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Couple scene between SNSD Yuri and 2PM Nich Khun for ‘Cabi Song’ MV garners interests

The couple scenes between So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri and 2PM Nich Khun in the MV for ‘Cabi Song’ garner attention.

On 20th May, the full version of ‘Cabi Song’ featuring SNSD YuRi, YoonA and SeoHyun and 2PM Nich Khun, TaecYeon and ChanSung has been revealed. After which some of the scenes to the MV of the song were also revealed.

In the revealed video, there was a few scene between Nich Khun and Yuri which was said to be inappropriate for children – including the scene where Nich Khun applies lotion on Yuri and the 2 featured at a party scene.

Netizens’ comments are, “The 2 are so young, how can they have such scenes?”, “If they are just showing their healthy and bright features, why such scenes”, “It doesn’t seem like a Caribbean Bay CF anymore since it is so explicit” etc.

Also there are refuting comments from netizens like, “The 2 are both pretty and have good bodies, so what’s the problem”, “It seems they want to stand out from other CFs” etc.

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  2. Since I’m a fan of SNSD & 2PM, I have no problem to see them, eventhough my bias is Nichkhun 🙂 But yeah, I agree with some people who said it’s focused more on the models more than the waterpark. You know, SNSD & 2PM are the current best seller for any products.

  3. They should have another version focusing more on the waterpark. The producer was probably following the trend of this generation though…

  4. SEX SELLS….it’s nothing new -.- but it’s SICK!

  5. I don’t think it was explicit at all….nich and yuri didnt do anything explicit…what i thought was explicit is the club dance scene between taec and yoona and the camera zoomed almost up her dress when they were doin the boobi boobi dance hahaha…..they always miss the bad things and go str8 to the stupid shiz
    changsung and seohyun were so innocent i loved them together
    overall, it was a good CF that i’ve been waiting for- for a long time…the only thing confused me was the CF song because they were singing and i was like that is another member of 2PM singing not any of these three but then everybody was there so i extremely happy again…cool out ppl its just a CF and nick and yuri were like dancing five feet apart and the putting on sun lotion scene is like a brother and sister scene it wasnt even that sexually tense jeez i dnt think nichkun is that bold of a guy

    • LOL…putting on sun lotion like brother and sister?
      u better look carefully to her expression…
      i guess thats too intimate for a brother put lotion on her sister body with that kind of facial expression..i just saying~hahahahhahahahaha

      • it is funny…i guess…but i meant that it wasn’t even sexually tense.. i mean i’ve seen enuff of these sexually tense dramas,cf, etc..to know that this wasn’t even at the top…to tell you the truth i thought it was focused more on taec and yoona’s situation…ijs im just sayin

  6. I don’t mind the touching it actually made the MV interesting lol they’re hot together hehe

  7. After reading hyusung’s comment I think the CF/MV is absolutely perfect as it seems to fit in with the identity of the water park itself.
    They all look hot. Period. Would have liked to see a bit more of SeoHyun though, but I guess her hubby wouldn’t like it very much 😀 😀

  8. “help!help! someone is drowning”… livesaver just couldnt care… whoa… better flirting around withthe hot snsd’s girl than save someone there…..wat the motive of this CF??? flirting livesaver. plizz help yourself…

  9. think the mv is a bit to much the scenes were a little bet not a inappropriate

    • Agreed and its always the overrated ones that get the most screentime

      • ya you r so right but every house got kids and we have to think about them too
        not about if its going to be popular or not

  10. sorry to say this but it seems just like a sex CF
    or just for club or body cf .. it dosen’t seem a waterpark cf .. :/
    so sorry to say that ^^”

    • “The couple scenes between So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri and 2PM Nich Khun in the MV for ‘Cabi Song’ garner attention”
      I think it’s a MV not a cf. and …

      ‘It’s a marketing strategy used in korea over and over again. i don’t know why you guys are so surprised and disappointed about how you dont see the water park that often.

      like in the cass music dramas and samsung anyseries. they all have stories where you only have the product show up for a few seconds.’

  11. people need to stop complaining and enjoy the CF…goodness I see nothing wrong with this CF so some people just need to stop being picky…this is just another cf like those beer and cellphone cfs that has a storyline…gosh put ur jealous fanness aside and enjoy this freaken sexy cf!

  12. i thought they were filming for a safe sex campaign!!haha why do they have to be so touchy feely?? this is an ad about a water park for Gods’ sake. Promote the damn thing! anyway yuri and khun looks good together

  13. Maybe their target age is young adults and people in the 20s and 30s. maybe this is supposed to be a water park for the young couples. …and this is like a music drama.
    music dramas promote their products for only like 5 seconds.

    It’s a marketing strategy used in korea over and over again. i don’t know why you guys are so surprised and disappointed about how you dont see the water park that often. like in the cass music dramas and samsung anyseries. they all have stories where you only have the product show up for a few seconds.

