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Sandara Park reveals selca photo, “Our little doongie is full of masculine feel”

2NE1 Sandara park reveals a new selca photo taken with her little brother MBLAQ member Thunder.

Sandara Park posted up the photos on her me2day on 21st May, and in the photo, the 2 siblings showed off their resemblance. She wrote, “I went to support our doongie doongie little doongie! Doongie and the MBLAQ members are so cute, but when I saw their performance I was so shocked they looked so cool! Totally full of masculine feel! Heart throbbing.. Kyaa~ My little brother is now all grown up! Heukㅠ Doongie and the MBLAQ members~ Noona will buy nice food for you guys come on!”

Netizens’ responses to the photo was, “They really look alike”, “MBLAQ’s comeback stage was cool”, “Good family genes” etc.

S: TVDaily

21 Responses

  1. Siblings love..<3
    I like this..=)
    Their smile look the same..

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  3. so cute…love them

  4. The cutest brother and older sister I have EVER seen! Way to Go You Two!

  5. She is such a supportive celebrity i have ever seen.. i mean she got this nice heart inside and out:) so simple and yet nice.. she doesnt come dress up sophisticated or sexy to visit the boys.. if it was some another celebrities i am sure they would have done so much preparation behind …

    • Yeah, but she’s wearing a chrome hearts shirt, which costs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! 8D

  6. Dara is a very nurturing noona… love her…

  7. lol, Thunder got thicker make up than Dara.

  8. she’s such an idiot

  9. I love both of them ❤
    yeah they look alike & Thunder looks cute ..
    i love how she treat MBLAQ ..
    i want to see her with them ^^

  10. they are the same down to the squinting of the left eye! xP

  11. me2day queen!

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