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Family Outing preview featuring WonderGirls’ appearance revealed!

The preview to upcoming SBS Family Outing 2 episode featuring the WonderGirls has been released.

The preview was revealed at the end of the show aired on 23rd May. For the upcoming episode, the WonderGirls will be featured together with the Family members Kim WonHee, Yoon SangHyun, Ji SangRyul, Shin BongSeon, Jo Kwon, TaecYeon, HeeChul, YoonA etc.

Meanwhile, the preview also features SunYe and Jo Kwon tearing, which has garnered much curiosity from netizens and fans.

24 Responses

  1. i wanna see jokwon+sunye!
    they r like best friend for life

  2. Is it true that heechul chanting Wonder Girls jjang at the end of dream concert??

    Ooo I love WonderGeneration<<
    Suju and 2pm too…

    Can't wait!!!

  3. Lol. So Hee rather fall then hold on to Heechul. XD
    Holding hands and piggy ride??
    ~That explain why HeeChul kep chanting Wonder Girls Jjang at the end of Dream Concert XD

    OMG, Yoobin catch the fish with her bare hands??!!

    Careful there Taec~ah, Yoona will get jealous. Besides, Binnie only think you as a dongsaeng, don’t get you hopes too high XD kekeke

    Guess although the girls had been in America for quiet sometime now, they’re still strong with their Korean Principle..
    I’m saluting the girls, even the idol girls that reside in Korea didn’t seem to hold on the values as strong as the Wg girls..

  4. watch out Yoona, Yoobin is taking away yur man. Yu must fee threatened XDDD! kidding!

  5. I just wanna see the Heechul-Sohee interaction XD
    and Yoobin looked pretty when Taecyeon swept her off her feet XD

  6. Yoona’s so pretty πŸ™‚ and so are the Wonder Girls! Hope to see some Wonder Girls and Yoona interactions here! I wish some Kara members were there too…… πŸ™‚ wonsoka love!

    • Wonder Girls and KARA interaction would be great because Yoobin and Gyuri are BFF! πŸ˜€ And if I’m not mistaken Nicole is friends with Sohee too.

  7. Family Outing 2 is very boring. But I think this episode will probably be a good one to watch since it’s so rare to see Wonder Girl guest on a variety show because they’re always busy with overseas activities.
    SunYe & JoKwon are the cutest BFF in the world!

  8. wow finally a fun episode
    p.s. taec and yubin look really cute together

  9. The Wonder Girls look like they were having fun.

    But the thing that grabbed my attention was the chicken game with Yoona on Taec’s shoulders. He must have been a bad partner cause she squealed and thumped him on the head. A little bit later, he like just drops her in the water.

    Sohee and Yoobin look adorable!

  10. all i can say. ADORABLE! seeing wonder girls in the show. all of their expressions were priceless.
    I melted at Yoobin’s surprised expression when taec swept her off ~~~
    HEECHUL! what have you done! drop her on the water. *omona* dashi han bon malhaebwa.. LOL seeing Lim smile and enjoying herself makes my wdf heart feel lighter…u go girl

  11. FINALLY heechul and sohee interactions after 3 years πŸ˜€

    • when was their last interaction? O_O

      • actually they never really had any interactions like this before since wg debuted in 2007. I think this is the first I can ever recall of them actually on the same variety show.

  12. omg cant wait to watch this. It looks fun.
    it was so cute when taec carried yoobin.
    my god heechul, you finally get you meet sohee but you drop her…lol..but are they holding hand in the dark??
    sunye and kwon bbfs tearing up….aww πŸ˜€

  13. i want to watch it now i_i
    Sunye β™₯ jo kwon

  14. well i will watch this ep for sure
    but still wish that the-one-you-know-who wouldn’t be there T_T

  15. AWESOME! Can’t wait!

    The blonde-haired guy..is that Heechul?


  16. can’t wait to see next episode~

  17. i actually cant wait to watch this
    i usually dont watch family outing season 2
    but i think imma watch this one
    jokwon & sunye ❀

    • yaaah mee too .. never saw family outing .. or well .. i season .. but a very old one .. haha ..

      want so see this one .. yeheeyy ~

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