koreans only it seems

  12. OMG I hope they get more female trainees! I mean of course guys are okay too, but I want more female power in YG!!! 😀

    This feels weird to me haha, it’s been a looooooong damn time!

  13. I HONESTLY think that YG won’t be AS harsh as he always is when it comes to choosing trainees.
    The fact that he’s giving an opportunity like this (in AMERICA) is saying something.
    I’m sure his standards will still be high, but he won’t waste his (and the company’s) money/time to look for trainees that have no talent LOL.

    I’m sure there are a lot of hidden talented people out there 🙂 Good luck to them!!!

    • i dunno, i heard last time YG didnt even accept anyone from the auditions.

      • Yeah, before, they don’t even have open auditions…usually, YG’s people will go around and scout people. I think most if not all members of BB and 2NE1 are scouted with probably exceptions of Sandara and Daesung….

        But YG did say that there are currently no trainee, so he’s giving an opportunitory to people as his company is growing bigger like SM & JYP….

      • I thought YG scounted Dara as an actress.

      • and Park Bom spent 3 years auditioning for YG..it’s arguably the hardest company to get into

      • @hmm

        Dara was scouted as an actress.

    • actually. it does waste money. not even including production cost, but the opportunity costs of hosting such events.

      but yeah, i agree with the standards set. YG seems to be pretty lenient as to who they accept as upcoming trainees. the real test seems to begin when you are a trainee. to debut is on another level.

      goodluck to the participants 😀

      • well, i wouldn’t say it’s a waste. they would have to invest some money to look for and hire someone to make more money for them in the end, right? haha. it is a business after all. ^^

  14. YG is seriously the most LEGIT talent company among the big 3. They focus on what each respected artist is suppose to be good in, on what makes an artist an artist and not relying on being innocent cute when they’re way pass the puberty age, being funny on variety shows that it gets to the point of being annoying or relying too much on physical traits (like ripping their shirts off all the damn time) Their artists are legit, making music that does not always have just one catchy word or line and calling that a song. I seriously respect YG.

  15. YGE <3333
    Cool I wanna do it but my parents won't let me LOL

  16. wow. what an opportunity. they def. need some new trainees now that their last ones have debuted. best of luck to anyone who’s trying out.

  17. No thanks. JYP is waaaaaaay better.

    • bwuahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

    • oh really?


    • its all personal opinion my gosh people. dont get so offended over a company ur not even a part of.

      • Yeah Its a personal Opinion
        But the way he/she said its bound to get some reply’s don’t u think

      • it doesnt matter how he said. people would take it personally.

      • well the comments section is open for everyone. u can’t tell on ppl how the heck they should waste their own energy on something.

      • not telling, just suggesting. =]

    • @taeck7: yes of course he is. i’m sure to you it seems that way. but i don’t wanna enter a country under false documentation or whatever and get myself in trouble.

      and i actually like JYPE.

      just sayin that each company has their own faults and advantages.

      yes, ppl chill. it’s this person’s opinion. let em say it. but also, @sososorri: can’t blame the kind of reaction when you KNOW that kinda statement is done just to piss ppl off. it’s one thing when it’s personal opinion and another thing when it’s done to rile ppl up. no?

    • Yeah, I would go with JYP too! Mainly because I want the fame, and then I want to be kicked out of my group and be more popular than when I was when I was in JYP.

    • LOL
      nice joke

    • you can keep your opinion to yourself? lol

      so audition for jyp. that shouldnt mean others shouldnt audition for yg.

    • I truly hope you’re trolling.

    • lol i don’t think so yg forever

  18. i would love to be apart of the ygfamily and see my favorite artist everyday:) sadly i cant sing for my life and this is YG were talking about…

    Goodluck to whoever is trying out!:)

  19. OMG!!! I wanna do it but I’m not a good singer!

    • so is it only people in LA and NY that can audition?

      • the auditions are held in those cities, but if ur willing to make the drive/flight over to those places, its open to everyone. i believe. although i would think u would have to be korean too. i have yet to see a non korean YG artist.

      • ok thanks I think you don’t have to be korean…I remember Perry is not korean but I’m not sure…

      • Perry? whose Perry?

      • he’s a producer in YG who was also a singer/rapper who I think debut back in 2000 or 2002? forgot but he produced “With U” for Big Bang and GD also was feature in his song “Storm” and I think he’s from the US

      • ^Perry is one of YGE’s artists, a rapper if I’m not mistaken, but I think he’s more of a producer nowadays or smth.

      • oh now i remember Perry. yeah wow i forgot him, he’s like half something half japanese. but i dunno, its not like he auditioned for YG, he was like part of the beginning. i dunno, its just my observation that through these auditions a non korean has yet to make it through.

      • Perry was AWESOME. That song Storm, took me by storm, I thought it was the greatest… I want more of his Korean rapping!

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