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Mnet M!Countdown 20.05.2010- ‘faceoff’ between WonderGirls ‘2DT’ and 4Minute ‘HuH’ to watch out for

WonderGirls wil have her comeback after 1 year and 8 months.

The WonderGirls will performing their comeback title song ‘2 Different Tears’ on Mnet M!Countdown on 20th May. This will be their comeback since their last performance in Korea with ‘Nobody’ in 2008, and also it will be new member HyeRim’s first live stage in Korea.

At the same time, ex-member HyunA will also be having her comeback as part of 4Minute with the song ‘HuH’ released on 19th May.

Other comeback stages for the day include C.N Blue with ‘Love’ and ‘Sweet Holiday’, and MBLAQ  with ‘Y’ and ‘One Better Day’. This will also be the first time that MBLAQ and Rain perform on the same weekly music show together.

The rest of the performance lineup includes: 2PM who have won #1 on the show for 3 consecutive weeks with ‘Without U’, as well as performances by Lyn, Davichi, Double K, Seo InKook, V.O.S Choi HyunJun and 8eight etc.


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  1. Does anybody know where to watch those live? It’ll will start in an hour i think ..


  3. Ahh I love Wondergirls && 4minute, but I hope WG is able to win!

  4. so I guess ev1 is a WG fan even though they only have like one song playing over and over and over again. I guess it takes a one hit wonder to make a group famous. Interesting.

    • You obviously sound like a newbie to kpop if you think they have one song…. Their fame before they left Korea could be compared to SNSD’s height of success currently. And this was at a time when Wonder Girls were competing with an active TVXQ, Big Bang, SS501, Rain, Hyori and other big names and they came up tops amongst against the odds when you compare how big these groups fanbases are.. 2 years ago the only girl groups that were mainly around were WG, SNSD, Kara, BEG, Jewellery in a male dominated industry so to say that everyone loves them is because of one song isn’t correct. These girls along with the others I listed are pioneers of today if they weren’t successful I don’t think you’d be seeing so many girlgroups today… so do your research please… it just makes you sound bitter and jealous..

    • Wondergirls isn’t a one hit wonder.
      Tell Me
      So Hot
      All 3 songs did amazingly well. One song playing over and over again? How long have you been a kpop fan?

    • How are they a “one hit wonder”? They’ve had three major hits in S.Korea. First with “Tell Me”, then “So Hot” and then “Nobody”. You must be pretty new to the Kpop music scene if you don’t know that much. WG and SNSD were the ones that created/revive the girl group craze that you’ve been listening to lately.

  5. I wanna see some group interaction between WG & 4minute. Both are my fave groups. xD Can’t wait for MBLAQ too. :))

  6. I don’t think the girls will really win anything because they’re not going to promote long. They’re only going to be in Korea for two weeks so they’ll probably only going to perform two times on all music shows. But if they pull a “So Hot” (they won #1 on their comeback on MB) then that’ll be so cool. We have the Wonder World Tour to look forward to. 😀

  7. MBLAQ > 2PM. WTF. 2pm’s career died after Without You.

    I want to see some awkward 4minute-WG interactions

    • Then why are they still winning awards? Just face it, you WISHED they were going down. I mean, they lost quite a few fans because of Jay’s departure but they’re still a popular group.

      • Those awards were from last month. Competition last month was weak compared to this month.
        2pm won’t be winning anything from here on out.
        You’re the one who wishes they aren’t going down. LMAO.

        All they do these days is take off their clothes. ROFL.

  8. Cant wait..super excited..WG jjang..Sunmi T-T..

  9. I love both
    my 7 Wonders ( sunmi is missing T.T)

  10. A little advice to groups who have comebacks…do not start it off on M Countdown..they have the worse quality in everything. Just sayin

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  12. No doubt WG’s gonna win. Although 4Minute is an awesome group too. but wow, Hyuna and WG finally on the same stage together. It’s been a while. I wonder how it’ll turn out!

    JYPE-CUBE face off.

    • Cube is part of JYP Entertainment lol.

      • lol i know. but they’re still two different companies. 🙂

      • no, Cube is not part of JYPE..
        JYP is just one of the board of directors/investors…
        they’re not even sister companies..

  13. No competition. No doubt about it.
    Korea loves and misses WG too much.
    WG’s going to win. I don’t even need to be a fan to know this.

  14. All we’re missing is Sunmi 😦

  15. Im sure both of the groups will have a great comeback I so wanna see Hyuna and Sohee interaction

    • And don’t forget SoHee and Heechul interaction on other music show, hopefully XD

  16. I support both
    HyunA and the Wonder Girls …. we back 🙂

  17. this is what I like with WG, coming back with so many competitions 🙂 It’s truly epic!

  18. i cant wait to see the group interaction!!

    but why mcountdown ): the sound quality and youtube video quality seems to be less than spectacular nearly all the time

  19. wow interesting turn of events for wg and hyuna to comeback at the same time on the same stage

  20. I wonder how happy the Wonder Girls would be to see HyunA on stage again.

  21. Yesss… MBLAQ with Y and One Better Day!!! OMG… can’t wait!

  22. Too bad SM artists can’t/don’t go on M!Countdown anymore. Then the weekend would truly be epic.

  23. Wow .. xD
    it wil be an amazing weekend ^.^
    Can’t Wait T____T
    and truely amazing year xD
    Love all of them <333333

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