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Black Soshi and Black Juri on SBS Strong Heart!

So Nyeo Shi Dae members YuRi and HyoYeon were guest appearances on SBS Strong Heart aired on 18th May.

And on the show that day, the girls did a short dance performance of their Black Soshi concept ‘Run Devil Run’ to be interrupted by another ‘black member’ gag woman Jung Juri.

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  1. =( I’m sure what the gag was isn’t to poke fun on skin color, rather it was more of the fact she’s picking fun on SNSD’s dark concept. Though to even do it to that point of putting dark make up on her face I know could be offending.. =( However since she didn’t come out in that make up making fun of anyone or doing anything other than do the routine dance, then it’s just meant to play a gag on the SNSD members or of their Run Devil Run dance

    But as for the reason of this segment in the show being funny..I think it’s mainly the fact the lady coming out like a badass(or trying to be) then goes and do SNSD’s dance with some funny faces… This is the same lady that tried to get on top of Taeyang from Big Bang while he was dancing isn’t she? She just does anything really crazy…

    It sucks though.. I know this can be seen as really offensive, and I’m not saying I condone what they did.. But since the majority of people in Korea is Korean or Asian, I don’t think they’d think so much about on how negative their actions could be for others living out of Korea….I mean their tv shows mainly play in Korea and we only see them cuz it’s on youtube… I hope this makes sense..

    I’m sorry if this offends anyone. I honestly think singers in the Kpop industry actually I respect African Americans. I mean you notice most of K-pop has a hip-hop beat and such. I mean they even rap in their songs, that enough shows that they are influenced by African Americans(since rap originated from the hardships of segregation).

  2. lol jung juri…

  3. is not funny, is ofencive :S..hate the blackface reference

  4. I guess because I am actually black, I don’t find this all that funny.

    • So am I but I guess this is just for laughs .it’s not funny to me nor am I mad. Just confused…

    • Me too, me too.

    • i know what you mean. i am black as well, it looks like she put on black face which has a bad history in america. but i wonder if it has the same connotation in korea, especially when i have heard they aren’t really open to black ppl.

    • yeah, same here. it’s seen for laughs..but yea..

  5. I loveee Jung Juri, she does the best parodies on Strong Heart πŸ˜‰

  6. hahahaha! i love her outfit! EPIC! πŸ˜€

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  8. Love YuRi, HyoYeon and Jung yuri hehehe

  9. strong heart
    I don’t blame you I also confused about the 2 shows

  10. I think you meant strong heart….

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