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Dark horse ZE:A Kim DongJoon on KBS Dream Team with incredible results of 2m30cm for high jump

Idol group ZE:A member Kim DongJoon appears on ‘Dream Team’.

Kim DongJoon was on KBS Dream Team 2 aired on 23rd May to stand in for Lee SangIn who was unable to join the filming due to injuries.

DongJoon then achieved incredible results with a jump of 2m 30cm during the dark horse team match. But seeing his jump, director Yoo OkRyeol of the dark horse team then yelled, “This is not it.” Kim DongJoon then commented jokingly, “Director Yoo is angry.”

Meanwhile, the appearances on the show that day include Yeo HongChul and Yoo OkRyeol directors together with SHINee MinHo, Mighty Mouth SangChu, Danny Ahn, 2PM JunHo and ZE:A DongJoon. And they attempt to break the 2m70cm record set by Go Soo 10 years ago.

S: Newsen

5 Responses

  1. ooooooo 🙂 Sangchu is such an athlete.. and beastly.. yum!!

    cant wait to see this 🙂

  2. Go Soo has the record of 2.70?
    Is it the handsome and talented actor Go Soo??? The one that was in the movie White Night with Ye Jin and that was in “Will It Snow For Xmas?”

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  4. My bet goes to ssangchu the beast

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