  14. People are kinda missing the point here. Among Korean young people, Caribbean Bay is known for the place that the hot go to look at the hot.
    You don’t go there with your boyfriend, because it won’t be fun. You go there if you’re single and want to hit on guys/girls.

    That being said, the PV shows exactly what my Korean friends have told me about the place. If you don’t want your kiddies seeing this kind of thing, why the hell are you at a place famous for it, then?
    There are plenty of other waterparks you could go to.
    Try Ocean World.

    • Ohh.. what you are saying really makes sense!
      So the CF is appropriate to the significance of that waterpark after all.
      International fans should stop blaming them then.

  15. I’m not gonna lie but that was HOT!!
    Yuri and Nichkun Fighting !!!!

  16. I hope both group won’t get bash for this cf. I think sometimes people takes thing so serious especially it is only a cf. I hope the history with snsd filming cf with dbsk won’t happen again where only snsd getting more antis.

  17. Don’t blame the idols, blame whoever thought of the idea for this CF.

    Besides, i think people are overreacting. There’s enough fan service for both guys and girls. Netizens need to chill a bit.

    • enough fanservice? HA HA HA
      what fan service?

      oh, btw, neither 2pm’s fan nor snsd’s fan.

      And i really think whoever’s idea is this stupid cf is genius.
      It sell well.

  18. fanboys and fangirls sure will be jealous

  19. OMG thats hot 😀 I love these pics and the song.

  20. 2AM + 2PM confirm bring in more profits.

    2AM’s hard rock body is to die for 😡

  21. why 2pm always coupled with SNSD???!
    -____- 2pm would be better with 2am. jokwon, changmin and jinwoon can be acted as the girls instead SNSD member…

  22. They should make like they’re a couple enjoying the water park not make it into a soft porn cf.

  23. To quote the great R Kelly- I dont see nothing wrong… with a little bump and grind

    • lolz! XD

    • These people are complete prudes. Him putting lotion on her is racy??????????????????? Puh-leeze. They are both adults and netizens need to quit!

  24. noooooooooo…..yuriiiii~~~~!!!

  25. Agree…It doenst look Caribean CF anymore..

  26. cf of water theme park?really?!!!!!
    water theme park is for family i think, i dunno how this scene is related to water theme park..imagine if a n underage children see this cf..i’m not being conservative it just water theme park is for family,i think then it’s better for them to have happy concept like just playing water together instead of this which is ALMOST porn to me..aish..but yeah..shouldnt blame them..the director..

    • i don’t see anything wrong with it because i think caribbean bay is just trying to appeal to young adults/ teens more 🙂

      • lol..it just my opinion..yeah…maybe we both have different thinking…kekekeke..btw,it just wrong for me..and its ok if it’s not wrong for u.,,i respect your opinion

  27. reminds me of baywatch lol.

    and i dont get it, the link between the cf and the water park

  28. T_T hands all over yuri… although nichkhun is so cute as a blonde 🙂

  29. i beg to differ to some extent..lol..they’re both hot groups and i thought it was a genius idea to pair them up. however yeah the previews are a bit random for a waterpark..but what commercials haven’t been before.
    promoting a theme park with hot stars and a story line is just like all the phone cm with a story line such as the anycall phone ones

  30. so how is the scene link to the water park? to hook guys?

  31. “The 2 are so young, how can they have such scenes?”
    ^Um well netizen, it’s not like they’re underage.

    Though, I have to agree that it doesn’t seem like a waterpark cf. Like the scenes where they were changing in the locker room, i felt like it was too focus on them and not the actual water park.

    As an SNSD fan, it’s my least fave cf they’ve done. Actually scratch that, I didn’t like it all. :/

    • Then again, SNSD’s Goobne cfs were always so random.
      But since this was a collab……to me it wasn’t done very well.

      • yeah i agree..

        people can be such prudes LOL

      • I don’t think you understood what I said.

      • As an SNSD fan as well, this is the least CF of their I like. ah, I hate this CF the most. I don’t want them to be in this kind of CF.

        but I like the song and SNSD-2PM combo, but not the way they make this CF.

    • Agree… I don’t like how this CF is too much on the boys n girls n their sex appeals. I even heard about love lines n all.
      So irrelevant… It would be better if the storyline focused on the lifeguards’ daily activities like saving drowning people like baywatch. lol
      Actions r better than dramas.

      They should focus more on the waterpark coz now they seem to target teenagers n young people with this kind of CF.

      But I like the song… Something fresh for SNSD.

    • if they focused on the waterpark more, then what’s the whole point of featuring them? people practically worship and look up to idols. plus they get to see more of their fave celebrities or whatever.

      • I’m saying that since this whole cf was idol biased, it lost the meaning of what they were advertising.

        But yeah, I agree that people would just eat up whatever an idol does, even when it hardly reflects on the actual point.

      • Exactly. We all know that CFs in korea relies on the celebs to cash in the money.

      • Well said. Most korean cfs featuring stars often have nothing to do with the product. They’re just there to look good and hot.

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